Exclusive Interview with Limousine

Exclusive Interview with Limousine

Limousine is a music production team found in year 2002 by Amonpong Tavillarp (Executive Producer) with the first album called "Limousine Vol.1". That album 10 years ago has created the new sound of Thai R&B/POP ever since it was released. Limousine Music style is a blend of R&B, POP and Ballad tune.

Also, Limousine has work with many artists as a collaboration project and also guest vocalists such as Lipta, Boy Trai Bhumiratna, The Peachband, Jeremiah, Jayson C. Creer, Monotone, PK, KH Thaitanium, Pam Lalita, Christine Chirawongviroj, and Music appreciation.

For its 10th anniversary, Limousine lunch a special collaboration project with Bacardi Black by releasing 10th anniversary album FREE with happening magazine issue 62, and the first time for Limousine LIVE ever at DEMO on May 31st 2012 with special guest Guest Monotone, Lipta, PK, Jayson C. Creer, and Christine Chirawongviroj.

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Exclusive Interview with Amonpong Tavillarp

Amonpong Tavillarp, is currently working as an Executive Producer & CEO of Limousine Production, Music Specialist for Universal Music, Marketing Manager & Music Director at DEMO Club, Music Director at D'vine Bar and Project Manager for CLAP.

Congratulations to Limousine’s 10th Anniversary! How did the Limousine team celebrate the anniversary?

After 10 years we still doing the same thing which is making music. haha. But this year we release a special project with Bacardi Black which has a 10th anniversary album free with happening magazine on April 25th and the first time ever LIVE concert at DEMO this May 31st 2012.

The Limousine Production Team consists of you, in the position of the Executive Producer, and 4 other members. Please tell us something about them, their functions and how the team initially came together.

Our team actually known each other for a long time. some is my friend from high school and some are my musician friends from limousine vol.1. we have about 4 or 5 people right now… depends on how available for each member. Our team are not teenager anymore.. now some of them have their own kids, I'll have to kick them out since they are not young and fresh anymore haha just kidding. Well, normally and most of the latest limousine song arranged by Bee (Sarawut Shinnapasan) Voy (Apisit Samranamarin), and Me. Melody and lyrics are normally wrote by me, Bee and sometime with singer for the particular song like Jayson C. Creer. Voy is taking care of the Rap part if the certain song need it. JP (Jeremiah Lipatapanlop) is now mainly doing the mixdown part, arranging and co-produce. Junc (Anutr Yossundara) is also our co-producer and arranger for limousine production.

The anniversary album has 12 songs. Do you have a favorite one?

For 10th anniversary album, all of the tracks are my favorite actually. it is very hard to choose and pick tracks in this album since I like all of limousine works. but my "latest" favorite would be "Lost Love" by Limousine feat. Jayson C. Creer.

Which songs (out of all songs) would you suggest to people that are not yet familiar with the Limousine music?

You can start listening to any of the limousine's songs but "come back to me", "Do you have a sister" , "Just a little bit" and "Lost Love" would be a good summary for limousine music tune.

What is the story behind the name Limousine?

Limousine first started with a compilation album concept for independent artists music broadcasting website called "coolvoice.com". I was a webmaster for coolvoice.com at that time. and for marketing purpose to promote coolvoice, we came up with a compilation concept of R&B/POP songs. we had a lot of help from musician friends at that time and later become a very close friends and some of them are limousine production team now. about the name… it has a black music tune, it's a compilation project, it has a luxury sound for upper Thai market audience… so "Limousine" would fit perfectly.

The blend of R&B/Pop/Ballades of Limousine is quite unique in the Thai music scene. How did this kind of music evolve?

R&B, POP, and 80's Ballad are our favorite tunes. we keep listening to these kind of music since we are teenager. A mix of those tunes come from Limousine team's music experience. what Limousine music doing in Thai music scene is considered to be a very small market. Limousine's fan are gradually grower in a very small percentage but those songs 10 years ago from our first album are still playing on radio and people r still searching and listen to them online.

I once read a statement of you, that your favorite music style is “80s Pop Ballad”. What artists of that time inspired you, which ones do you cherish the most?

I like most of the 80's artists and tunes such as Madonna, Wham, Chicago, OMD, New Order, John Waite, Heart,…..

Do you remember the first record you bought?

Maybe Madonna or MJ??? haha not sure

You produce R&B/Pop/Ballades with Limousine and on the other hand you are at the source of cutting edge dance music in your position as Music Director & Marketing Manager at Demo Thonglor. What kind of music do you listen to in your private time?

Beside Limousine producer and DEMO music director, I'm also a music director for D'vine (a new wine bar and restaurant), mostly d'vine play soul, jazz, easy listening. and Music specialist for Universal music Thailand. When I'm free or even when I'm not free, I listen to all of those kind of music… pop, jazz, soul, dance, electronic, R&B, hip hop, classic, etc….. I don't think it's can be called a "private" time for me and music anymore because every time when I listen to music.. there always be "work" in between. and that's what I love about my jobs…. like I'm getting paid for doing what I love.

Where did the impulse to make music come from? Does anyone in your family play music?

My family doesn't play music or even work in music industry at all, but maybe because the environment or my life path just happen to deal with music, such as my musician friends that we grew up together, my works, my hobby (collecting CDs), and the sound that keep playing in my head that I think it need to be heard by others too.

I remember a statement of yours: “My life is not supposed to be happy ever after... Pain is my fuel”. You seem to be a positive and confident personality. How come that many songs you write have a sad note?

For me, I love Sad song…. It can deliver a deeper meaning and tone when listen to it. Writing song about loosing people you've known for many years is of course there is more things to write about than the people you just fall in love for 2 seconds. But sadly, people tend to choose those 2 seconds over many years of relationship in real life hahaha. love sucks dude. I like to present and telling story about real life situation in my songs to my audience. Sad song and separations are actually my favorite inspirations because love won't last forever for all of us "eventually". People do die, people get hurt… I accept that facts and lets make a beauty of it :)

If I had a look on your MP3 player now, what song would you not want me to discover?

I don't have MP3 player. sorry man. haha

As an outlook, where do you see yourself and where do you see Limousine in 10 years from now?

I'm not sure where the music business is going for the next decade, how technology will be updated but it is irrelevant to our limousine principle. We do limousine project because we like it and we love to create songs for our audience to listen to. in the next 10 years Limousine's principle will be the same… and hopefully people will be still listening to our today's songs in the next 10 years :)

Limousine 10th Anniversary Album

The album was not for sale and only available together with the Issue 62 (25th April) of happening magazine.
For those who missed it, some of the songs of the album can be found on Limousine Production's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/limousinebangkok

Track List
01 รักที่หายไป (Lost Love) / Limousine feat. Jayson
02 แก้ตัว / Limousine feat. Boy Trai Bhumiratna
03 How Do You Do? / Limousine feat. PK
04 I Don’t Wanna Know (2012 Version) / Limousine feat. Gift
05 Last Night I Dreamed About You (2012 Version) / Limousine feat. Yai
06 Do You Have A Sister? (2012 re-master) / Limousine feat. Jayson
07 Just A Little Bit (2012 re-master) / Jeremiah feat. Gift
08 ถ้าฉันเปลี่ยนใจเธอได้ (If I Could) (2012 re-master) / Lipta
09 Just Tell Me (คืนนั้น) (2012 re-master) / Music Appreciation
10 One Minute / Limousine feat. Jayson
11เพ้อ (2012 version) / Limousine feat. Lek
12 กลับมาเถอะนะ (Come Back To Me) (2012 re-master) / Limousine feat. Jayson


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