7 Costume Shops in Bangkok That Will Help You Transform Into Your Favorite Character This Halloween

7 Costume Shops in Bangkok That Will Help You Transform Into Your Favorite Character This Halloween

Halloween might not be as big in Thailand as it is in Europe or America, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be no celebration at all in the sleepless city of Bangkok.

While countries like Ireland, England, Scotland, and the United States awaits the customary Trick-or-Treating hours on October 31st of every year, those of us in Bangkok put on costumes for a whole other reason.

With Halloween parties and activities happening all over town during October 26-31, it’s time to decide on that Halloween-themed makeup and costume combination for the upcoming night out.

Halloween parties come by only once a year, so you might want to step up your costume game and set yourself apart from all the Dracula, Frankenstein’s, Jokers, nuns, zombies, and witches with a fantasy character for your dreams.

Finding a good costume might not be easy, that’s why we’ve got for you seven fantasy costume shops in Bangkok that’ll be sure to transform you into your favorite fantasy character.

Head over to one of these places on the list and have all eyes on you at the Halloween parties this year.


Home Cosplay

There are over 100 fancy costumes to choose from at Home Cosplay. Their selection encompasses popular characters from movies and series like Justice League, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Lord of the Rings, and Japanese animes like Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Street Fighter, and One Piece.

For ladies who wants to dress up as princesses, there’s a variety Disney princess costumes available, as well as costumes from popular Chinese movies like “A Chinese Ghost Story”, “The Sorcerer and the White Snake”, and “A Chinese Odyssey - Love of Eternity” that will definitely have all eyes on you. The rental for the costumes and its accessories are priced at 500 - 3,500 THB for 3 days.

  • Location:

    (Opposite of Asiatique The Riverfront) Soi Charoen Krung 99, Charoen Krung Road
    (Closest BTS: Saphan Taksin)

  • Opening Hours:

    10.00 - 18.00
    19.00 - 21.00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 095-549-5052


Dreambox Costume

With over 30 years of experience making costumes for theater shows, stage plays, and television series, Dreambox Costume offers a variety of costumes that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you’re into popular movie heroes like Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Avatar, Superman, Ghostbusters, or Batman, Traditional Thai costumes, 20’s-80’s fashion, ancient Greek-Roman warriors, historical figures like Cleopatra and pharaohs, classic cartoons like Powerpuff Girls, Disney princesses, The Incredibles, Flintstones, and Peter Pan, occupational uniforms like firefighters, housemaids, air hostesses, you can find it all at Dreambox Costume.

A 3-day rental goes for 500 THB per costume, while there are also additional wigs and props you can rent with the costume as well.

  • Location:

    Soi Pridi Banomyong 26 (Intersection 3), Sukhumvit 71 Road
    (Closest BTS: Phra Kanong)

  • Opening Hours:

    10.00 - 19.00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 063-306-7875


Bangkok Fancy

Bangkok Fancy keep up to date with the latest and trending fancy costumes. You can find national costumes of Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, and popular horror movie characters like Chucky (Child’s Play), Pennywise (It), and Valak (The Nun). If you’re into fairy tales and cartoons, they’ve also got Minions, Flintstones, Pokemon, Peter Pan, Mario, and Disney princess costumes.

You can also find superhero costumes like the Hulk, Spiderman, Black Panther, Captain America, do a throwback with some 40’s-80’s fashion costumes, get traditional with ancient Thai costumes, or even dance to Thailand’s mega-hit song “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” in a BNK48 uniform.

There are also classic costumes like school uniforms, nurse uniforms, and housemaid uniforms. Rental at Bangkok Fancy starts at 400 THB.

  • Location:

    Soi Lardprao 122 Yaek 22, Lardprao Road
    (Closest MRT: Huai Khwang)

  • Opening Hours:

    10.30 - 20.30

  • Contact Details:

    Call 081-342-9970


Cinderella Fancy

With over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry and countless collaborations with television programs, series, and events, you can be sure to find some of the best costumes at Cinderella Fancy.

Characters from movies and series like Tomb Raider, Kill Bill, The Huntsman, Game of Thrones, heroes from Marvel and DC universes like Ant-Man, Thor, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman, national costumes, Greek soldier, Chinese warriors, evening gowns, and Anime cosplays are only a few samples of what you’ll find browsing through over 2,000 costumes available at Cinderella Fancy.

A 3-day rental starts at 600 THB and, even though there aren’t as many Halloween-themed costumes, you can still become your favorite fantasy character or superhero!

  • Location:

    Soi Maha Wong Tai, Din Daeng Road
    (Closest MRT: Rama 9)

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday
    10.30 - 21.00
    15.00 - 21.00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 086-774-9260


Enjoy Suite

At Enjoy Suite, you can enjoy over 700 different fancy costumes tailor-made all kinds of occasions and celebrations. On the website, costumes are listed under categories such characters from movies, cartoons, and games, Japanese-themed costumes (Kimono, Samurai, Anime characters), historical and mythological costumes (Greek, Egypt, Roman), Under the Sea, ghost and ghouls for Halloween, mascots, and even plus-size costumes.

The rental fee ranges from 200 to 1,200 THB per costume including its accessories. All the costumes you find at Enjoy Suite are imported from the United States, China, and Japan, while some of them are made in-house. You can take a look at all the costumes available through their website and conveniently place all your orders online!

  • Location:

    Soi Itsaraphap 42/1, Itsaraphap Road
    (Closest BTS: Wongwian Yai)

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday
    11.00 - 20.00
    11.00 - 18.00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 088-042-8029


Grandview Fashion

Grandview Fashion had been in business for over 8 years and they’ve got more than just fantasy costumes to offer this Halloween. With up to 33 distinct costume categories on their website, Grandview Fashion’s got all the costumes you need for any occasions or events.

You can find traditional Thai costumes, evening gowns, national costumes, prince-princess costumes, animal cosplays, occupational uniforms, superhero suits, and many more.

In the Halloween category, you can find classic angels, devils, wizards, and witches costumes, or you can also gather your friends and find matching costumes for the squad!

You can check up on the prices for each costume through any of their social media channels (LINE, Facebook, Instagram) and be sure to set up an appointment before heading over!

  • Location:

    Sirius Plaza Shopping Center (Between Soi Lardprao 85 and 87, Lardprao Road)
    (Closest MRT: Sutthisarn)

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday
    11.00 - 19.00
    Saturday - Sunday
    11.00 - 17.00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 099-291-5636


Alex Costume

You can find a nice superhero selection at all three Alex Costume branches in Pratunam Intersection (The Palladium World Shopping), Kaset Intersection, and Rama 2 Road.

Focusing on their main branch in Pratunam, you can find all sorts of costumes that resemble a number of characters from the Marvel, DC, and Disney cinematic universes including Venom, Deadpool, Thor, Predator, Han Solo, Star-Lord, Robin, Batman, Newt Scamander, Luke Skywalker, the Beauty and the Beast, The Flash, Stormtroopers, Cinderella, and many more.

Rental fees including all the accessories start at 500 THB. If you’re a fan of superhero movies and want to see yourselves in their shoes (literally), then you might want to drop by Alex Costume with your friends before the upcoming Halloween party. If your whole crew decides to dress up, you might even be able to assemble the entire Avengers team!

  • Location:

    (B Fl.) The Palladium World Shopping, Petchburi Road
    (Closest BTS: Chidlom)

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Saturday
    10.00 - 19.30

  • Contact Details:

    Call 086-565-7794

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