Exclusive Interview with DJ Juicy M

Exclusive Interview with DJ Juicy M

Juicy M is an attractive female DJ & Producer from Kiev. She was awarded "Best Female DJ of the Year" at the 2010 Pro DJ Awards in the Ukraine and she is best known for her viral YouTube videos, that show her mixing with four CDJ players without using headphones. She is ranked on the #32 spot of The DJ List and plays of 200 gigs per year all over the world.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Juicy M, shortly before her performance at ONYX RCA on 4th March.

You worked as a news host on a music TV channel while studying journalism at the University. You have also modeled for well-known magazines like FHM and XXL. These days you are best known for your videos on YouTube mixing with four CDJ players without using headphones. How did you get in touch with electronic dance music and DJing in the first place?

My life always was somehow connected with music, and I always wanted to be a DJ. At first, I was a hip hop DJ for 6 years, but always dreamt about big mainstages and that’s how I got involved in the electronic music scene.

You play and produce Electro House & Progressive House. How would you describe your own music in just a few words?

It’s bright music with happy vibes.

Your first bootleg remix of Watch Out for This (Bumaye) by Major Lazer was a huge worldwide success. In 2014, you founded your own record label JUMMP Records and released your first single "Samurai" which peaked at number 32 on the Beatport chart. What other tracks, remixes or mix sets would you recommend as an introduction for someone that is not yet familiar with your sound?

Right now I’m working with Armada Music and already have two releases with them. It’s more progressive vocal tunes which is what I like to do at the moment. One called ‘Skies’ with amazing vocalists from Ireland – Endemix and other one called ‘Rowcraft’ – my collaboration with Dutch DJ Jimmy Clash and American vocalist Miss Palmer, make sure you check it out on Spotify or my Soundcloud page.

You run a weekly podcast called "JuicyLand", which is broadcast in 11 countries. What can you tell us about the concept and where can people listen to it?

JuicyLand is something I really enjoy doing because I have a chance to listen to a lot of promo tracks from DJs and labels from all over the world, and it keeps me relevant in terms of new music and trends. The easiest way to subscribe to it through iTunes Podcasts or on my mixcloud or youtube channel.

What are you currently working and focusing on? What’s on your agenda for the near future?

I just had big writing camp in Los Angeles and we wrote a lot of new cool songs, so my main goal for this year to finish all the production and release my first album.

You were the headlining act of the Fashion TV tour participated in the DMC World Eliminations in Ukraine and World Technical DJ Championship in Dubai, named as “Best Female DJ of the Year” at the 2010 ProDJ Awards in Ukraine and Opening DJ for Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Afrojack, Jay Sean, Skrillex, and many others. What were the best and the worst gigs you ever played and what was the funniest things ever occurred during any of your performances?

The best gig so far was Mare Nostrum Festival in Valencia, Spain, it was pure energy and madness! The funniest one was in Portugal when sound technician took my thumb drive and ran away with it in a second before I was going to start. So I had to run after him – crazy experience!

You are from Kiev - the capital and the largest city in the Ukraine. What can you tell us about clubbing and nightlife Kiev? Do you have any nightlife related suggestions for first-time visitors?

I haven’t been there for a quite long time, to be honest as I’m based in Los Angeles at the moment. But we do have some good clubs especially I like open air venues like Bora Bora and Green Theatre that open during summer.

On 4th March you will perform live here in Bangkok at ONYX RCA. Did you keep previous Thailand performances – and Thailand in general – in good memory? What can the Bangkok crowd expect of your upcoming performance?

I performed in Bangkok for a couple of times and it always a fun thing to do! I hope this time we’ll have an even crazier party and really hope to see all my fans on the dance floor!

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