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ThreeSixtyBar is located at Phangan Utopia Resort, on a hill at Haad Thong Lang. To walk, it takes 15 minutes from Mae Haad. ThreeSixtyBar is located on a view point position, with an outstanding view…

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  1. Amsterdam Bar

    Amsterdam Bar

    AMSTERDAM BAR is relaxed bar & restaurant located hill-side, with an outstanding panoramic sunset view.…

    Thong Sala
  2. Beachlounge Thong Sala

    Beachlounge Thong Sala

    BEACHLOUNGE is a beachfront bar & restaurant in Thong Sala, offering Asian Fusion, Seafood, Thai and…

    Thong Sala
  3. Belgian Beer Bar

    Belgian Beer Bar

    BELGIAN BEER BAR is a beachside bar & restaurant at Ao Chao Phao. The menu features over 40 types of…

    Haad Yao
  4. Bite Delight

    Bite Delight

    BITE DELIGHT is a nicely decorated bar & restaurant in Ban Tai. The menu features Spanish & Portuguese…

    Baan Tai
  5. Cactus Bar Koh Phangan

    Cactus Bar Koh Phangan

    CACTUS is a long-standing beachfront bar and one of the leading Full Moon Party venues. It opens daily…

    Haad Rin
  6. Coral Bungalows

    Coral Bungalows

    Coral Bungalows is located on Haad Rin, in walking distance of the Full Moon Party beach of Haad Rin…

    Haad Rin
  7. Crave


    CRAVE is a laid-back bar & restaurant located in Haad Yao Beach offering American comfort food such…

    Haad Yao
  8. Drop In Bar

    Drop In Bar

    DROP IN is a long-standing beachfront bar & restaurant and one of the leading Full Moon Party venues.…

    Haad Rin
  9. Fishermans Restaurant & Bar

    Fishermans Restaurant & Bar

    FISHERMAN'S is a Thai, Asian Fusion & Seafood restaurant & bar featuring original seating on long tail…

    Baan Tai
  10. Infinity Beach Club

    Infinity Beach Club

    Infinity is a brand-new beach club that opened in October 2015. The venue is located in Baan Tai and…

    Baan Tai
  11. Loi Lay Floating Bar

    Loi Lay Floating Bar

    Loi Lay is a unique floating bar located at the pier of Baan Tai beach. The friendly and intimate venue…

    Baan Tai
  12. One Love Bar

    One Love Bar

    ONE LOVE BAR is an friendly alternative nightlife venue offering food, cocktails and a selection of…

    Haad Yao
  13. Outback Bar

    Outback Bar

    OUTBACK BAR is a Aussie-themed two-floors sports bar. The venue offers a variety of draught & import…

    Haad Rin
  14. Outlaws Saloon

    Outlaws Saloon

    OUTLAWS is a Western-themed bar & restaurant featuring an open kitchen, a beer garden, a pool table…

    Thong Sala
  15. Phangan Bayshore

    Phangan Bayshore

    BAYSHORE is a beach resort on Haad Rin, featuring a bayshore restaurant, a pool bar and a beachfront…

    Haad Rin
  16. Pirates Bar

    Pirates Bar

    PIRATES BAR is a long-standing restaurant & bar located at the end of the beautiful white sand beach…

    Haad Yao
  17. Seoul Vibe

    Seoul Vibe

    SEOUL VIBE is the first Korean restaurant and bar on Koh Phangan, located next to Phanthip Night Market…

    Thong Sala
  18. Sunrise Bar

    Sunrise Bar

    SUNRISE is a long-standing resort and beachfront bar & restaurant and one of the leading Full Moon Party…

    Haad Rin
  19. The Beach Club Phangan

    The Beach Club Phangan

    THE BEACH CLUB is a beachfront restaurant & bar located in front of Buri Rasa Village Resort on Thong…

    Thong Nai Pan
  20. The Rock

    The Rock

    THE ROCK is a bar & restaurant on the southern end of Haad Rin, offering a bird eye view on the beach.…

    Haad Rin
  21. Thongyang Seaview

    Thongyang Seaview

    THONGYANG SEAVIEW is a bar & restaurant located between Thongsala and Haad Rin, offering a panoramic…

    Baan Tai
  22. Tommy Resort

    Tommy Resort

    TOMMY RESORT is a hotel & beachfront bar and one of the leading Full Moon Party venues, featuring one…

    Haad Rin