THE BARN Delivers Fresh Coffee Beans to Your Doorstep

A Berlin-based subscription service for coffee lovers. Never worry about running out of fresh roasts ever again!

THE BARN Delivers Fresh Coffee Beans to Your Doorstep
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With everything that’s been going on, it’s natural to feel reluctant about leaving the comfort of your home. Going to malls and other similarly crowded public places has become a risk and not something you’d do at leisure.

Not going out to shop means it’s much harder to get your groceries. This is troublesome on its own, but even more so for coffee lovers, who usually can’t go without a fresh cup in the morning.

Now, a new way to enjoy coffee has arrived. THE BARN – a German premium coffee brand – is introducing a subscription service. With this, you’ll get packs of coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep every month.


Based in Berlin, Germany, THE BARN is a popular brand known for its incredible attention to detail. From researching, selecting, roasting, and packing the beans, the team works hard to ensure their customers are getting the best product.

THE BARN uses exclusively Single Origin beans, where the beans come from one specific source. As the company claims, this will allow you to ‘experience [the beans’] distinct terroir’. Each roast features a unique body, flavor, and aroma – a result of the difference in soil and climate of various locales.


Single Origin beans are one of the latest trends to hit the coffee world. Many cafés and shops are turning to them to attract coffee connoisseurs, as each batch offers a different flavor. This unique character allows Single Origin beans to stand as a special menu on their own.

THE BARN partners with coffee growers from renowned sources around the world. From there, the team selects the best beans, hand-roasts them in their Berlin roastery, and packs them into eco-friendly paper bags.

All the care and effort put into the process even earned THE BARN the Best Specialty Coffee Roaster Europe & Middle East reward in 2019.


THE BARN offers a wide selection of coffee beans from sources around the world, including Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.

In its home city of Berlin, THE BARN operates a chain of cafés catered to coffee lovers, allowing them to enjoy great beans from everywhere in the world. There are many THE BARN cafés peppered around Berlin, so be sure to drop by one if you’re heading to Germany.


But even if you haven’t had the chance to fly over there, you can still enjoy THE BARN’s fresh coffee beans via the subscription service we’ve mentioned. After you’ve become a member, the company will deliver you freshly roasted bags of coffee beans every month. It’s a convenient way to enjoy great coffee with little to no effort.

One of the perks of the monthly subscription is that you don’t need to constantly go on the website. THE BARN automatically checks your selected options and delivers them to anywhere around the world. Over 80 countries, in fact.

What’s more, the website has an effective management & order tracking system. You’ll be able to see exactly where your package is while on its way to you.


That said, sometimes you just want to pause your subscription a bit, and THE BARN allows you to easily do that. On the website, you can change the amount and type of beans, or even skipping the month’s delivery altogether, with no ifs and/or buts. With the subscription plan, you’re getting a much better deal than buying each bag individually.


It’s a creative and novel way to get your caffeine fix for sure. If you’re a coffee lover, you definitely should give THE BARN a try and enjoy a monthly delivery of top-quality beans. Not having to go out for a fresh cup of coffee at a time like this? Yes, please!

For more information and to sign up for the subscription, visit the links down below.

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