Top 10 Must-Have Earplugs for Concerts & Festivals

Say goodbye to post-party tinnitus with these premium earplugs – essential protection for your hearing.

Top 10 Must-Have Earplugs for Concerts & Festivals
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These past few years, Thailand has had many opportunities to welcome famous acts from all over the world with full-scale solo concerts as well as massive music festivals.

Naturally, the ones reaping the most benefit are Thai music lovers, who get to enjoy remarkable performances by their favorite artists at the stageside.

However, there are always two sides to every coin. And although we wholeheartedly agree that concerts and festivals are great entertainment, the loud sound that comes with them can harm your ears in the long run.

One of the best solutions to this dilemma is wearing earplugs. These protective gears allow you to enjoy concerts in full definition while filtering out harmful noises.

On that note, here are the top ten premium earplugs that every fan of concerts and festivals need.




SOUNDZ is a prominent brand that produces a wide range of hearing protection gear. The brand’s merch line includes custom-made options, mostly invented and developed in its own labs to ensure the best quality.

These premium earplugs are designed for the likes of DJs, musicians, frequent flyers, car racers, soldiers, and sharpshooters.

SOUNDZ’s latest release, Inferno, is made specifically for professional DJs, musicians, and sound experts. As these earplugs are built for people in the music industry, fans of concerts and festivals should be able to make use out of them just as well.

The one-button control allows you to easily turn it up and enjoy Hi-Fi sounds while making sure your ears are protected. You should have no trouble hearing conversations around you as well. Alternatively, you can choose to shut off all outside noises, kick back, and relax.




Protect your ears from loud noises with DUBS Acoustic Filters. With this hi-tech earplugs, you’ll be able to enjoy ear protection whether you’re walking through the city, at concerts of famous artists, or even on the plane.

For party lovers who can’t live without music, don’t worry. Take DUBS Acoustic Filters with you and enjoy tracks by your favorite artists in a more efficient way. The earplugs lower the overall volume but preserve sound quality and details.

The highlight feature is the earplugs’ ability to filter up to 12 dB of noise. The DUBS Acoustic Filters boast stylish design and compact size, but that’s to be expected as they’re developed by world-class engineers and designers.




Can’t live without festivals, but not looking forward to getting tinnitus? Your life is about to get a lot easier thanks to Faders – the latest innovation from V-MODA. This protective gear will shield your ears from all sorts of loud noises, and can effectively block out up to 12 dB.

Although their main purpose is to block out harmful noises, the earplugs still allow you to catch the surrounding music in full detail. Faders Earplugs are also designed to fit most ears; you’re guaranteed a great fit no matter how your ears are shaped.

Faders rock a stylish design, too, with a sleek carrying case. The earplugs also come with a detachable cord and three color options: silver, pink, and red.



© Alpine
© Alpine

A well-known brand from the Netherlands, Alpine, offers a wide range of hearing protection gear. One of its highlights is the PartyPlug and PartyPlug Pro Natural, specifically designed for fans of concerts and music festivals.

The earplugs help prevent hearing loss by filtering out up to 29 dB while letting you hear all the notes in detail. That said, you won’t be left out of conversations as the gear does not filter those out.

These earplugs can be shaped to fit any ear and come with a compact case that you can carry anywhere. The streamlined and modern design reflects a great deal of care and effort put in by the brand and has even earned it Red Dot Award.

It’s 2020; party lovers should say goodbye to post-festival tinnitus already with these small, yet effective, earplugs!



Another brand that focuses on audio quality, Decibulz, offers a variety of hearing protection products. For music lovers, we’d recommend Custom Molded Earplugs, designed for musicians and concert-goers. You can also use it while swimming, traveling, or at the shooting range.

The earplugs feature a compact size and superior comfort, as the material allows you to mold the earplugs precisely to your ear shape. They filter out harmful noises while sacrificing nothing when it comes to sound quality.

Then, there’s the eye-popping design. These innovative earplugs come in five colors – black, blue, orange, pink, and red – as well as a pouch and a cord. The accessories will make it easier to take the earplugs with you while you go on with the day.



© Loop
© Loop

Over 1 billion people are exposed to harmful noises in their daily lives. Aiming to protect their customers from such conditions, Loop has released a product that’ll do that and more. Apparently, making standard protective earplugs is too basic. So the brand pushes out a design that’s among the best on the market.

Loop’s earplugs feature distinct ring shape. Once on your ear, they hardly look like earplugs at all. The gear comes in four classy colors: black, gold, silver, rose gold, and red. Protect your ear with this uber-cool accessory and add to your ‘fashionista’ look.

Loop’s earplugs are not only super stylish, but they’re also incredibly effective. The main feature is their ability to filter out up to 20 dB without compromising the sound quality. You’ll be able to hold conversations with the people around you as well. Plus, the earplugs’ wearability ensures anyone can wear them comfortably.



Going to music festivals and concerts will be easier with a pair of EarPeace protecting you from harmful noises at such events. These hi-fi earplugs let you enjoy live performances by your favorite artists in full definition, with the added benefit of healthy hearing.

The product features innovative design and extra comfort thanks to high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone. These earplugs can fit so well in any wearer’s ears; you’d hardly notice while you’re wearing it.

And we can’t neglect to mention the sleek packaging. The carrying case comes in black or red and is as small as a keychain, so you can take the earplugs with you anywhere.

EarPeace has continued to be trusted and endorsed by many world-class names, including metal legend, Metallic, world-famous brand RedBull, and massive music fest Lollapalooza.



© EarDial

EarDial is Hi-Fi earplugs truly made for concerts and festivals, especially musicians who often need to perform while being exposed to loud sounds. But even if you’re not taking to the stage anytime soon, you can still use these while you’re riding a motorbike or traveling on a plane.

Post-party tinnitus is unfortunately common after you’ve been to concerts or loud events. Next time, pack one of these with you and say goodbye to that ringing in your ear.

The earplugs claim to filter out harmful noises while preserving all of the music quality. You can also hold conversations with your friends just like you would without the gear in.

EarDial follows a high standard, using premium soft silicone that’s comfortable to wear and contains no allergens. With its transparent design, the earplugs are almost invisible once worn. That’s a plus for the style factor. The product also comes with a chrome aluminum case and a hi-tech companion app.



One of the leading earplug brands, Eargasm, offers a wide range of hearing protection for different uses and purposes. The brand’s clientele includes bikers, frequent flyers, construction workers, sharpshooters, troubled sleepers, and concert/festival-goers.

No matter which one you are, all Eargasm products will help protect your hearing with their high-quality material.

Fans of concerts and music festivals, as well as musicians, should grab the High Fidelity Earplugs. These allow you to be around loud noise and not have to worry about hurting your ears.

At the same time, you can enjoy full, clear notes and hold conversations with your friends around you. The only loss here would be excessive noise!

The model boasts a streamlined design and will fit most ears thanks to different shell sizes. The extra supple silicone ensures comfortable wear and no irritation. High Fidelity Earplugs come in a lightweight aluminum case that’s super travel-friendly.



Last but not least are these stylishly designed earplugs by EAROS ONE. Classy and elegant, these come packed both with looks and practical usage – an essential for lovers of parties, concerts, and music festivals.

First, there’s the fact that these earplugs can block out as much as 25 dB of harmful noises without lowering the music quality. So you’ll be able to enjoy everything from heart-thumping bass to crisp acoustic guitars.

Then, you can also use EAROS ONE at exercise lessons or sports events while being able to chat with the people around you.

And as far as wearing these goes, you have nothing to worry about. EAROS ONE is designed to fit most ears and stay comfortable even after several hours of wearing with no risk of irritation.

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