5 Super-sized Boba Tea & Coffee to Satisfy Your Cravings

Get your milk tea and coffee fix with these jumbo boba tea & coffee; they're the perfect sharing size!

5 Super-sized Boba Tea & Coffee to Satisfy Your Cravings
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These days, most of us are forced to stay at home whether when we’re working or on our day off. For those who can’t live without milky boba tea and/or a caffeine rush from coffee, being unable to go out and grab a cup from your favorite place is a real bummer.

Well, say goodbye to those worries now. Various tea & coffee shops have come up with super-sized versions of their boba teas and coffee. Share these jumbo drinks with the whole family, or enjoy it all by yourself over several days; you do you! And there’s also the upside of not having to order often.

So here are five tea & coffee shops that will happily deliver giant boba tea & coffee to your doorstep. With these, you’re guaranteed to have your cravings satisfied for the whole week.

(Arranged alphabetically.)


ATM Tea Bar

To start this list, we’ve got ATM Tea bar – a futuristic tea shop that’s extremely popular with the trendy tea drinkers of Siam Square.

It’s known for using 100% natural ingredients as well as imported Taiwanese milk tea. Serving as its highlight feature is the ATM machine at the front, where you place your order as well as make a payment.

Its latest item – the giant milk tea tank – is a real lifesaver for boba tea lovers. The drink comes in a 3-liter container and can be delivered to your home.

Plus, as the container has its own tap, you can easily top up your glass without picking up the all-too-heavy tea gallon.

The tea can last 3-5 days and can fill about 15-20 regular cups. You’ll be happy to hear that the tank is completely reusable, and can be repurposed as a drink dispenser for future house parties. Super cool!

One tea tank costs 1,190 THB and must be ordered at least one day in advance.

For more information and to order drinks, visit ATM’s Facebook Page or LINE@.




BEA (bay-ah) offers a wide range of beverages like boba milk tea, matcha, and juice, with an adorable bear logo that helps the package pop. The tea, in particular, is rich and aromatic, while the boba is just the right amount of chewy to make it oh-so-good.

The “Quarantine Milk Tea” BEA has recently released is freshly brewed tea with milk contained in a backpack-sized bag. Like the shop’s regular menus, it features that cute bear logo, but the added screw cap lets you easily pour the tea into the cup.

In the beginning, BEA only offers the 5-liter version. However, after much demand on the consumer’s part, the shop now has a much bigger 10-liter bag. And you could probably feed the entire village from the look of it.

The “small” 5-liter size (990 THB) can fill about 20-25 cups, while the 10-liter (1,900 THB) can be divided into 40-50 cups.

BEA also provides toppings for every order. The brown sugar konjac boba will keep for about a month chilled, while the lava boba is best enjoyed right away since it will only last for a day.

The ‘quarantine’ package also includes a set of 20 cups and straws so you can start enjoying your tea right away. Most importantly, BEA delivers everywhere in Thailand; just be sure to place your order one day in advance.

For more information and to order drinks, visit BEA’s Facebook page.



Bobaabar takes pride in brewing its tea from premium leaves with no artificial colors and flavors. The shop puts in a lot of care at every step, using the right temperature and time for each tea to make sure the final product is full-flavored and fragrant.

For the milk, Bobaabar uses high-quality fresh milk delivered from the farm. That’s how they manage to make delicious milk tea without adding loads of sugar.

With everyone staying at home, Bobaabar jumps on the bandwagon with the jumbo boba tea, “Bobaabar Party Box”. You’ll feel like you’ve opened a boba tea shop in your living room.

The Box Set includes one type of milk tea (Classic Black Tea or Signature Guan Yin Latte) and a choice of toppings (boba or soft grass jelly).

The box sets are available in two sizes; The M (899 THB) contains 3 liters and fills 15-20 cups, while the L (1,399 THB) holds 5 liters and fills 25-30 cups. Both can be delivered along with the cups and straws, but you need to order one day in advance.

Lastly, as the box comes with a handy tap, you can fill your cups quite easily.

For more information and to order drinks, visit Bobaabar’s Facebook Page and LINE@.


Brave Roasters

And now, something for the coffee lovers. Brave Roasters is a downtown café famous for its rich and aromatic coffee. The fact that the café not only sells freshly brewed cups, but also roasted beans should be able to guarantee the quality the Brave Roasters is putting out.

Other than coffee, Brave Roasters also offers over 60 drink items.

The café has adapted to the lockdown as well by offering Brave Cold Brew Concentrate for those of you who simply won’t function without coffee. The concept here is to let you be your own barista, or “Stay Safe, Self Barista” as they said.

The 3-liter bag of cold brew comes with a screw cap for easy pouring. With one bag, you can make as many as 50 cups of coffee, while the brew will stay fresh for about 4-6 weeks in the fridge.

The coffee is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no sugar and chemicals, and so very low calories. With this simple base, you can custom your cup of coffee by mixing it with milk, water, or other kinds of drinks. One Brave Cold Brew Concentrate will set you back 690 THB, free delivery included.

For more information and to order, visit Brave Roaster’s Facebook Page, website, or LINE@.


Tim Hortons

The iconic Canadian café chain opened its first location in Thailand earlier this year at Samyan Mitrown. After seeing the place packed with people queuing up to get a taste, it soon became a favorite of Bangkok locals.

Tim Horton’s currently has three branches established in Bangkok. Other than its famous coffee, there are also other beverages as well as donuts and pastries to sink your teeth into.

What’s more, Tim Horton’s has just revealed its newest product, which fits the current situation perfectly. The “Take 12” is ready-made premium coffee packed in a box with choices of Original Blend and Dark Roast.

The coffee is neatly stored in a thermal bag that’ll keep the drink piping hot from the café to your cup. And with the screw cap, you’ll be able to quickly pour the drink. One box costs 700 THB and can fill about a dozen cups.

You can order the Take 12 via food delivery apps. For more information, visit Tim Horton’s website.


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