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Published on: Wed 17.Oct 2012
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Sukhumvit , the longest road in Thailand, and its hotspot Soi 11 have gained one more attraction. The name of the venue is BASH, a name intended to speak for its program: a bash, slang for “an uproarious party”.

Sukhumvit , the longest road in Thailand, and its hotspot Soi 11 have gained one more attraction. The name of the venue is BASH, a name intended to speak for its program: a bash, slang for “an uproarious party”.

BASH’s goals are ambitious: representing the future of late nightclub entertainment in Bangkok, aiming to lead the trends and set the new standard for a true international “clubbing culture” that incorporates the latest in club style, weekly over the top themed parties and events, International superstar DJ’s, and a wide variety of high-energy music styles all set in a spectacular environment over multiple floors.

BASH opens its doors on 00:30am and remains open until late. Therefore it’s not only the newest club, but also the first mega nightclub ever to be opened at Sukhumvit 11.

BASH is located between ZAKS Wine Pub and The Australian Pub. Right from the entrance door, the venue follows a futuristic space-age theme, designed with a lot of mirrors and lots of gold. Once entered the building, the corridor leads to stairs on the left side and an elevator on the right side. The elevator – from the outside New York retro style – is a state of the art high-speed elevator in disguise, and a ride in it an experience.

The complete venue is designed with a lot of love for details, following a futuristic visually stimulating theme. The strategically distributed bars allow optimal customer service, security considerations were given high importance with 3 security exits and all walls and ceilings are coated for optimal sound quality.

Admission – for ladies and gentleman likewise – will be 300 Baht, including one standard drink. The dress code is fashionable nightclub attire. (no shorts, no sandals, no tank tops)


Dedicated to electronic dance music - features a spacious dance floor, dance platforms and 3 bar areas at three cardinal directions and one Heineken beer bar, making sure to keep customer’s queue time as short as possible. The DJ booth is wrapped in a programmable LED lights system. On the right side of the DJ booth, additional stairs lead up to the 2nd-floor, a balcony-style V.I.P. mezzanine, overlooking the dance floor and the DJ Booth below. The VIP area features elegant goth style seating, made of studded silver and gold leathers. Access to the VIP requires an according VIP card or the purchase of at least 2 bottles of liquor.

Bash Bangkok Sneak Peek

Bash Bangkok Sneak Peek


The 3rd floor - kept in solid gold – is dedicated to Mashup, Hip Hop and R&B and offers an alternative with a completely different vibe. It again features a spacious dance floor, 4 huge golden domed ceilings, golden walls, a LED wrapped DJ booth, 2 bars and one Heineken beer bar.

BASH’s Sound system

The sound equipment is exclusively from OPA (On Point Audio), a renowned company (created by the chef designer of EAW sound) combining new leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art build quality. For those familiar with technology: it’s a true 4 ways system, ensuring maximum clarity.

The main floor features 40 speakers – 8x 18 inch subwoofers, 8x 15inch mid- range speakers, 8x high frequency speakers (horns) and 16x super high- frequency speakers (tweeter). It’s a system similar to international top clubs such as Paradise Garage (New York), Studio 54 (New York) and Ministry of Sound, London (UK). The Hip Hop floor features 24 speakers – 4x 18 inch subwoofers, 6x 15inch mid- range speakers, 6x high frequency speakers (horns) and 8x super high-frequency speakers (tweeter).

BASH’s Lightning system

As if the sound system wasn’t enough yet, the main room also features 6 next generation Sharpies, an award-winning moving beam light with groundbreaking purity of its beam, which is sharply defined and free of any halo or discoloration around the edges, usually used for major events such as big concert, for example at the Wembley Arena. BASH is the first and only venue in Bangkok featuring such kind of lightning system. Several 1000 LED lights were placed all over the venue - in the walls, the tables, entrance and exits - and 50 state of the art event light units were placed strategically in both rooms.

BASH’s drink menu

The seven signature drinks - created by BASH’s Managing Partner Daryl Scott himself – start at 240 Baht and carry highly entertaining names, such as “Bash Punch”, “Sex With An Alien” and “Pimp Daddy”.

Standard Drinks start at 220 Baht.

Vodka and Whiskey Bottles start at 3200THB including 5 Mixers.

Besides the common selection, BASH also features the exclusive new Johnnie Walker PLATINUM LABEL (aged 18 years).

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