Exclusive Interview with 3LAU

Exclusive Interview with 3LAU

3LAU is an American Progressive House & Electro House DJ & Producer best known for his hit record "How You Love Me" (with Bright Lights) which has consolidated view count of over 11 Million views on YouTube. He will make his Thailand Debut at ONYX RCA.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with 3LAU, shortly before his performance at ONYX on 15th October.

Where are you answering these questions?

I'm currently on the train from Tokyo to Osaka in Japan!

Your breakthrough came in 2011 with winning the remix competition for Tiesto's "Work Hard, Play Hard". In 2014 you entered the DJ Mag’s Top 100 list on #81. How did you get in touch with electronic dance music in the first place and how did you get into DJing and music production?

I first got into dance music when I took a trip with my college roommate Johan to Sweden. I was super inspired to start working on my own stuff when I returned to the US. Starting in university and playing a bunch of college parties, I moved on to start producing my own music as I studied the craft during all of my free time. It's pretty crazy to think a hobby could have turned into a full time career!

At the young age of 24 you’re playing the biggest clubs & festivals all over the world. Is it a gift or a curse to be so successful at such a young age? How do you manage to keep your feet on the ground?

It is most certainly a gift and a privilege to play all over the world for so many people. I'm honoured and lucky to be able to do what I do. I'd like to thank my family and my girlfriend who have helped me stay humble, at the end of the day I'm just a kid like everyone else, who happened to jump into the crazy world of dance music before its rocketing popularity. I'm always very thankful to my fans and all of those who have supported me over the years.

You play and produce melodic Electro House & Progressive House and you’re well known for your mashups and your live sets that incorporate sampling. How would you describe your own music, what is distinct about it?

I really like to play and make lots of different musical styles. It's important for me to branch out as an artist and try new things. What makes all of my music distinct, and my live sets, is that I feel I incorporate an extremely large variety of different styles with everything I do, yet, there's always a common thread of musicality (which comes from my background in piano, guitar, and vocal training). 

You are best known for your tracks “Vikings” (with Botnek), “Alive Again” (with Emma Hewitt), “Somehow” (with Dash Berlin & Bright Lights) and “How You Love Me” (with Bright Lights) – the latter was ranked on the #2 spot of Beatport’s Top 15 Big Room tracks of 2014 list. What other tracks, remixes or mix-sets would you recommend to someone that is not yet familiar with your music?

I have a new song with Bright Lights coming out called "Runaway," which anyone can find on my Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/3lau - and the rest of my stuff is all available on my website at http://3lau.com

What is on your agenda for the near future and what are you currently working and focusing on? 

Lately I've been working on groovier music; I've been trying to make fresh things in the studio and I'm hoping I can be finished with some of my groove oriented ideas in the beginning of 2016!

What were the best and the worst gigs you ever played and what were the funniest things that occurred during any of your performances? 

One of my favourite shows ever was EDC Las Vegas this past year, both because it's my home town and because the production is outstanding / one of a kind. I'm pretty lucky to say there have been few bad gigs I've played in my life, but the worst ones are usually bad because of the crazy travel more than anything else.

You are from Las Vegas – the city bills itself as “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. What can you tell us about clubbing and nightlife there? Do you have any nightlife related suggestions for first-time visitors?

Las Vegas is an amazing city, and since I grew up there, I definitely feel like I have a unique perspective. For anyone visiting, I would definitely recommend checking out Hakkasan or Omnia nightclub, both of which are the most forward thinking clubs in the city. The food is spectacular everywhere, and the accommodations are equally as amazing. It’s a special place to both party and relax, you just have to be careful not to party too hard haha!

You will make your Thailand Debut on 15th October at ONYX RCA. Have you ever visited Thailand before? What can people expect from your upcoming performance?

I've never been to Thailand, but I'm ecstatic to come for the first time! I always bring a lot of energy to my sets, so I really hope the crowd ay ONYX is ready for some high energy partying!

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