A Bit of Sparkling Korea in Bangkok: 4 Best Korean Pubs & Bars in Bangkok to Enjoy Soju and K-Vibes

No need to travel all the way to Seoul to experience authentic Korean nightlife. These downtown Bangkok venues welcome lovers of K-pop, K-hip-hop, and K-drama who want to experience the culture and entertainment they see on media for themselves.

In Bangkok, Korean bars can cover everything from Korean restaurants that serve soju with a side of chill beats to high-energy K-pop bars. This second option, in particular, lets you spend the night shaking it out on the dance floor in a true Hongdae fashion.

Find out where are the best Korean bars in Bangkok on our ultimate guide down below. These are the spots you'll want to bring your friends to for parties, Oppa hotties, and top-notch dine & drink experience.

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