NOX – The Latest Hotspot to Light Up Bangkok Nightlife

NOX is a brand-new hangout in Ari-Saphan Kwai that combines the best things about cozy homes and hip bars.

NOX – The Latest Hotspot to Light Up Bangkok Nightlife

As the sun sets and gives way to the dark sky and day turns into night, you can feel a shift in the air. They’re the hours many have been waiting for after a long day of work. While some spend their winding down hours in the comfort of their homes, others might go to lively bars, pubs, and restaurants to hang out with their friends.

But wouldn’t it be better if you can enjoy these two brands of pleasure at once? Why not combine the coziness of a home and the vibrancy of nightlife?

NOX is a brand-new hangout that offers fun and entertainment in a laid-back setting for nightlife lovers. It’s a bar, but one with all the creature comfort you’d expect in a home.

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Located at Aqua Ari-Saphan Kwai, the place takes its name and design concept from the Latin word for “darkness” and the Roman name for the goddess of night in ancient Greek mythology.

As night approaches, some would feel like they should be turning down and resting at home. This is why NOX sports a contemporary loft style and dark tones, while featuring everything one loves to see in a home.

Plants, calming greenery, art pieces, knick-knacks, and other quirky décor are only a few examples. And of course, there’s the music from everyone’s favorite playlist to bring on the good times.

NOX’s 1st floor and stairwell

The interior makes great use of steelworks, tiles, concrete, and wood panels. You’ll see black & dark tones on the structures everywhere as well as the furniture. They bring on a stark loft feel, toned down by warm lights.

There are also decorative plants complemented by framed art pieces and Bearbrick collectibles throughout both floors.

On the first floor are the open-air seating and the indoor zone, which is where you’ll find the bar counter as well as the free space/improvised stage area.

Take the stairs to the second floor, and you’ll come across a cozy loveseat – the most popular photo spot at NOX. Wherever you choose to chill in this space, you’ll still be able to enjoy the live music all the same.

NOX’s second floor

Serving as the main entertainment at NOX are live bands that play every Friday & Saturday (at 20.00-21.30 and 22.00-23.30).

The playlist includes easy-listening classics that everyone can sing along. Expect hits by Marsha Vadhanapanich, Pang Nakarin, Silly Fools, Zaza, Moderndog, Paradox, and the occasional international favorites.

For weeknights, patrons enjoy relaxing international tracks that’ll lighten the mood in no time.

What would an evening out be without good food? NOX serves about 20 items of Thai-Western fusion flavour bombs ranging from single-dish meals, appetizers, and mains. It will be a feast; that’s a guarantee.

As for the drinks, you can enjoy a wide range of soft drinks, beers, whiskeys, and cocktails.

(Top row) Tom Yum Kung, Khee Mao-style Seafood Spaghetti, Pork Jowls & Jaew Dip, Crab Roe Fried Rice (Bottom row) Deep-fried German Pork Knuckle, Nachos, Salmon Spicy Salad

Crab Roe Fried Rice (159 THB) is packed with savory & creamy crab roe in every bite; it’s always awesome when the chef goes all in with the star ingredient.

On the other hand, Pork Jowls & Jaew Dip (179 THB) is the crowd’s favorite. Juicy, perfectly grilled, it’s served with NOX’s original jaew dip.

With Salmon Spicy Salad (209 THB), you’ll be nibbling on fresh cubes of salmon in a spicy & zesty Thai-style dressing. Plus, with NOX’s generous portions, this one makes for an excellent sharing dish.

As far as recommendations go, here are our top three. Nachos (139 THB) – the iconic Mexican snack. Warm tortilla chips served with three kinds of dips: tomato salsa, tzatziki, and queso. You can also request additional dips, such as mayonnaise


Deep-fried German Pork Knuckle (329 THB) has a succulent inside and an extremely crunchy crust. You can order the dish with the level of crunchiness you prefer. Plus, it comes with Thai-style seafood and jaew dips to balance out the fatty, tender meat.

And then, there’s Tom Yum Kung (199 THB) to turn up the heat with spicy & sour broth and aromatic dried chilies.

To quench your thirst, NOX heartily suggests Xenon (249 THB): gin, lime juice, melon syrup, and tonic. The drink is garnished with thyme sprigs and a slice of orange – super refreshing, but with an earthy, herbal finish.

(Left) Deep-fried German Pork Knuckle (Right) Xenon (Bottom) Tom Yum Kung

After that, why not switch it up with Khee Mao-style Seafood Spaghetti (199 THB), piled with shrimps and squids in a hot & savory sauce.

According to NOX, the dish goes great with Obvious (249 THB). The cocktail is made from mixing whiskey, orange liqueur, apple juice, prune syrup, lime juice, and simple syrup. It’s garnished with a slice of lemon and a plum on a stick. Sweet & sour, it has a slight salty finish.

(Left) Khee Mao-style Seafood Spaghetti (Right) Obvious

So if you’re craving an evening out in a cozy, homey setting, NOX is the next place to put on your list. With its slick loft interior, easy-listening playlists, and a menu full of Thai-Western fusion delights, this Ari-Saphan Kwai venue caters to all your nightlife needs.

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