14 Delicious Eats You Must Try At Groove@CentralWorld

14 Delicious Eats You Must Try At Groove@CentralWorld

When Groove@CentralWorld first opened to much fanfare, everyone knew that it would become a go-to destination for good food and drinks. Over the years, although the roster of restaurants and bars there have frequently been updated – the quality however has stayed the same, with 14 venues currently withstanding the test of time.

Below you will find an introduction to each and every spot, listed in alphabetical order, at Groove@CentralWorld.


1881 Bar & Restaurant by Water Library

You know when a culinary powerhouse like Water Library get involved with a venue it is serious, and for 1881 Bar & Restaurant it was no exception.

Decked out in very futuristic décor usually found outside of malls, the restaurant-bar focuses on bringing together tasteful fusion foods and exotic cocktail combinations.

Start off with a Thai dish with a twist like the Salmon Tartare Kratong (THB 220++) and then fill up with the juicy Truffle Wicked Wagyu Burger (THB 380++).

After that, wash it all down with a strong gin based Gummy Bear cocktail (THB 380++) and you will surely have a good night ahead of you.

  • Location:

    1st Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-613-1774


Apinara Thai Cuisine & Bar

If you are looking to dig into accessible Thai food Apinara Thai Cuisine & Bar might be the perfect place to start your journey. Owned by the same team that runs Nara Thai Cuisine, the hip-iteration of the Nara chain – now with “bar” in their name as well – retains the same exquisite flavors of Thai food but keeps their menu updated with creative twists.

Menus like the Soft Shell Crab Pad Thai (THB 240++) or the Chinese bread sticks Pattonggo Stuffed with Pork (THB 125++) are perfect dishes that will compliment your choice of drink from the bar.

Whether you enjoy wine, beer, cocktails or even ya dong (Thai whiskey with herbs and spices) Apinara Thai Cuisine & Bar is ready to serve you.

  • Location:

    2nd Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-252-0063


E.A.T. - Eat All Thai

Supanniga Eating Room by Khunyaiy for many may be the best and most well-known Thai home-style food chain in Bangkok.

E.A.T. is an extension of that restaurant family and does an exceptional job in creating the same quality dishes that are to be expected from the highly rated chain.

With a laidback atmosphere and a wide selection of simple, yet intricate dishes, like the all-time favourite Moo Ping Lerd Rod (THB 140++), the Ayutthaya River Prawn Platter (starting at THB 699++), or the Khao Pad Nam Prik Platu (THB 160++), it would be hard to go wrong at E.A.T whether you want a full meal with lots of selection or a single dish.

  • Location:

    2nd Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-251-1230


Greyhound Café

THB 1.85 billion – yes, with a “b” – that was how much Greyhound Group was acquired for in late 2014. To understand its valuation, just visit one of their multiple branches – the one at Groove being no exception.

Expect to get the same tasty menu with large selections, the same welcoming staff, the same reasonable prices, and the same mixture of comfort and creativity that would keep you interested yet feeling at ease.

Start off with their warm bread, then pick and choose a selection of pasta like the Spaghetti Thai Anchovy (THB 200++) or their nicely grilled Salmon Steak (THB 320++).

Try pairing the food with their famous Ice-Tea (THB 80++) or a drink from a very generous buy-one-get-one-free happy hour menu.

  • Location:

    2nd Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-613-1263



Japanese restaurants in Bangkok are a dime a dozen. Hiyaku does not try to break away from that general consensus but instead they attempt to ensure that the standard items on offer have value and are well prepared.

Often time diners will find very generous promotions on food items ranging from 20%-50% discounts. This is favorable when eating with a large group of friends.

Standard items like the Salmon Nigiri (THB 40++), Akami Sushi (THB 120++), or the Teriyaki Gindara (THB 380++) are great companions for a few happy hour drinks.

  • Location:

    2nd Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-646-1484


HOBs The Playhouse

Designed after a dated playhouse, House of Beers (HOBs) The Playhouse welcome you to a beer playground. With close to 10 types of beer on tap and around 40 other variations of beer in bottles at all times, HOBs The Playhouse is not playing when it comes to beer!

Whatever you choose to sooth your thirst with, do not forget to get a side of Heavenly Mushrooms (THB 180++) or Chicken Little (THB 180++) crispy wings. If you are not filled up by then, top it off with their Grilled Pork Chop (THB 420++) in mushroom sauce.

  • Location:

    1st Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-613-1322


Hyde & Seek Peek-A-Boo

Hyde & Seek Peek-A-Boo is an iteration of Hyde & Seek’s tried and tested concept for serving classic cocktails with a playful twist using different modern mixology styles.

Under the same roof, the team also serves a large variety of creative fusion dishes. The youthful vibe of the restaurant-bar will enable your spirit can free itself, relax, and be entertained.

Pick the Peek-a-Boo Benedict (THB 325++) from the all day brunch menu or dive right into the Beef Stroganoff Fettuccine (THB 295++) to fill yourself up. Couple that with one of the creative drinks from their ever-evolving bar and you will surely have a good night.

  • Location:

    1st Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-646-1099



Méjico delightfully does not conform to what “looks Mexican”. The restaurant-bar does an amazing job with their interior design making the place look like a classy Mexican restaurant without having to put sombreros and cactuses everywhere.

All your favorite Mexican food items are on the menu and are made very well. Staples like tacos (starting at THB 185++) and nachos (starting at THB 235++) are all very satisfying and pack a really tasty punch.

If you are a meat eater, try the Rib Eye Taco Kit (THB 715++). But it does not matter; your standard food choices cannot go wrong. What is more, is that the drink list is equally as impressive.

Try their Signature Margarita (THB 250++) or if you feel adventurous, pick from one of their 40 different tequilas or let the bartender make you a surprise drink (starting at THB 450++).

  • Location:

    2nd Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-252-6660


Oyster Harem

What started off as a delivery service now has a permanent home. Oyster Harem is simple, they offer Thai oysters at an extremely reasonable price.

You can order their bucket of oysters and other assorted seafood items (THB 800) or indulge in an oyster buffet (THB 990) – there is no service charge or VAT here so what you see is what you pay. The oysters are fresh and extremely tasty when eaten with their original spicy sauce and crunchy onions.

Of course, sipping a beer or having some wine to go with the meal will surely make it a worthy spot to sit and eat at.


S’Mores Hunting Lodge

If you ever want to feel like you are going camping without really having to leave the city, S’Mores Hunting Lodge offers you that experience.

The food selection is your typical Americana dishes with a Thai twist, ranging from a Rib-Eye Steak (THB 850++) to your Tom Yam Goong Spaghetti (THB 240++).

What does stand out, however, is the S’Mores Set (THB 320++) in the dessert menu that allows anyone to recreate the Boy Scout experience of grilling toasted marshmallows over pot of coal.

It is a fun experience and will give friends and family time to bond as you drink the night away in parallel.

  • Location:

    2nd Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-613-1271


Tales of Gold Mine

A self-proclaimed “New American” style restaurant which combines oriental Chinese cuisine with American gold mining era cuisine – Tales of Gold Mine manages to perfectly combine Eastern tastes with Western recipes.

The décor resembles an old gold mine and gives off a great ambiance while you dig into your Beef and Onion Rice Bowl (THB 290++) or taste the Quinoa and Chinese BBQ Pork (THB 390++) options.

Remember to top that off with a signature drink like the Vodka Wild Kettle (THB 350++) so that your gold mine era meal can really be complete.

  • Location:

    1st Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-613-1270


Wabi/Sabi Japanese & Sake Bar

The word “Wabi-Sabi” represents a Japanese worldview that is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection – seeing beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

Wabi/Sabi takes this concept to heart and ensures that each dish or drink that is made always has a slight twist to it that at first may catch you off-guard, but at the end will ensure that you embrace it even more.

Enjoy your typical selection of fresh sashimi and rolls or be adventurous and order the Salmon Volcano (THB 360++) for some oozing goodness.

You can also try the flavorful Wabi Wing (THB 350++) and then wash it down with a large selection of drinks which are on the happy hour menu every day from 5pm onwards – it may be the best happy hour deal we have seen.

  • Location:

    1st Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-252-6451


Wine Connection The Grill

Having just recently opened their doors at Groove, Wine Connection is no newcomer to the food scene. Already a household casual dining destination with multiple branches, the restaurant is one of the main reasons why wine drinking has become a trend in Bangkok.

Offering very affordable wine selections (below THB 999++) alongside exquisite food choices, such as the juicy 850g turf option like the Rib Eye Bon In (THB 1,890++) or a surf option like the Spanish Gambas (THB 210), Wine Connection The Grill has it all.

Diners will almost always get what they are expecting here, as consistency is key to their business model.

  • Location:

    1st Floor

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-613-1036


Wine, I Love You

Wine, I Love You is a casual dining restaurant that is a household name in Bangkok with multiple branches. The branch at Groove has an extremely laid back vibe that is perfect for lunch or dinner.

With an all-day breakfast menu that includes Thai favorite dishes like the Red Pork Noodle (THB 165++) as well as food options like the Salt and Chilli Fried Calamari (THB 145++) or the Small Sausage Platter (THB 215++) it is hard to go wrong at this place.

Do not be fooled, Wine, I Love You also has a large selection of other drinks like beer and cocktails. Prepare yourself for a joyful night with your friends and family anytime you come here.


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