The Most Awesome Smoothie Breakfast Bowls in Bangkok to Satisfy Your Crunch Cravings

The Most Awesome Smoothie Breakfast Bowls in Bangkok to Satisfy Your Crunch Cravings

Healthy and organic foods are not as hard to find anymore, especially with all the superfood cafes and bars that have been popping up in shopping malls and office districts in Bangkok. One particular menu had been trending are the “Smoothie Bowls” that come filled with all kinds of natural goods and looks just like a piece of art. Whether its fresh fruits, granola, or smoothies that make up your perfect portion of breakfast, these bowls have them all in one.

We’ve got for you 5 superfood cafes in Bangkok where you’ll find some of the most exciting breakfast bowl creations to kick-start your morning with. Aside from all the health benefits, you’ll get from these nutrient-packed and colorful bowls and the grab-and-go convenience, you might also find that crunchy replacement for your usual cereal bowl you’ve been looking for.

(Listed Alphabetically)


Acai Story

Acai Story was founded by one of Bangkok’s most prominent healthy food and lifestyle blogger, Savita "May" Sresthaporn or also known as MS Happy Diet. As the name suggests, this cafe is all about making the best Acai bowls for everyone to enjoy. Acai originates from the Amazon rainforest and is considered one of the best superfoods of today. They have an appearance similar to blueberries, but their darker skin packs over 20 times more antioxidants. Rich with essential amino acids, healthy fats, and fibers, Acai has claimed to aid heart-diseases, weight loss, and anti-aging.

The cafe is located in an open space with 3-4 seats available, making it more of a grab-and-go kiosk. Their signature item, The Unicorn Bowl (215 THB), combines chia seeds, goji berries, strawberries, coconut flakes, mango, kiwi, and dragon fruits to perfection with their homemade Acai blend and crunchy granola. But if you’re looking for super crunchy, then their Crunchy Nutty Bowl (165/235 THB) topped with crushed nuts, nut butter, and cacao nibs will have you asking for a second.

  • Location:

    The EmQuartier
    (Closest BTS: Phrom Phong)

  • Opening Hours:

    10:00 - 21:30

  • Contact Details:

    Call 098-859-8747



© Brekkie

Brekkie offers Bangkok people the perfect balance between clean and comfort food in a modern and minimal setting. Upon entry, you’ll find that the white-colored house features plenty of natural light, wooden decors, and multiple photogenic corners including the fruit stand that resembles a Farmer’s Market. Other than the irresistible all-day brunch items, they have quite a few options for “Superfood Bowl” on their menu that offers healthier options for hearty Western and Eastern dishes.

One that really caught our attention is the Cacaonana Bowl (240 THB) where the luscious smoothie base, made from cacao and banana blended with cold-pressed almond milk, is topped with a crunchy combination of cacao nibs, nuts, coconut flakes, and chia seeds. But if you really want the superfood experience, the Maca Summer Bowl (210 THB) uses real “Maca roots” in its brown rice milk blend. The radish-like superfood contains hormone balancing and energy boosting properties. It’s earthy taste compliments the sweetness of fresh blueberries and mangoes and crunchiness of the granola perfectly.

  • Location:

    Sukhumvit 49/11 Alley
    (Closest BTS: Phrom Phong)

  • Opening Hours:

    09:00 - 18:00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 083-656-6141


MAKAI Açaí & Superfood Bar

MAKAI Açaí & Superfood Bar was founded by Vita Trade, one of the largest acai supplier in Bangkok. They specialize in, of course, acai smoothie bowls, but one thing that sets them apart from other cafes is another superfood they also love to put into their blends. Guarana is an Amazon native type of climbing plant that is best known for its coffee-sized seeds. Other than being a mental stimulus, it is also popular for aiding skin health and weight control.

For crunch-lovers, we recommend the Butter My Coco-Nuts Bowl (300 THB) that features tropical goodness like fresh bananas, strawberries, blueberries in the blend and topped with crunchy and healthy items like granola, cacao nibs, and peanut butter. For banana-haters, the Hold My Banana Bowl (260 THB) will be your instant favorite. With entirely no banana in both the blend and toppings, this menu keep things simple but adds “bee pollen” as a unique twist.

  • Location:

    Sukhumvit 23
    (Closest BTS: Asoke)
    (Closest MRT: Sukhumvit)

  • Opening Hours:

    07:30 - 22:00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-077-4593


(Not Just) Another Cup

If you feel like getting a nice brunch during the weekends in the Sathorn area, then (Not Just) Another Cup is differently worth a visit. This two-story cafe is the perfect place to unload your worries and take things slow while getting your fill of comfort food, cold-press juices, and a cup of coffee on a lazy weekend afternoon. While the majority of the menu might consist of well-plated, guilty pleasure material, there are also quite a few options on the healthy spectrum, including the smoothie bowls.

There are only two types of bowls to choose from at (Not Just) Another Cup, and we recommend getting them both. You can go classic with the Acai Bowl (250 THB) or do thing differently with the Avocado Bowl (240 THB). Already known for being rich in fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats, the creaminess of the avocado brings together the flavors of kiwis, spinach, mangoes, and soy milk into one perfect concoction. Top that off with some fresh fruits and a scoop of carrot coconut granola; then you’ve got yourself a real healthy and crunchy breakfast bowl.

  • Location:

    Sathorn 10
    (Closest BTS: Chong Nonsi)

  • Opening Hours:

    07:00 - 19:00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-635-3464


Summer Bowl

You can now catch a taste of Hawaii in the middle of the city. Hiding under a building in Soi Thonglor 13 is a little pink cafe decorated with palm thatch roofing. Inside, you’ll find all kinds of decors with an island vibe and a photogenic wall featuring a lady in hula dress standing on a flower. Summer Bowl started off with the idea of bringing the taste of aloha to Bangkok. The founders, who met in the summer of 2016 in the University of Hawaii, wanted to recreate the island flavors by using farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers in Thailand in every menu item.

The smoothie base used in all the bowls here are made from acai berries from South America. We highly recommend the signature Summer Bowl (220/360 THB) topped with generous portions of acai, bananas, granola, chia seeds, and coconut shreds. This simple menu is super low on cholesterol and can help with your digestive system throughout the day. If you like to have yogurt for breakfast, then you’ll love the Haleiwa (275/420 THB) that is topped with fresh fruits and a rich scoop of coconut yogurt that pairs perfectly with the crunchy granola.

  • Location:

    Thonglor 13
    (Closest BTS: Thonglor)

  • Contact Details:

    Call 089-894-2646

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