RIN Awards 2019: Full Winners List

Youngohm, Meyou, Twopee, and other Thai hip-hop acts take home their well-earned awards!

RIN Awards 2019: Full Winners List
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Most would agree that Thailand’s hip-hop scene in 2019 continues to shine in the spotlight. It’s partly thanks to last year’s momentum, where many outstanding efforts and projects help push hip-hop into the mainstream.

For example, we saw several rap battle shows, which introduced a roster of new rappers to the audience. Many hip-hop and R&B hits also soared to the top of Thailand’s various charts all year long.

As recognition of Thai rap and hip-hop talents, one of the influencer communities of this scene, Rap Is Now , presents a list of accolades under its name. RIN Awards 2019 is the fourth iteration of this prestigious award ceremony.

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The event took place on November 19, 2019 at Violett, Thonglor, and saw a large crowd of rappers, producers, and artists.

The night featured a three-part program. RIN Awards 2019 opened with a warm-up act from ‘Hidden Gems’ artists like EP$ON, K6Y, Huaplawhale, Jawprayatanyuk, GSUS2, and more.

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Then, everyone joins a discussion with Tul Waitoonkiat, Suthira “Paew” Paweenapakorn, and Nopphawit “Ink” Kranlert (Redfaze) on “Working with hip-hop artists and rappers in the age of rap culture”.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s the RIN Awards 2019 announcement. Scroll right down to find out who are the winners of all 15 categories.

Hip-Hop Song of The Year
“Doo White” - Youngohm
Hip-Hop Artist of The Year
R&B / Pop Song of The Year
“Phawana” - Meyou
R&B / Pop Artist of The Year

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© Siam2nite

Producer of The Year
Nino (for “Mont Rak Nak Rap”)
Music Video of The Year
“Prathet Ku Mee” - Rap Against Dictatorship (Directed by Teerawat Rujintham)
Album of The Year
Southside Ambassador - Twopee Southside
New Face of The Year

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© Siam2nite

Collaboration of The Year
“Mont Rak Nak Rap” - Fiixd x Khun OC x NameMT x Diamond x Ben Bizzy x Youngohm
Cross of The Year
“Ai Phaa Maa Khao Phaa Pai” - Og-anic x Lamplern Wongsakern
Gang of The Year
Already Deadd
Soundtrack of The Year
“TMRW” - Lazyloxy x Og-anic x UrboyTJ
Hometown Hero
“Chad Jane” - Twopee Southside ft. IG, Eskiimo, Mikesickflow, Freddy V
Viral of The Year
"Gucci Belt" - Diamond ft. Youngohm, Fiixd, Younggu

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© Siam2nite

Hidden Gems
“Hip Story” - Huaplawhale
“Choom Chum” - Posneg, Future The X, Juu4e, Jinkady, Repaze, Zeesky
“Bird / Defeated / Tale” - Chaophaya Tanyook ft. Nazz
“Fun Klaang Rue Doo Fon” - Tarsinj
“Nobody Knows Me Like I Know” - Mymindz
“Kueab Dee” - Mr. N ft. Artrilla
“Plaek” - KSoul
“Aagard” - The RedTape
“Dream Hope and Past” - EP$ON
“Found” - Gsus2 x Yena & Thanonchai Sornsriwichai

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Congratulations to the talented artists and producers! What’s next for Thailand’s hip-hop scene? Who will win in the future RIN Awards? Be sure to stay tuned and watch out for upcoming releases in 2020.

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