5 Online Platforms To Master New Skills From Home

Staying home during quarantine for an extended period can get monotonous. Why not take this time to master a few more skills and kill the boredom from the comfort of your home?

5 Online Platforms To Master New Skills From Home
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During this extended quarantine period, we’re advised to stay home and avoid contact with other people unless urgent or necessary. Aside from the loneliness that grows from the distance between our beloved family and friends, things can get quite repetitive in the confines of your house if you don’t plan this lockdown out carefully. Wouldn’t it be great if there’s something you can do in the meantime that can also add a few more skills to your repertoire once we’re out of this lockdown period?

Pause that Netflix spree for now as we’ve got for you 5 online learning platforms that’ll keep you off the couch and back into your productive mode.


Masterclass offers tutorials and lectures from some of the world’s best experts in various disciplines. Each class you’ll find video lessons, exercises, and workbooks where your instructors will also share their own experiences in the field, expert tips, and secrets to their acclaimed success. Your list of available instructors will include famous filmmaker Martin Scorsese, Grand Slam champion Serena Williams, Academy Award winner Spike Lee, star and diva Christina Aguilera, as well as EDM legend Armin van Buuren. Yearly subscriptions will cost you $15 (540 THB) per month for complete access to all their masterclasses.

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Photography with Annie Leibovitz
Cooking with Gordon Ramsay
Acting with Natalie Portman
Producing and Beatmaking with Timbaland


If you’ve been looking to master a new language but haven’t had the time or found the right mentor for it, Memrise is the way to go. As a language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards, Memrise offers up to 21 languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, and many more. Aside from all this being a free and effective way of picking up a new language, it can be a lot of fun as well. You can start by simply choosing the language you want to learn and Memrise will take you through the process of vocabulary memorization and pronunciation. The game-like interaction will keep you hooked through this learning experience.

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Download Memrise for IOS
Download Memrise for Android


Skillshare is an online learning community packed with online classes and educational videos from industry leaders of a wide variety of disciplines. Whether your interest is in creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, or technology, Skillshare’s got the right courses for you. The course topics range from graphic design to learning how to correctly use a kitchen knife. If you're still unsure about these courses, there are also several free courses you can take advantage of before committing to the paid ones.

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Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
Illustrator for Beginners
How to Start Your Freelance Career
Getting Started with Mailchimp


Udemy is an online learning platform currently with over 150,000 courses in 65 languages with a community of over 57,000 instructors and 50 million students worldwide. Courses are offered across a breadth of categories, including entrepreneurship, fine arts, fitness, beauty, academics, music, and technology. There are both free and paid courses for you to choose from, some of which include an official certificate that you can use to ramp up your resume. With all this free time from the quarantine, you can explore all that Udemy has to offer and pick out the courses that best fit your current needs.

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Acumen Presents: Chris Anderson (The Head of TED) on Public Speaking
Yoga for Back Pain Relief & Prevention
Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat
Natural Beauty: How to Make Lotions, Creams and Body Butters


Lastly, an online video-sharing platform we all know and love, YouTube. The online community of this platform comprises of creators from all kinds of disciplines that are ready to share their creativity with you daily. We often watch YouTube videos for entertainment purposes, but there's also I plethora of things to be learned from professionals in the community as well. We're talking about computer programming lessons, crash courses on high school science classes, homebrewing as well as instructional videos that teach you the basics of putting on makeup, how to do your hair, or even make your scented candles. You can find information on almost any topic on YouTube, so be sure to put it to good use during this quarantine period!

Cooking with Bon Appétit
Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv
Guitar Lessons with JustinGuitar
Knitting with RJ Knits

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