30 Virtual Backgrounds to Spice Up Your WFH Life

Let these fun & exciting backgrounds make you the talk of your (virtual) office on the next conference call!

30 Virtual Backgrounds to Spice Up Your WFH Life
© Siam2nite

With everyone working from home, video conferencing apps become the latest thing to have on your devices. Thanks to the customizability of ZOOM, it has become more popular compared to other apps of the same kind.

One of its key functions is “Virtual Background”. On top of concealing your messy room from your colleagues, it allows you to keep things fun and interesting during conference calls.

Switching to Virtual Background is simple. Just click the triangle mark next to the video icon in the bottom left and select “Choose Virtual Background”. In the menu, you’ll find a few sample images provided by ZOOM and the option to upload a file from your device.

Wherever you’d rather (pretend to) be at right now – beaches, mountains, or even space – you can easily do so with these images.

So if you’re looking to pep up your presentation, here are 30 virtual backgrounds you can use. We promise you’ll be the life of your next online meeting!


Run for your life or be swarmed by deadlines and zombies from Netflix’s hit series.

© geektyrant

The Quidditch World Cup

Broadcasting live from The Quidditch World Cup, we hope your meeting won’t be interrupted.

© potterstoryweb

Bangkok City

For those of you who really miss the pre-quarantine Bangkok life.

© novotelbkk


Step into the Colosseum – a historic landmark of Rome, Italy.

© Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

The distracted boyfriend meme

One of the most posted memes in recent years, it’s quickly becoming a popular trend on ZOOM meetings.

The Moon

Day 16: it’s getting lonely at the lunar colony.


You need to join this party, man! The crowd is unreal at this world-class music festival.

© ravejungle

The Simpsons' living room

D’ohn’t you want to join the Simpsons and take a seat on that couch?

The Abandoned Room

Though you’re alone in this room, you feel like somebody’s watching you. (Plot twist: it’s your boss.)

© Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash

Star Trek

Go where no man has gone before, and take command of this Galaxy-class ship!

© Twitter@nancywyuen

Super Mario Bro

Keep it classic with your favorite Italian plumber.

© wallpapersafari


Your work feels a bit lighter in the weightlessness of space.

© Twitter@AeroDork

Nobita House

Instead of working at your home, work at Nobita’s. (Doraemon’s gadgets not included.)

© pinterest

Breaking News

For the latest updates on your work progress.

© freepik

This Is Fine

Brace the heat of your deadlines with the ‘This Is Fine’ meme.

Tony Stark House

Hang out with a genius, billionaire, and philanthropist at his Malibu mansion.

© spotern


Sit back & relax in the blocky backyard of Minecraft.


'Cause you’re leaving on a jet plane.

© cboardinggroup

Hogwarts great hall

Step into the Magical World of J.K. Rowling and get ready to be sorted!

Hogwarts Castle

Hop on a boat and cross the murky lake to the enchanted castle.


Stay updated even from Pharoah-way at one of the world’s wonders.

© Photo by Thais Cordeiro on Unsplash


Take your work to the Midsommar celebration, where the weather is bright and sunny while the secrets are deep, dark, and terrible.

© cnet

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Invite yourself as the latest star on Jimmy Fallon’s hit show.

© cnet

Animal Crossing

Invite your co-workers to the idyllic island you’ve built in Animal Crossing.


The iconic desktop background in Windows XP, featuring green rolling hills against a cerulean sky.

Tubbytronic Superdome

Add a dash of nostalgia to your workday with the home of the Teletubbies.

Prefect bathroom

What Potterhead hasn’t dreamt of taking a dip in the Prefect Bathroom since it first appeared in The Goblet of Fire? Well, now you can, with this virtual background.

Avengers : Endgame

Office workers, assemble! Let’s get through this meeting; it can’t be worse than Thanos.

Dae jang geum

Step into the kitchen and cook up delicious dishes with this all-time hit Korean series.

La Casa de Papel

Will you join The Professor in his quest to rob the Royal Mint of Spain?


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