Getting to Know the 4 Thai DJs Taking on the Red Bull Music 3Style 2018 World DJ Championships

It’s about time to witness some epic turntable skills from Thai DJs on the Red Bull 3Style stage once again!

Red Bull Music 3Style is a unique worldwide DJ Championship that sets out to find the best DJ who can take their skills to another level and woo a global crowd. Contestants are marked on not only their techniques, creativity, or originality, but also, and perhaps most importantly, how they work the crowd.

Red Bull Music 3Style
Red Bull Music 3Style
Red Bull Music 3Style

The tournament consists of 3 stages, starting with the audition round where DJs from around the world can submit a 5-minute performance video of themselves mixing at least 3 styles of music together. Those who pass will go through to the live competition round that will take place in Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Lebanon, Russia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and finally in Taiwan.

Red Bull Music 3Style
Red Bull Music 3Style

At each event, DJs are given 15 minutes each to take the crowd and the judges on a musical journey with their originality, creativity, and ability. Each DJ is judged on 4 main criteria including Originality (40%), Skills (25%), Music Selection (20%), and Crowd Response (15%). The winner from this round will have a chance represent their country in the annual championships at the final country of the world tour.

For this year's Bangkok event, the judges and audience will be treated with a fierce showdown between 4 Thailand-based talents including DJ Pegg, DJ EX-DEE, DJ Nutty, and DJ Steez. Only one will have a chance to show off their skills at the Red Bull Music 3Style World Finals in Taiwan against 22 participants from around the world in a bid for the title of Red Bull 3Style Champion and bragging rights for the year. But before all that, we’ve first got to find a national champion worthy of a spot in the World Final.

Gongphob Audomsiang

The date, time, and location still remains TBD for Bangkok at the moment, but it’s sure to happen sometime mid-November. No matter who’s your favorite, we’d all be thrilled to see a Thai DJ making headlines on a world-class stage like this. If you’re unsure about who you should be rooting for between Pegg, EX-DEE, Nutty, and Steez, then let their music help you decide. Check out their 5-minutes performance from the audition round below and you might just find your new favorite DJ right here.

Get to know more about DJ Pegg in their interview with Red Bull here
Get to know more about DJ EX-DEE in their interview with Red Bull here
Get to know more about DJ Nutty in their interview with Red Bull here

It is fairly clear, the stage is set for an epic night of quality music and world-class entertainment with all the DJs at the Red Bull 3Style Thailand Finals this year. Follow Red Bull Music 3Style through their official Facebook page and website for the latest news and updates on how to be part of this exclusive event.

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