Time to Take Your Fashion Game up a Notch with the Latest Sneaker Sensation

Let out your inner sneakerhead spirit with the latest and freshest kicks 2020 has to offer.

Time to Take Your Fashion Game up a Notch with the Latest Sneaker Sensation

It is undeniable that the label of being "just another piece of clothing" could no longer be applied to sneakers. Sneakers today are statement pieces worn to flex and are worthy of collecting. Taking a quick peek in many sneakerheads' closets, you may find that over half of their prime clothing storage space is occupied by neatly arranged sneakers.

Some limited-edition releases can even go north of 100,000 THB. However, this is just a glimpse of how big the popularity of sneakers has grown in recent years.

Nowadays, it's almost inevitable that with every new sneaker collection released, the design, quality, and technology that it comes with will continue to improve. That's why it isn't hard to search for a great sneaker anymore, but having too many good options can also make things more complicated, especially if you're new to the sneaker game.

If you're not, there's always the problem of matching function and form. Some sneakers may look enticing to you, but only 5 minutes in them may beat your feet up real bad. Which one should you choose now?

So, to help you guys out, we've dived through a list of latest sneaker trends and releases for 2020 and plucked out our top sneaker pick to round out the year. Let's see if the bold silhouette and bright detailing our selection below will be fresh enough to catch your eye.


Picking a winner wasn't easy as we needed to keep in mind both the style and everyday usability in mind for today's fast-paced lifestyles. Happily for us, as part of the "Engineered For Everyday" campaign, the brand new GEL-MIQRUM™ merges high-end performance wear with a fashion-focused sensibility perfectly, giving us a sneaker that is well-suited for everyone.

K-Pop Band KARD wearing the new ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™

The GEL-MIQRUM™ features bold color-blocking details along with retro palettes and throwback designs, namely the mesh and no-sew paneling upper, reminiscent of ASICS' styles from the '90s.

Coincidentally, K-Pop sensation KARD, best known for their signature upbeat blend of reggae and electro house and compelling performances, are the brand ambassadors for ASICS as well. With such a stylish exterior and eye-catching colors, it's no wonder why an international icon is already endorsing the GEL-MIQRUM™.

Take a look at the sneakers in action on the members of KARD below, and you'll understand why a sneakerhead or fashion stylist would love to get their hands on a pair.

K-Pop Band KARD wearing the new ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™

With one of these bad boys, even you can master the art of being effortlessly cool with these KARD-approved GEL-MIQRUM™ sneakers.

There's no worry about the function of the GEL-MIQRUM™ as well. ASICS Sportstyle, being one of the top athleisure brands, has continued to stay true to ASICS' renowned GEL technology cushioning system that extends from the medial to the heel's lateral side, ensuring maximum and lasting comfort for your everyday stroll.

Like what you see?

Luckily, the all-new GEL-MIQRUM is available in Thailand as well!

Furthermore, all eight colorways are up for grabs for all the fans in Thailand, including Glacier Grey/Shocking Orange, Piedmont Grey/Black, White/Pure Silver, Vibrant Yellow/Sunrise Red, Black/Electric Blue, White/Black, Grand Shark/Fresh Ice and Black/Hot Pink.

ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™ White/Pure Silver
ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™ Grand Shark/Fresh Ice
ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™ Vibrant Yellow/Sunrise Red
ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™ Black/Electric Blue
ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™ Glacier Grey/Shocking Orange
ASICS GEL-MIQRUM™ Piedmont Grey/Black

Currently retailing at 3,500 THB, you can check out and try them on at ASICS Stores, Supersports, ATMOS, Carnival, 24 Kilates, Central Department and Robinson Department stores, or even do some online shopping on the official ASICS website.

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest news and promotions from ASICS Sportstyle by following their official Facebook page, Instagram and Line Official @asicsth.

Kick-start your sneaker game today.

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