La Tavola & Wine Bar : 3 Reasons You MUST Try It Out

La Tavola & Wine Bar : 3 Reasons You MUST Try It Out

Those of us who live in Bangkok know how diverse the city is in every single aspect. This is especially true when you think of the culinary scene. Think of anything you want to eat anywhere in the world and chances are you can find it somewhere in Bangkok. Being so abundant in goodness can be both a gift and a curse, however.

On the one hand, the possibilities are endless for the foodies looking to try the newest food fad. On the other hand, restaurants have to work extra hard to stand out from the crowd – and for those who do not put in that extra effort, they simply conform and fade away. The abundance of Italian restaurants is a testament to this very fact.

Popping up faster than mushrooms after a rainy day, new Italian restaurants seem to exist on every Bangkok street corner. But go into any typical Italian restaurant from Thonglor to Ladprao and you will quickly realize that many have food that tastes the same, décor that looks the same, and an ambiance the even feels the same. Has it all become so mundane? Lucky for you, we found an Italian spot that might have just broken the mold.

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La Tavola & Wine Bar at the Renaissance Hotel, Ratchaprasong has recently revamped their ethos and launched what is a very new but very classic Italian menu. Led by guest Chef Luca Pecorari, the Chef de Cuisine of LIMONI Italian restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou, in collaboration with locally based Executive Chef Jose Martin Ruiz Borja, the restaurant is going through some very big exciting changes.

These are the top 3 reasons why we think La Tavola & Wine Bar stands out among the rest:

1) Classic Italian Food, Made in A Classic Italian Way

There is so much focus on molecular gastronomy nowadays that sometimes when you go into a restaurant you are served foam as an appetizer. Forget that. At La Tavola & Wine Bar you get the real classics that will make your mouth salivate and will leave your stomachs full.

Chef Luca and Chef Jose’s styles include the mantra to never to play around with the food and instead to stick to keeping it simple. Every dish is presented in the original way it is supposed to be presented and extra care is put into securing good fresh ingredients that make the food pop out of the plate.

The team at La Tavola & Wine Bar has scoured the earth to bring back to the tables in Bangkok awesome ingredients that ensure that their ordinary signature dishes taste extraordinary. We are looking you the Pumpkin Risotto with sausage, sauté mushrooms, toasted pumpkin seeds, sprinkled with 25-year-old balsamico and the Grilled Black Cod Fillet served with green asparagus fondant, salmon roe, and black garlic sauce.

2) An Ambiance Worthy of Any Occasion

At La Tavola & Wine Bar, your sense of taste is not the only sense that will get to go on a culinary journey. The open kitchen design ensures that all your sense of sight and smell are also equally triggered in one sitting, making your experience worth savoring.

Indulge in every dish while you are seated across the room from the chef’s live action that you can witness directly from the kitchen. Let the scents that float across the room lift up your spirits or the flames burning in the woodfire oven warm your soul.

The mesmerizing scenes of seeing your food being cooked and smelling it not only heightens the experience but creates anticipation unlike any other. When you go to La Tavola & Wine Bar the show is not only the food on your plate, but it is also in the kitchen making it the perfect restaurant to go to for any occasion, be it the holiday season, a special anniversary, or your simple date night out. One thing is for sure, the décor and ambiance definitely compliment the entire experience.

3) Delightful Staff That Are Ready to Please

Let us all be honest, no matter how good the food is at a restaurant, good service is still a must – and this is exactly what La Tavola & Wine Bar brings to the tavola (a.k.a. Italian for “table”). Walk right into the restaurant and whether you have a reservation or not, the maître d’ would be more than happy to accommodate you and your party to find a seat. Of course, a reservation is always recommended but even without one albeit a potential wait, you will still be treated respect.

Once seated, the very professional waiters and waitresses will come around to take your order. They know their food as the chefs put great pride in training all of their staff from the front to the back to understand the restaurant’s mission. Diners are given just enough space to have their intimate moments, but when the need arises for service, there will be someone right there to help you out. Royalty.

There is actually not much else you need to be waiting for, go ahead and call up La Tavola & Wine Bar @ The Renaissance Hotel, Ratchaprasong to make a reservation.

La Tavola & Wine Bar @ The Renaissance Hotel, Ratchaprasong

All food and dessert platters curated by guest Chef Luca Pecorari featuring local specialties and ingredients is available for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from December 2016 until the end of January 2017.

For more information or reservations call +66 (2) 125 5020 or follow La Tavola & Wine Bar’s official Facebook page.

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