Bobalicious: 10 Boba Shops Around Bangkok You Must Try

Bobalicious: 10 Boba Shops Around Bangkok You Must Try

Did you know that after water, the beverage that Thais drink the second most every year is tea? Frankly speaking, this can be said about the whole of Asia, where tea has been a staple on many dining tables for multiple generations. Our ancestors were really on to something here - it is why today, our tea drinking culture is still going strong.

But as with any “traditional” product, we find new ways to adapt and make the old cool again. That is why the boba milk tea phenomenon has caught on so very quickly. Step aside old porcelain cups and kettles, it is now the era of the cute plastic cups with large straws. Littered in carefully designed logos and heat sealed to perfection, cups of boba milk tea carefully combines the long loved scent and taste of traditional tea with a twist by adding tapioca balls. The jelly like texture adds a new dimension to the age old drink - making it extremely addictive. As the doors for creativity has now been busted wide open, different brands have added their own twist to the once mundane drink that is tea.

If you are starting to crave some for yourself now, do not worry. Bangkok has some of the most diverse selection of boba milk tea. Here are the 10 boba milk tea shops around Bangkok you must try, listed in alphabetical order.



Chamichi is a chain from Taiwan, the origin country of the boba milk tea. Once the brand arrived in Thailand, due to its popularity, multiple branches popped up around Bangkok. Chamichi focuses on picking the best tea leaves to ensure that their tea smells and taste great. The brand added a special Thai Tea with boba menu, to cater to local tastes as well.

  • Price:

    THB 25-35


COCO Fresh Tea & Juice

COCO Fresh Tea & Juice is also a popular chain from Taiwan. The shop focuses on the richness its tea creates when it gets mixed with the milk. Every glass is served in a cartoon littered glass, making the tea and the boba even more enjoyable to anyone who tries it. COCO Fresh Tea & Juice also allows you to add other toppings to your drink like pudding among other things.

  • Price:

    THB 40-85



Dakasi is one of the oldest boba milk tea brands from Taiwan that differentiates themselves with their lava boba - a unique hot style boba that gets added to your ice cold milk tea. This technique makes Dakasi’s boba ooze with goodness in your mouth unlike any other brand. But that is not all, Dakasi also has a “whip cheese” menu which is a creamy and rich cheese topping unlike anything else!

  • Price:

    THB 35-70



Kamu is a very notable boba milk tea brand that gets easily recognized by its cute logo design. With its multiple branches, you can easily find them to taste one of their seasonal creations that gets released from time to time or order your own custom drink. One of the things on the menu that cannot be missed is their cheese that adds a salty richness to their tea - something boba fanatics must try.

  • Price:

    THB 30-90



Koi is also a famous brand from Taiwan that has made its way to Bangkok. Currently, only 6 branches of Koi exist but with their secret Taiwanese tea recipe, it will not be long before they will need to expand. Their boba is of a translucent golden texture that is just the right amount of chewy. Try the boba with their signature Matcha Machiato to see why they are a force to be reckoned with.

  • Price:

    THB 45-105


Monkey Shake

Monkey Shake is a boba milk tea brand that can easily be recognized by their cute monkey logo. They operate both in Bangkok and in nearby provinces serving an array of menu items including the standard boba milk tea, the caramel milk tea, as well as multiple other milk tea options. Look out for their constant promotions/deals and you might be lucky enough to grab a taste for a steal.

  • Price:

    THB 30-55


Mr. CupT

© mr.cupt

Another rich and creamy boba milk tea brand that many swear by, the friendly prices of Mr. CupT makes their drinks very accessible. Located in multiple branches, the shop takes on multiple formats from carts to full-serviced Mr. CupT Premium cafes where food and desserts are served. Another option for your boba cravings that can come along with tasty food.

  • Price:

    THB 30-80



Ochaya is an easy to find boba milk tea kiosk that has spread its reach far beyond central Bangkok. Ochaya focuses on quick service, a large variety of toppings, and the ability to customize the drink’s sweetness. They enjoy giving customers a large selection so that every time you visit Ochaya, customers can enjoy multiple different drinks or have the exact same one they had last time.

  • Price:

    THB 30-40


Osaka Milk Tea

A premium milk tea brand that uses only fresh 3.6 Hokkaido milk - a milk so special that it is 3.6 times creamier and richer than normal Hokkaido milk. Their specialty is not only in their milk, but also in their extra chewy boba and their special Okinawa syrup that gives off a sweetness that tastes good and smells awesome. Osaka Milk Tea is definitely worth a try.

  • Price:

    THB 55-115


Tea Story

Tea Story is a boba milk tea shop that also has a large selection of sweets and desserts. They stand out because of their large menu - from multiple milk tea variations to fruit tea choices that can be customized with any kind of topping imaginable. Their white boba and jelly is a must try as well as their special macarons. Surely a place to satisfy a sweet craving.

  • Price:

    THB 45-80

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