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The Bangkok Countdown Festival 2017: Thailand’s Biggest EDM Countdown Party

2017 is about to come to a close and for most people, the period around New Years is a time for celebration - a time for friends and family to come together and look back at the year that was, to remember the good and leave behind the bad. This is also a time for many people to reward themselves for a year well-done by doing something fun. For those…

The Bangkok Countdown Festival 2017: Thailand’s Biggest EDM Countdown Party

2017 is about to come to a close and for most people, the period around New Years is a time for celebration - a time for friends and family to come together…

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[Recap] 808 Festival 2017 Highlights: The 5 Year Anniversary

An anniversary is a special event for all of us as it serves as a reminder of the most joyful moments in life and a celebration of happiness those moments…

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5 Hidden Activities Inside the Chatuchak Weekend Market

When you say the word “Chatuchak” the words that often follow are “Weekend Market”. Yes, this place with the nickname “JJ” is where you can find chick…

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Fungjai Awards 2017: The Exclusive Awards Ceremony for Music Artists and Creators

On November 29, 2017, at Studio9 Show DC, an Exclusive Private Party was hosted by Fungjai to honor to the artists of Thailand who dedicated their lives…

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VIBES Phuket: Asia’s Ultimate Beach Party Season

Winter time has officially arrived with the beginning of December, and for some people, this means it is time for an extended holiday trip to Europe or…

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Screenshop by Craze App: Buy Stuff When You See It!

Technology today has driven us to the point where everything that we want and need is available to us at the click of a button. Need a ride? Uber. Need…

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Your Best 90s Look: How to Style Up for the next 90s Party!

Lately, wherever you turn both new and old bars and clubs are all following one very similar trend – they are all throwing 90s themed parties – and they…

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6 Roti Shops Worth Trying in Bangkok

The common sight of a roti cart in Bangkok often gets your mouth watering. However, spotting the ones actually worth trying, that is the hard part. We…

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Levels 2.0: Sukhumvit Soi 11's Levels Reopens After Extensive Renovation

The lifespan of a nightclub in Thailand is not very long. Either you find the right market and continue operations for years to come, or you do not and…

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5 Bingsu Cafes in Bangkok Any Fan of the Korean Ice Dessert Must Try

Noticeably, Korean culture has infiltrated the City of Angels very quickly over the past few years. From technology, K-Pop artists, fashion, music, and…

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3 Old-School Pub & Restaurants in Bangkok To Visit For a Dose of Nostalgia

The generation segmentation has become a talking point in the past few years, with words like “Millennial” and “Gen Y” showing up on articles and analysis…

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Heineken x Greyhound Presents: “Star Delivery” — The Private Party Provider

Collaborations bring together the best people to create an even better result that only the most extraordinary individuals can seem to grasps. It challenges…

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Hivefest: 88Rising Asia Tour Live in Bangkok

In today's ever-shrinking globalized world, crossing and combining cultures is a necessity for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge, and that’s…

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Battle of the Butchers: 5 Meat Shops in Bangkok that Make the Cut

Let’s face it, we all love to munch down on some good meat from time to time. Whether it’d be a juicy pork chop, tender roasted chicken, or a thick cut…

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Hawkers with History: 6 Street Food Vendors That Have Been With Bangkok for Generations

Deciding to get yourself a delightful meal doesn’t always mean finding yourself in a fancy restaurant or up in a 5-star hotel. In a city like Bangkok,…

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The BRONX is Hot: New Club Alert!

One thing you may have learned and taken to heart from J. Lo back in 2002, was not to be fooled by the rocks that she had because she will always be “Jenny…

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Altimate VR: Virtual Reality Game Center in Bangkok

Bangkok life is busy. Everyone who chooses to live in this vibrant city willingly accepts this fact and deals with it in their very own way. Some enjoy…

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U Beer Welcoming Winter at Farm Festival On The Hill 2017

You can never be too sure of when the “winter week” in Bangkok will come and go every year. For most of us who do not have time to leave the big city…

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TBC | The Bangkok Countdown [2018]


The Bangkok Countdown is Bangkok's first ever coutdown music festival. The 2-day event will take place on 30-31 December 2017 at Live Park Rama 9. The even will feature international DJs and aims to provide an urban festival experience!

Live Park Rama 9 ·

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808 Festival 2017 (Album 1, Day 1)

Oasis Outdoor Arena ·

Big Mountain Festival 2017 - BMMF9 (Album 1, Day 1)

The Ocean Khao Yai ·

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Don't Let Daddy Know Thailand 2017 at Asiatique

Chang Music Connection: Urban Music Festival

Khanom Festival #5 at Nadan Beach Khanom

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Clubs · RCA


Bars · Srinakarin

Insanity Nightclub

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