Exclusive Interview with DJ Roxy June

Exclusive Interview with DJ Roxy June

DJ Roxy June is a a self taught Thai Lady DJ with an remarkable career. She became recognized once she started out on the club circuit in Bangkok at the home of solid Thai DJ talents - Club Flix at RCA (Bangkok), as first and only Lady DJ.

For close to seven years DJ Roxy June has pushed her unique sound forward through the Thai underground scene and has now started to take her incredible sets of Tech-House, Techno, Progressive and Electro on tour. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Cambodia have all experienced the awesome precision of DJ Roxy June.

In 2010 she won the Pioneer Pro DJ Lady Championship 2010. Besides that she does regular shows on UB Radio, is a host for CH 5 Thai TV program and also an official ambassador for Aerial 7 headphones in Thailand.

The name Roxy comes from rock and sexy. She describes herself as quite shy, but not a sweet girl, that likes to dress chic and sexy. In a Korean magazine article, she was hailed as "the most beautiful female deejay in the galaxy".

Siam2nite.com had the opportunity to ask DJ Roxy June some questions about her professional and private life.

You taught yourself how to DJ with a CDJ mixer. What's the story behind it and how did you get it?

First of all, it began with love for music and determination. I always liked to listen to the music since I was a child and then I kept learning from other DJs who guided me. I bought myself a CDJ machine to practice at home and I spent a lot of time with it until I was able to mix songs properly.

Where did you play your first set in front of a party crowd and how did you feel that day?

It’s been a long time since I played the first party but I do remember the feeling when I played the songs and saw everyone dancing and enjoying the music. It made me forget everything on that moment and I entered a new world, a world of music and friends in which I wanted to stay as long as possible. It was great. The first time of played, it was really excited and nervous, but I realized that this feeling is gone after I played for a few times. From now on even I have to play in front of crowd of thousand people I’m not nervous anymore and I can just myself.

What expectations did you have when you participated at the Pioneer Championship and what changes did it bring to your life?

After the competition, my life did not change much because before the competition I have been playing both in Thailand and in other countries, even during the period of the competition I went to play in Japan. A lot of people might have heard of me because I won first place at “Pioneer Pro Lady DJ” but I still take jobs as usual. I mean, I’m the still same like before the competition, my life did not really change. But I get more jobs now and it also aroused the people’s attention and their interest in me.

Do you have DJs you look up to and cherish in particular?

If they’re foreigners, there are many of them! But of course we favor the ones that play music of our own taste. I like Progressive and therefore cherish Marco-V and Michael Woods. If it comes to the Thai DJs, I think there are many great DJs, but they lack opportunity. At this point I would like to speak out my support to all the Thai DJs and encourage them.

Looking at the thai music scene, which artists do you like the most these days?

If we are talking about Thai music scene, I think it has a very individual identity and a unique style. For example Pop – Rock, which is the favorite scene for most of teenagers including myself. My favorite band is Bodyslam, because I like this band since I was a child and their band was still named “la – on”, before they changed it to Bodyslam. I like the music style of Bakery Music and I want them to make more music like they did before.

You have huge success in Korea these days. How does the Korean crowd differs from the Thai crowd?

Korea is a very open country if it comes to music, even if you walk down on the night market you will hear “House Music”, the same music that they open in the clubs. They’re very good in dancing and having fun and enjoy the music that I play. They’ll wave their hands and dance after my steps. They do what I do! They’re really cute and I like them a lot.

Please share some experiences about Korea with us. How is the nightlife, the food, the vibe over there? Do you miss Thai food sometimes?

The first time I got there, I could not accommodate myself to this country and trust me, I missed Thai food very much. But after I’ve been there for many times I got used to it. By now I have a lot of favorite menus over there and when I get back to Thailand I miss the Korean food very much. Korea is a country where you can do a lot of activities 24 hours a day. My favorite activity is shopping. I used to shop from 8:00pm – 6:00 am. There is a shopping zone called Dongdaemun Market it’s like Pratunam Market in Bangkok and there are both retail and wholesale shops. If you want to walk around in this market, it takes 3 days at least! If anyone wants to know about this, you can ask me anytime, I will tell all the details. The famous entertainment complexes and clubs in Korea mostly open only Thursday, Friday, Saturday or at the weekend only and they’ll open until 5.00am or 6.00am. There are places referred to as “after party”, they even open until noon. I used to walk out from clubs at noon before. It’s fantastic! In the clubs, they serve fruits with alcohols which is difference from clubs in Thailand where they won’t serve you snacks or foods.

Do you have a favorite song at the moment?

Save The World - Swedish House Mafia

What are you current goals for the future? Do you plan an album?

Nowadays I really busy working and I still enjoy and love it. In the future I want to have my own song. I have talked with Korean producers and if I have the chance and time, I will go for it. But right now I prefer to do my job and make some money.

You travel a lot and have an exciting life. What music do you like listen to when you want to relax? In general, what do you do to relax?

If you falling in love with something, you will live with it without any feeling of boredom. I always listen to my mix tapes when I drive or I listen to the radio for international updates of the top chart. I really don’t have time to listen to Thai music much these days. I used to listen to Jazz and Bossa. I like to download new music or surf the internet looking and searching for variety of new music. I want people to listen to something new, that’s I want to present.

If you don't perform on stage, where do you like to go, what places to you like?

I like beaches. If I have free time or even a long holiday, I will take a trip with my friends to get some rest and energy, as well as inspiration for my work. I have been working all over the country and I feel like I’m traveling while working, when I’m playing in Phuket I have chance to go to the beach and when I’m playing in Chaing Mai I can take an adventure trip, see the mountains and visit temples. This career is great as I’m working and travelling at the same time and I can meet new people and make new friends.

You are a fashionable person. What does fashion mean to you and where do you like to go shopping?

Really? Truly I’m not that kind of a fashionable lady. I just mix and match with something that I consider suitable for myself and therefore reflects myself and my style. Sometimes I want to be a sweet lady, but sometime I want to be sexy. I prefer dark tones of color, a leather jacket with a sexy dress, but of course not to sexy! My style is Rock and Sexy, that’s where Roxy June comes from. My clothing is unique and it’s not like anybody else. There is my friend’s shop in Siam Square which is tailor made, it’s expensive but you can use it for a long time and it’s unique. I also like imported trendy clothing, I mostly buy it in Korea by myself. Music and fashion are soul mates, these two things can get along together forever, no matter how long. You have to choose something that you like and be yourself, then you will behappy with it.

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