Fashionable PM2.5 Masks Help You Beat Air Pollution With Style

Fashionable PM2.5 Masks Help You Beat Air Pollution With Style
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The word “PM2.5” appears on the news constantly these days. Not to mention the smog you see on your way to work every morning or that fact that your throat and nostrils get irritated whenever you get anywhere near the outdoor. It’s time to learn more about PM2.5 particles.

PM 2.5 particles are fine particles with diameters less than 2.5 micrometers long. They’re in the air we breathe, along with other particles and droplets such as water vapor, smoke, and gas.

Usually, these particles are invisible to the naked eye. But when a large amount is suspended in the air, they can form haze or smog you hear so much about.

The particles can come from power plants, vehicle exhaust, burning woods and garbage, and even cigarettes. Each of these sources contributes to the problem.

PM2.5 cause serious harm to your health. They can go through nasal hairs and into your lungs and bloodstream, which means they’ll have lasting effects on your body.

They can carry toxic substances such as heavy metals into our system. Not only that, but they also cause free radicals to form and suppress your antioxidant system. People exposed to the particles can develop symptoms of allergic rhinitis, asthma, emphysema, or even lung cancer in the long run.

That’s why you should protect yourself and your loved ones from PM2.5 particles. These are three simple things you can do almost right away:

1) Check your air conditioners and purifiers frequently. If possible, install additional filters for indoor units.

2) Limit outdoor activities and stay inside during periods with concentrated particles.

3) Wear N95 masks regularly, especially when going outside. Check the AQI (Air quality index) of your local area through the application AirVisual.

© AirVisual
© AirVisual

Still, it’s impossible to completely avoid the particles every time you need to step outside. Why not turn this necessity into another fashion accessory to express yourself?

Below is the list of five anti-pollution masks we promise will protect you from PM2.5 particles AND turn everyone’s heads with the eye-catching designs.

(In no particular order)

Cambridge Mask Co.

© Cambridge Mask Co.
© Cambridge Mask Co.

Cambridge Masks™ takes pride in their products, introducing them as “British Pollution Solution”.

The three layers of filters are made of carbon cloth developed by UK’s Ministry of Defence for their army. The masks receive N99 rating, meaning they provide almost 100% protection from PM2.5 & PM0.3 particles, bacteria, virus, and toxic gases.

Cambridge Masks™ currently come in five sizes, so you can choose the one that fits best on you.

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© Vog Mask
© Vog Mask

Vogmask offers two models. The ‘Microfiber’ comes in multiple splashy prints and is equipped with N95 and carbon filters. The masks have a valve attached on one side that let moisture and CO2 flow from the inside.

The ‘Organic’ model uses colorful, high-quality cotton. They have the same N95 and carbon filters with two valves for extra breathability. The company also produce N99 masks and currently have more than 20 types of masks available.

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© Airinium
© Airinium

Fans of Alan Walker would love to own one of ‘Urban Air Mask 2.0’ masks with the DJ’s logo and name tags printed on.

All masks by Airinium are tested by Camfil, a world-class lab in Sweden comparable to N95 standard test. They can protect you from various particles (ranging from PM10 to PM0.3), germs, smog, and cigarette smoke with Polygiene® coating and five layers of filters.

The design focuses on the straps, and 3D Memory Foam makes these masks comfortable to wear. Airinium’s design means their masks are excellent accessories for fashionistas/-isters.

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© Respro
© Respro

Anti-pollution masks by Respro® has been made and sold in UK for over two decades. Their filters use military-grade materials designed to withstand chemical and biological warfares.

Respro® has five types of filters to choose from according to your requirements: Sports, City, Techno, Allergy, and Chemical.

The fabric is made from Neoprene; it could be molded to fit any face shape, which means zero leakage no matter if it’s put on adult or children. A unique valve allows the air to flow from inside of the mask. So you can breathe easily in any setting; be it during the commute, at the gym, or home.

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DigiCare Lead-Out Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Anti-Pollution Mask

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© GetdatGadget

DigiCare’s anti-pollution masks can keep PM2.5 particles out and the music on with integrated headphones.

Not just any headphone, too. The bone conduction headphones use vibrations to conduct music directly into your inner ear. Without clunky speakers, they are comfortable to wear whether you’re walking, running, or lying down. You can also connect them to your phone using Bluetooth.

The masks are made from military-grade materials. Some of their main features include metal nosepieces, tight straps, and comfy-yet-sturdy fabric.

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