Relieve That Office Syndrome With a Special Treatment From OSS Lounge

Relieve That Office Syndrome With a Special Treatment From OSS Lounge
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Working in an international office as a high-ranking member of a global corporation is the ultimate dream for many first-jobbers. The learning curve, opportunities, and social status for such career path is as attractive as it gets. But this kind of office work calls for hours after hours of sitting in front of the computer screen that can lead to developing an “Office Syndrome”.

Other than long work periods, other factors that contribute to the syndrome include having poor posture, unsuitable work environment, and physical and emotional stress. That, over time, can lead to unfavorable symptoms like chronic back pains, headaches, shoulder pain, numb fingers and arms, and eye problems.

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While most of us counter the Office Syndrome by adjusting our behavior and seeking assistance from medical professionals, there’s also an alternative to those options that you might not know of. We’re talking about the Office Syndrome Solution Lounge (OSS Lounge), the first health center in Thailand that specializes in treatments and therapies for Office Syndrome. With each session lasting only about an hour, OSS Lounge is considered the ultimate solution for officer workers whose time are extremely limited and are always on the move.

The unique treatment offered at OSS Lounge is derived from 3 different types of medical practices that include the art and science of physical therapy, traditional Thai medicine, and energy healing. The process comprises of the assessment and diagnosis of the problem, a physical examination, and a treatment plan made up of a variety of services and therapies that best suits your need.

© OSS Lounge
© OSS Lounge

The OSS Technique (2,500 THB/hour) is a physiotherapy service that focuses on correcting the position and structure of your bones, muscles, and joints. The Japanese Sand Bath (2,850 THB/30 mins) utilizes the therapeutic properties of volcanic rocks and far infrared radiation. The heat-focused treatment can aid with pain relief, cardiovascular system stimulation, and muscle relaxation. The OSS Thai Massage (2,500 THB/hour) is a traditional Thai massage session that focuses on the body area with chronic pain. The Japanese Energy Capsule (600 THB /45 mins) is uniquely designed for cellular regeneration, cardiovascular stimulation, and muscle relief. It uses the same concept as saunas but can prevent the loss of fluids, vitamins, and minerals from your body. Other than this list, the center offers a variety of other interesting treatment programs such as O-Zone Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Japanese Face Massage.

OSS Lounge is never short of attractive monthly promotions and deals and, for August, you can find up to 70% discount for selected treatment programs. If you’re feeling like you might be suffering from Office Syndrome, be sure to pop by OSS Lounge for a consultation and free trial. Be sure to give them a call ahead of your visit for the best experience.

© OSS Lounge
© OSS Lounge

OSS Lounge offer a unique alternative for Office Syndrome treatment that’s both time-saving and effective. You can find them at both of their locations in Bangkok, one in Soi Thonglor 25 and the other in Soi Pridi Banomyong 42.

All things aside, the key in fighting against Office Syndrome lies in the prevention rather than treatment. You can start by creating an ergonomic working environment, changing your posture every few hours to relax your muscles, and taking short breaks away from your work desk. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make you more efficient at work as well as keep your mental well-being at the optimum!

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