Thai Spirit At Home: Ain't No Place Like Home (to Party)

Mekhong's new campaign lets you party 'New Normal' style with various party-essential services.

Thai Spirit At Home: Ain't No Place Like Home (to Party)

From what we’ve seen, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are all-encompassing. They’re felt everywhere in the world, Thailand included. And while no one would disagree that healthcare providers are taking the brunt of this impact, the lockdown measures mean many industries are on the brink of collapse.

This is doubly true for tourism & hospitality businesses and the food & beverage industry. According to recent reports, over a million Thais have lost their employment as a result of the current situation.

To help businesses get through this crisis, Mekhong has come up with a new campaign, Thai Spirit At Home.

‘Thai Spirit At Home’ team is ready to bring the party to YOU.
'Thai Spirit At Home’ - a great campaign by Mekhong.
This cart will deliver the joys of parties to your home.

Mekhong’s ‘Thai Spirit At Home’ campaign aims to help businesses deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis; employees in tourism and hospitality industries as well as food and beverages industries. This covers bartenders, waiters, musicians, cooks, and many more.

As people limit the time they spend outside, including dining and partying at various venues, those who work to support activities have been struggling for months with the dwindling numbers of customers.

This campaign provides opportunities to earn extra income, with one-stop catering services that perfectly fit the New Normal lifestyle, bringing all the trappings of a party to homes!

Serving up top-quality Thai beverages
Full range of menus
Served right to your door

Plus, the campaign came just in time for the approaching year’s end festivities. It’s the time of get-togethers and celebrations. As a client, you can design your perfect party using their service; anything you want to feature, they can provide, and you’re guaranteed to love it!

Thai Spirit At Home offers services from experts of the industries, a full range of catering options, top-shelf Thai beverages, as well as exquisitely designed party set-ups and music. With these, you can create the party of your dreams at home.

Even here, party lovers can still enjoy themselves.
Full-option catering
Fun and festivities of a New’s Year party at your home.
Cheers and celebrate through the night at home.
Live music to help create the right atmosphere for your home.

Thai Spirit At Home offers its services for birthday parties and any kind of get-togethers. If you’re a fan of private events, this one would be right up your alley. So don’t wait; be sure to get in touch with them now!

The team can be reached at 02-078-5888 on Monday-Friday (except public holidays) from 08.30-18.30 until 31 January. Get ready for servings of happiness delivered right to your door.

Even though it would be a New Normal kind of party, you’ll still have the same kind of fun.

We’d say the campaign fits perfectly in times where everyone has to adapt to the New Normal lifestyle. Mekhong is more than happy to bring customers and businesses that are affected by the crisis together; ready to keep the campaign going and help out as much of the industry as it can.

For employees, restaurants, or hotels that wish to join the campaign, you can register via its website.

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