Banpuku Yokocho: Authentic 'Alley-style' Izakaya on Rama IX

Banpuku Yokocho (万福横丁) lets you experience an authentic Yokocho alley right here in Rama IX area.

Banpuku Yokocho: Authentic 'Alley-style' Izakaya on Rama IX

The Japanese drinking culture makes up a considerable part of the country’s unique charms. You can easily find izakayas packed into alleys in certain areas of Japan’s cities.

These dense warrens are known as ‘Yokocho’ allies; home to a myriad of small bars that serve street food at affordable prices. They’re also a favorite among Japanese office workers on their off-hours.

A place to unwind, relax, and bond with your colleagues all wrapped up into one.

To recreate the very same atmosphere, Banpuku Yokocho (万福横丁) transforms its Rama IX venue into an authentic Yokocho alley. Inside, you’ll find many mock stalls, giving the impression of smaller shops on the back street.

And there’s a real variety when it comes to the food menu and seating options. Whether you need a long table for an extra large group or looking for a private table with your sweetheart, you’ll find it here. Going solo? Then you’ll love chilling around the bar counter.

Banpuku Yokocho’s front
Interior décor

The word ‘Banpuku’ means “abundant.” Combine that with the concept of Yokocho alleys, and you’ve got a place that’s determined to give every one of its patrons an abundance of happiness. With great ambiance and delicious food, Banpuku Yokocho promises to bring the full Japanese experience to the Rama IX area.

The interior décor borrows from retro Japanese aesthetics; posters on the walls that call back to the Showa period (1950-1980), red lanterns, and the iconic carp streamers.

There are also other flashier details, such as a (fake) cherry blossom tree at the centre of the venue. Plus, the playlist consists of mostly Japanese Good Vibes tracks, which really immerse you into the vibrant atmosphere.

Cherry blossom tree for real Japanese ambiance
Cool retro décor

One of the essentials at izakayas is the food items. From simple snacks to filling meals, Banpuku Yokocho offers a dazzling array of options, so we pick out a few items that you should absolutely try.

(Left) Grilled Squid, Grilled Cod Roe. (Top) Fresh Oyster, Sashimi. (Bottom) Banpuku Futomaki, Noke Sushi.

Let’s start with The Grilled Squid (180 THB); it’s charcoal-grilled perfection with just the right amount of chew to enjoy. Meanwhile, the Grilled Cod Roe (250 THB) is aromatic, savory and a little salty. You can also enjoy sweet, creamy fresh oysters, although prices can vary according to the seasons.

Banpuku Futomaki (289 THB) borrows from one of Japan’s signature dishes; the sweet & salty sauce really ties everything together. It’s a convenient way to enjoy top-shelf ingredients in just a few bites.

Speaking of top-shelf, you’d also want to try Noke Sushi (650 THB) — sushi topped with uni, salmon roe, and other premium items that tastes like they’ve been brought from a Japanese fish market.

As far as sashimi goes, you’ll have options of 5 (549 THB), 7 (749 THB) or 9 items (999 THB). That said, everything is available as a separate menu as well, with varying prices according to your choice, of course.

(Left) Grilled items. (Top) Shiokara, Kousen Salad. (Bottom) Temari Sushi Roll, Grilled Crab Paste with Salmon Roe.

Grilled items on skewers and drinks are truly a match made in heaven. Banpuku Yokocho’s selection includes pork-wrapped asparaguses, pork-wrapped scallions, pork belly, salted harami, and salted wagyu beef. (All 35 THB each.)

Squeeze a lemon wedge over them, and you can enjoy a slight tangy taste with that charcoal aroma. De-licious!

Grilled items
A must-have at izakayas

If you’re looking for something more intense, we’d definitely recommend Shiokara (139 THB) — salty fermented squid with herby undertones, not unlike what you might find in Thai cuisine.

Grilled Hokke (390 THB) is another popular item. Hokke fish are soft and flaky; so when you put them on a grill and sprinkle a bit of salt on them, they can taste oh-so-good. This item can stand on its own, but it’s commonly enjoyed with steaming hot rice as well.

Kousen Salad
Temari Sushi Roll

And now for something a little lighter. Kousen Salad (290 THB) or sashimi salad brightens your palate with crunchy greens, fresh slices of fish, and Japanese-style dressing.

Temari Sushi Roll (289 THB), on the other hand, might be less so. This creamy, savory goodness is sushi rolls wrapped in salmon slices and topped with sweet & salty sauce, then flame-grilled with a torch.

Grilled Crab Paste with Salmon Roe

Last but not least is Banpuku Yokocho’s most popular item, Grilled Crab Paste with Salmon Roe (290 THB). It’s quite easy to tell, since almost every table ordered one, and for good reasons! Buttery crab paste and briny salmon roe really comes together when you put them on a charcoal grill. The delicate textures and tastes are guaranteed to leave you wanting for more.

Freshly prepared dishes
It’s almost like stepping into an Osaka alley.
Great food & good ambiance. All in all a must-try for izakaya lovers.

If you want to experience what it’s like to grab a drink and a bite in a Yokocho alley, definitely give Banpuku Yokocho (万福横丁) a try! With the retro décor, a wide range of menus, and chill tunes, you and your friends are sure to enjoy your evening at this izakaya.

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