5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Chang Beer Park at Central World

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Chang Beer Park at Central World

Every year during November and December beer parks pop up in and all around Bangkok. The most famous parks are definitely the ones in front of CentralWorld. It's an excellent opportunity to gather with your friends in the evening, have a beer together and relax while listening to music from DJs and live bands.

Under the theme "Every Day Like Never Before", Chang features two unique beer garden in front of Central World - Chang Lifestyle Lounge and Chang Live Park. Both will have concerts by various artists such as Stamp Apiwat, Potato, Two Popetorn, Aof Pongsak and many more. The Chang beer garden is open daily from 18:00 to 24:00 (November 4th until December 31st).

Here are the five reasons why you should visit the Chang Beer Park this year.

#1 The Location

The Chang Beer Garden is located in front of Central World, a famous shopping complex, well known for many good restaurants and shops. Central World is placed at Ratchaprasong intersection between Chidlom and Siam BTS station. It's central location makes it the ideal place to meet your friends after a hard day at work.

#2 Two Distinct Zones

Chang Lifestyle Lounge: The Lifestyle Lounge is decorated in a modern, distinctive style with separate seating areas. The park can accommodate around 150 people, providing tables of four and a bar area. Beside enjoying ice-cold beers, the park offers a variety of finger food. During the two months, several concerts will take place at the venue featuring famous artists such as Lipta, Singto Namchok and a special New Year's Eve show by Room 39. There is also a souvenir shop, which sells Chang merchandising such as shirts and bags.

Chang Live Park: The Live Park serves the Chang signature dishes. It currently offers tables for 4 to 6 people and can accommodate up to 350 persons. The music lineup features names like Paradox, Potato, New Jew and the coaches from the popular TV show "The Voice Thailand", Jennifer Kim, Joey Boy and Stamp Apiwat. On New Year Eve, there will be a special concert by Flure.

#3 Signature Dishes

The Chang signature dishes will be served exclusively at Chang Live Park. The signature dishes include spicy shrimps, stir-fried spaghetti with pork steak, crispy deep-fried chicken and pork ribs, both marinated in beer. There are also non-alcoholic beverages available for those who don't like to drink beer.

#4 The Crowd

The Beer park in front of Central World is a great meeting spot for beer lovers and like-minded people. You will find both Thais and foreigners from all ages enjoying their night with their friends. The place usually gets packed, especially on weekends so be sure to get there early to reserve a great spot to enjoy the show of your favorite artists.

#5 Music Lineup

Both Chang Live Park and Lifestyle Lounge feature a diverse lineup with performances by famous Thai bands and DJs. Check out the schedule below to make sure you don't miss your favorite band:

Chang Lifestyle Lounge

  • 18 Nov. 15 Lipta
  • 25 Nov. 15 Sexy DJs: DJ Faahsai + DJ Roxy June
  • 02 Dec. 15 Pijika + Praew Kanitkul
  • 09 Dec. 15 Pango + Opor
  • 16 Dec. 15 Singto Numchok
  • 23 Dec. 15 DJ Spydamonkee, What dat frog + Jedie
  • 31 Dec. 15 Room 39

Chang Live Park

  • 17 Nov. 15 Stamp Apiwat
  • 19 Nov. 15 Duck Night Party byWhat The Duck
  • 24 Nov. 15 BEC Tero presents Slot Machine, 60 Miles, Better Weather
  • 26 Nov. 15 New Jew
  • 01 Dec. 15 Paradox
  • 03 Dec. 15 Yumyai by Smallroom
  • 08 Dec. 15 Instinct
  • 10 Dec. 15 Potato
  • 15 Dec. 15 Two Popetorn + Triumphs Kingdom
  • 17 Dec. 15 Jazz Sputnik Papiyong Kukkuk
  • 22 Dec. 15 Joey Boy + Sing Nua Sue Tai
  • 25 Dec. 15 Jennifer Kim + Koh Mr. Saxman
  • 29 Dec. 15 Aof Pongsak
  • 31 Dec. 15 Flure

Whether you decide to visit the Chang Lifestyle Lounge or Chang Live Park, we hope you will have a great time with your friends or family. Don't forget to leave us a comment below or share this article with your friends. Have fun!

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