Status Thonglor

Status Thonglor

Want to know someone's relationship status without asking? Whether you're single or not, save time with Status Thonglor! We've got you covered

Status Thonglor, the ultimate bar in Thonglor area, serves up non-stop fun all night long! No matter what your status is, you're guaranteed to have a great experience every time you visit.

Status Thonglor brings a chic concept to life: each guest receives a bracelet indicating their relationship status! A 'green' bracelet signals single status, 'red' signifies taken, and 'pink' indicates an ambiguous status, leaving it up to the inquirer's interpretation.

The presence of these bracelets encourages people to initiate conversations and interact more freely. It fosters an environment where everyone can share positive experiences and forge new connections.

The menu boasts a wide array of drinks, catering to all tastes. With enticing promotions, it's a paradise for beverage enthusiasts. Plus, for those who appreciate visually stunning drinks with diverse flavors, they've got something special just for you.

The shop boasts vibrant neon lighting that enhances its lively atmosphere, making it a perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful photos. What truly sets it apart is the live music, courtesy of a talented DJ who spins tunes daily. From Thai classics to international hits, and from nostalgic 90s tracks to current chart-toppers, there's something for everyone. Moreover, the shop frequently hosts events featuring renowned artists, providing unforgettable experiences. Trust me, being in such close proximity to the stage amidst all this excitement might just elevate you to celebrity status without even trying.


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