Exclusive Interview with Tony Touch

Exclusive Interview with Tony Touch

Tony Touch is an American hip hop break dancer, rapper, DJ and producer of Puerto Rican descent. He began as a B-boy during the rap music renaissance era of the early 80’s, later shifted his interests towards the turntables. He is known for his legendary mixtapes which made him become recognized in the streets and by the industry as the ‘Mixtape King.’

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with DJ Tony Touch, shortly before his performance at Q Bar on Saturday 24th November.

In the early 80’s you got involved in the Hip Hop culture as a B-boy and you became part of the legendary Rock Steady crew. What made you favor DJing over dancing?

I got tired of waiting for the dj to play dope shit....LoL....I decided to become a promoter and dj at the same time...i had a vision of how i wanted my parties to sound and work.

Around 1991 your first mixtape “Hip Hop 1” came out, by now your mixtapes are legendary and you are often referred to as the “Mixtape King”. How many did you release until the present day?

Over 300 mixes.

With the Internet, the distribution of mixes became much easier. From your perspective, a gift or a curse?

Both ... but i figured out a way to make the new technology work for me...i had to learn to adapt.

To this date you have sold over a million records worldwide. Which tracks or which mixtapes should those people listen to that are not yet familiar with your music?

Total - I wonder why...... GANG STARR - The piecemaker, and Play that song..with Nina Sky.

In 2000, you released the album “The Piece Maker” which was a huge success and sold 400,000 units worldwide. Around 12 years later now, on 12.12.2012 you will release "The PieceMaker 3". What can you tell us about the forthcoming album?

Same tony touch formula... BOOM BAP HIP HOP....real rap...real beats..everyone from KRS ONE to EMINEM.... it is also my 100th hip hop mixtape.

You acted as tour DJ for acts like Cypress Hill, Gurus’s Jazzmatazz, Rock Steady and the Beatnuts. Which was the most memorable tour you have been on?

Most memorable tour was with GURU's JAzzmatazz..it was my first real tour..and it was all over europe..I learned alot from Guru and i miss him dearly.

What was the funniest thing ever occurred during any of your performances?

Woman flashing me!. LOL

You host a weekly radio show called “Toca Tuesdays” on Shade 45, which is a uncensored hip hop channel owned by Eminem. How did you get to do it and what can you tell us about the concept of your show?

I have a history with Eminem and his manager... He was on the 50 mcs mixtape i did in 1999. and he was on my first album. The Piece Maker...I have also had the opportunity to dj for him on some shows and tv appearances.

In an interview you gave in 2005, you named your first visit to Japan as one of the most memorable things in your DJ career. How does the Asian crowd differ from the western crowd?

The is a deep appreciation for the culture as a whole in asia...from the rap to the graffiti, to the breakdancing...its serious business out here.

The “Laced Up” concert tour of BREATH&STOP brings you to the major cities of South East Asia. You will play in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Manila, Jakarta and finally Bangkok. Are you excited about it? Have you been in Thailand before?

I have been to thailand before....shout out to ONO , Buddha, and the Bangkok Invaders....always a good time! and im very excited to be back.

For this project you tour alongside Apollo and Vinroc. Did you guys know each other before this project?

We know each other but have not had a chance to tour until now..i cant wait.

Thailand is famous for its food, especially its spicy food. Are you adventurous if it comes to food? Will you give it a try?

I play it pretty safe when it comes to food...especially spicy food.... im more of a pasta, rice kinda guy.

What can Bangkok’s party people expect from your performance at Q Bar on Saturday 24th November as part of the “Laced Up” concert tour?

Alot of energy....lots of dancing..and an overall great experience!

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