Kungs Shares About His Musical Journey, Inspiration Behind 'This Girl', and Plans for the Upcoming Year

Valentin Brunel, or better known as Kungs, is a French DJ/Producer from the southern city of Toulon. After only 3 years, Kungs had garnered quite a sizable fanbase from all around the world at the age of 21. The tipping point came after the release of his first single back in 2016 which was a remix of the track “This Girl” by Australian trio Cookin’ on 3 Burners. The single had since accumulated over 316 million views. From then on, Kungs had continued to create many more amazing releases since, earning him appearances at major music festivals across the globe including Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Rarookaville, and Lollapalooza.


This time, Kungs had decided to stop by Thailand for a special appearance at the 808 Festival After Party on December 9, 2018. We had the pleasure of talking to him ahead of his debut in Thailand. Read on to find what he said regarding his music journey, the inspiration behind his mega-hit “This Girl”, and his plans for the upcoming year of 2019.

Q: Your interest in music scene not only started from your first musical instrument, a Djembe which you got a present from your father at the age of 5 but also with continuously listening to Rock & Roll classics. How did your interest in music and skill in creating music develop from there to the artist you are today?

It was very natural but also a happy accident! I did listen to rock n roll but I also listened to a lot of “indie” music like The Kooks, and when I got to work with Luke from the band on my debut album, I got to add my own Kungs touch onto his sound and voice to merge two worlds. I was experimenting and my edit of ‘This Girl’ by Cookin’ on 3 Burners really started everything for me, my whole career took off from there and even now, I feel a lot more used to doing this and my life on the road, but when I look back it was all so fast! It’s crazy, really.

Q: The past 3 years of your music career path, we got to witness a constant development of your style of music. What can you tell us about this journey?

Because everything happened so fast it was easy for people and journalists to think that I would make this one sound, or automatically make another smash-hit but it doesn’t work like that. I have my own styles I want to explore and yes, they are all within dance music and pop music but just like everyone else, I like all different genres and I want to reflect that in the music I make without alienating my fans.

Q: Which artists have influenced the most and how?

Daft Punk, Ephemerals, David Guetta, Bruno Mars.


Q: If you had to choose only one of your songs to represent ‘Kungs’, which song would it be?

I will choose one of my singles this year ‘Be Right Here’, it’s both pop and electronic and I love what GOLDN did on the vocal, he’s super cool and deserves to be much bigger – it’s a track I’m super proud of.

Q: Could you tell us the inspiration and the story behind your most successful track, “This Girl”, which has gained over 300 millions views on YouTube?

It was originally a track by Australian group Cookin’ On 3 Burners – they make really cool, laid-back funk and soul music. I loved the vocal and wanted to put my own spin on it, I didn’t know people would love it as much as they did and it went crazy all over the world!

Q: 2019 is approaching, do you have any projects or new music you are working on right now that you can share with us?

Yes! I’ve already started work on album number 2 but it is still very early days right now, I’ve been in the studio in LA working with producers, songwriters, and other artists - I’m ready for 2019!

Q: You were on tour and have performed in many countries across the world, which countries have impressed you the most?

Dubai this year – it is like a different planet.


Q: We hope to welcome you in Thailand again soon! Do you have anything you would like say to your Thai fans out there?

Thanks for all your support, I always love to see my Thai fans and I hope you like my new music, which is coming very soon!

Connect with Kungs below:

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