Pom Prap Sattru Phai Clubs & Bars

Pom Prap Sattru Phai - a part of Bangkok's Old Town - is home to many of the city's cultural & historical attractions. The district also makes a name for itself as an area for delicious street food and shopping hubs, with long-standing places like Khlong Thom Market, Bobae Market, and Nang Loeng Market.

During the night, you can find an array of casual hangouts such as local dives, beer joints, secret bars, and speakeasies. Sip on some ice-cold drinks while enjoying the Old Town spirit and live music.

See all the highlights of Pom Prap Sattru Phai. Here are the best bars to chill at with fellow bargoers and friends!


Asia Today

Asia Today highlights local Thai ingredients by introducing them as a companion to the alcohol in the cocktail creations. Located in Soi Nana, Yaowarat, the bar focuses on mixing rum with local Thai ingredients…

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  1. 23 Bar & Gallery

    23 Bar & Gallery

    23 Bar & Gallery, tucked inside Yaowarat's Soi Nana, packs a lot of hip vibes and artistry into a small…

  2. Biscuit Bar & Café

    Biscuit Bar & Café

    Biscuit Bar & Café, located in Yaowarat’s Soi Nana, is a recently opened ‘listening bar’, which focuses…

  3. Fork & Cork ChinaTown

    Fork & Cork ChinaTown

    FORK & CORK is a long-standing and award-winning restaurant brand of over 30 years. It opened its first…

  4. Mad Moa

    Mad Moa

    Mad Moa - a bar & restaurant on Lan Luang Road - leans on a tropical style by using wood as its main…

  5. Pijiu Bar

    Pijiu Bar

    Píjiǔ Bar looks and feels like a Chinese tavern with is simplistic yet detailed decor. Every element,…

  6. Teens of Thailand

    Teens of Thailand

    Teens of Thailand is a gin bar tucked inside a small alley in Soi Nana of Yaowarat; it has held ranks…

  7. Tep Bar

    Tep Bar

    Tep Bar is a small establishment tucked away in Yaowarat. Its creative concept combines traditional…


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