[Recap] Feel the Smooth Chills of OKTOBERFED Anywhere in Thailand

Welcomed the cold season with a festival of delicious treats, cool drinks, and fun activities!

[Recap] Feel the Smooth Chills of OKTOBERFED Anywhere in Thailand

Some of you might have heard about the OKTOBERFED campaign that took place in October. You might also have seen pictures of the entailing festivities, with performances by famous artists to entertain the crowd.

These happenings weren’t exclusive to Bangkok too. Party lovers in Korat, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Rayong, Pattaya, and Ayutthaya also got to enjoy a super smooth evening hosted by Federbräu.

Other than a lineup of A-listers, Federbräu also brought many other fun activities to the table to make sure these events truly felt like Oktoberfest. It’s almost like you’ve just landed in Munich, Germany.

Let’s take another look at pictures from Federbräu Red Feather Club presents OKTOBERFED. And you’ll see why you shouldn’t miss the next event while the series is still ongoing.

Stick around until the end and be the first to find out where the next OKTOBERFED party will take place!

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วิดีโอบรรยากาศคอนเสิร์ต The Parkinson ที่ร้าน Fat Boy โคราช

First, we’ll revisit the campaign opening event at one of Mengjai’s most well-known venues, Maldives. The event saw Be Peerapat taking to the stage to entertain his fans through the night.

The Federbräu team also put the cherry on top of this festival cake by bringing in many other highlights; namely the Oktoberfest-style parade, activities, and games. Everyone had the chance to win cute souvenirs home. Needless to say, these elements add much joy and laughter to the atmosphere.

Oktoberfest-style performance
Fun activities for everyone!
The staff went all out with the German-inspired costumes
Be Peerapat playing his top hits to the crowd

After the debut event concluded, OKTOBERFED went on to entertain party lovers in other provinces around Thailand, including Korat, Khon Kaen, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai.

The lineup that Federbräu put together include many of Thailand’s top artists. With names like Be Peerapat, Wanyai x Monik, The Parkinson, Palmy, TELEx TELEXs, Ae Jirakorn, Max Jenmana, and Stamp Apiwat, you’ve got to admit the organizers absolutely delivered!

Take a look at some of Siam2nite’s photos and see if things went as smoothly as everyone said they did.

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วิดีโอบรรยากาศคอนเสิร์ต The Parkinson ที่ร้าน Fat Boy โคราช
A super-chill concert by The Parkinson at Fat Boy, Korat
At Share, Khon Kaen, the place boomed with fans singing along Wanyai & Mon
Zoe in Yellow, Chiang Mai, was packed with fans of Max Jenmana
Stamp Apiwat brought his iconic voice to the stage at Begin Bar & Bistro

One last station for this campaign, Federbräu is hosting Federbräu Red Feather Club presents OKTOBERFED at Indie Cafe in Rayong on 7 November, featuring TELEx TELEXs.

TELEx TELEXs at Indie Cafe on 7 November

For those who missed the previous events, be sure to follow the Federbräu Facebook Page via the link below; you’ll never miss another upcoming event again!


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