Exclusive Interview with Sander Van Doorn

Exclusive Interview with Sander Van Doorn

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Sander Van Doorn, shortly before his performance at Levels on Wednesday 21st November.

Your music is referred to as SvD-style. How would you describe it?

I would say that it’s a great mixture of music that I like. Pretty simple really. Never been into specific genres, I listen to everything so I incorporate a wide range of styles into the mix. Same in production, I never think that what I’m writing doesn’t fit a certain style, I just write what I feel.

You started DJing with 16 years and producing at the age of 19 years. What made you start producing your own tracks so early?

I really love dance music and going out and like so many other kids at that age, I wanted to give it a shot. I had support from my family and that helped a lot.

For those not yet familiar with your music, what tracks should they listen to?

I would say that everyone has a unique take on music that is for them alone. What I think they will like doesn’t matter, they need to discover what they like on their own. ;-) Maybe Eleve11, my most recent album is a good start?!

Listen to "Eleve11" on Beatport:

You just played at Sensation Denmark? How was it?

I love the Sensation events. I have a long history with the promoters ID&T so it’s a family feel and they really take every aspect of production to the next level. It was an amazing night.

Your newest compilation for Ministry of Sound called “Headliners” was released in the end of October. What can you tell us about the album?

Yes, it’s double mix CD that features music of the moment, tracks I play right now and even a new one from me!

Listen to "Headliners" on Beatport:

Your highly respected radio show “Identity Radio” counts 152 shows already. What is the concept of the show and where can people listen to it?

It’s on SiriusXM in North America and syndicated all over the world by The Radio Department. You can find a listing of where the show airs on my website.

Your new single Nothing Inside is signed at Jay-Z's record label ROC NATION. How did you get involved with them?

They asked my label Spinnin’ about it and the rest is history.

It’s your 7th year in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll now, this year ranked #18. How does it feel to be so constantly present in the Top 100 and was does the ranking mean to you?

I think it’s interesting because it used be the one and only ranking system and carried a lot of industry weight. I think now, with social media, fans can interact with artists directly and have access 24/7. It’s an honour of course to be voted up into the top 20 and I love the fans that appreciate what I do enough to cast their vote.

You had a fully booked 2012 so far. What were your highlights?

Would say that Ultra Miami is always a massive highlight along with EZoo in NYC.

You travel a lot. What are the things you miss the most when you are on tour?

My couch and TV! It’s amazing how much you can appreciate and miss doing nothing!

What was the funniest thing ever occurred during any of your performances?

I had a bee swarming my head and stinging me while I played. Wasn’t funny at the time, but it is now. People must have thought I was crazy trying to get it away!

You had your Bangkok debut in August 2009 at 808. This year you will return to Bangkok on 21st November to play at Levels. Are you excited to play in Bangkok?

Yes, I think it will be a great event and show!

In an interview you gave earlier this year, you said that every country has its sound and you would choose the music you play accordingly. How does the music you play in Asia – or the music you will play in Bangkok especially – differ from the music you play in western countries?

Well I always try and play to the crowd and it doesn’t always relate to the country they’re in. Let’s see what Bangkok wants this time, I have enough new music to play for a week!

Are you adventurous if it comes to food? Do you try the local dishes of the countries you travel to? Will you give spicy Thai food a chance?

I am only moderately food adventurous. I don’t think spicy and me are going to meet up on this one.

Is there a message we can deliver to the Bangkok crowd for you?

I hope you’re ready, because I sure am!

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