NOX is a brand-new hangout that offers fun and entertainment in a laid-back setting for nightlife lovers. It’s a bar, but one with all the creature comfort you’d expect in a home.

Located at Aqua Ari-Saphan Kwai, the place takes its name and design concept from the Latin word for “darkness” and the Roman name for the goddess of night in ancient Greek mythology.

As night approaches, some would feel like they should be turning down and resting at home. This is why NOX sports a contemporary loft style and dark tones, while featuring everything one loves to see in a home.

Plants, calming greenery, art pieces, knick-knacks, and other quirky décor are only a few examples. And of course, there’s the music from everyone’s favorite playlist to bring on the good times.

The interior makes great use of steelworks, tiles, concrete, and wood panels. You’ll see black & dark tones on the structures everywhere as well as the furniture. They bring on a stark loft feel, toned down by warm lights.

There are also decorative plants complemented by framed art pieces and Bearbrick collectibles throughout both floors.

On the first floor are the open-air seating and the indoor zone, which is where you’ll find the bar counter as well as the free space/improvised stage area.

Take the stairs to the second floor, and you’ll come across a cozy loveseat – the most popular photo spot at NOX. Wherever you choose to chill in this space, you’ll still be able to enjoy the live music all the same.


Photos of NOX Ari

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