Get Ready for Oktoberfest-style Fun, Here in Thailand!

The famous Bavarian festival is loved by international beer lovers. Let's get to know this iconic tradition a bit more!

Get Ready for Oktoberfest-style Fun, Here in Thailand!

As fall arrives in Europe, beer lovers in the region prepare for the season’s celebration: Oktoberfest, a massive beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany. The festivities typically last from the end of September to early October.

Having been observed for over two centuries, Oktoberfest is a cherished, long-held tradition. The event was first hosted to celebrate the Royal Wedding of the King of Bavaria in 1810.

Nowadays, Oktoberfest sees as many as 6.3 million attendees every year; among them are German young revelers, senior citizens, and tourists from around the globe.

Those who plan to join the festival often book their accommodations a year in advance. Local hotels, as well as Airbnbs, are usually packed with guests during the time; this should speak volumes for Oktoberfest’s popularity.

At Oktoberfest

You might think Oktoberfest is just a typical beer festival on a bigger scale; you’d be wrong. The festival not only offers a seemingly endless flow of local German and European beers, but it also showcases the finest brews from different parts of the world for beer-lovers to taste-test.

Women often wear dirndls, Bavarian traditional dresses, to Oktoberfest.
Inside an Oktoberfest tent

As far as food goes, Germany is famous for its sausages for good reasons. The sheer variety of selections is almost overwhelming, and you can pair them with all the amazing brews.

And of course, you can’t go to Oktoberfest and not have Schweinshaxe, or German Pork Knuckles. Arguably the most famous dish of the Bavaria region, the juicy, tender pork hock is roasted to give it a crispy exterior. Mmm...the perfect beer companion!

Other than food and drinks, attendees can also enjoy all sorts of entertainment at Oktoberfest, starting from a grand parade that keeps things festive and vibrant with over a thousand troupe members.

Another common entertainment at the festival is circus attractions such as ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds, which often operate late into the night. Step into any of the tents, and you’ll find Bavarian folk bands playing for the crowd throughout the day.

Authentic German Pork Knuckles, a must-try at Oktoberfest!
Visitors waiting for the parade
Parade floats from beer breweries
Super fun circus attractions!
Oktoberfest at night. The fall breeze keeps everyone cool.

Unfortunately in 2020, Oktoberfest is canceled for the first time in 75 years due to COVID-19. But there’s still a silver lining for Thai beer lovers. Federbräu plans to re-create Oktoberfest in Thailand by bringing in the festive ambiance and its brand of entertainment. You’ll be able to enjoy this iconic German tradition without having to leave the country.

Federbräu Red Feather Club presents OKTOBERFED will take place from 30 September – 31 October, but the first stretch of this festive marathon is happening at Maldives in Bangkok, from 30 September (Wed) – 3 October (Sat). You can expect an exclusive performance from Bee Peerapat on that last Tuesday night. The mini-concert is sure to get everyone in the mood for chillin’.

OKTOBERFED, an uber-chill festival Federbräu
Expect exclusive performance from Bee Peerapat

We’ve also heard that OKTOBERFED is not exclusive to Bangkok; it’s a country-wide celebration. The organizers have planned events in other provinces throughout October. As for the details, be sure to follow the Federbräu FB page for the latest updates.

All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy OKTOBERFED soon!


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