Lighting Up the Night in Blue: Singha Light’s Launch Party at BEAM

Lighting Up the Night in Blue: Singha Light’s Launch Party at BEAM

There is never a bad reason to celebrate life and all the beautiful things that it brings with it. When brands embrace this idea, and make it the focus of their products, you can only expect good things. On May 4th, 2017 BEAM Club played host to what was an exclusive product launch party by Singha Light that would also double up as an event to celebrate life. It was clear when you stepped into the neon blue themed party that there was something fresh in the air – the night was all about #TheNewLight.

This new light is the revamped Singha Light which was given a make-over to suit the Thai market where drinking beer with ice is the norm. The new Singha Light increased its alcohol content from 3.5% ABV to 4.5% ABV and at the same time changed the look of its bottles to add a bright blue tab on its bottleneck. And just like that, a new product was born.

Siam2nite was there at the event and we had a feeling that this was not just your typical product launch event, but it was more so a party that championed the idea of enjoying the night under the concept #LifeIsMotion. The event was attended by hundreds of celebrities, DJs, and influencers who were ready to dance the night away. For those of you who missed out, here are some of the highlights from the event.


The night kicked-off in spectacular fashion and saw the second floor of BEAM turned into a stage for some of the hottest local DJs in Bangkok. The newly designed DJ booth first welcomed DJ Cleo P who as part of the Bangkok Invaders crew knows how to launch a party in full motion. That was followed by performances from DJ Tob and Big Calo who dropped fire beats all through their set.

Lastly, the turn tables were passed on to Bang Bang Bang (the EDM duo of Khan Thaitanium and Mistakeez) and Twopee from Southside. Just looking at the names that popped up on the roster you know how it already went down. These guys are all famous for knowing how to mix and match hip-hop with EDM to make some of the illest trap music you will find anywhere in town. Let us just say that it was getting lit all night long.


Of course, the highlight activity of the night was going to BEAM and dancing the night away to music blasting out of the specialty Funktion One sound system. And it definitely was. But this is not your typical night out and if dancing was the only activity on offer then this would not be a Singha Light party. As you entered the party zone an LED ping-pong table stood out but table tennis was not the game being played. Beer-pong was the highlight of this table and the party people who took a break from dancing competed in epic rounds of beer-pong, all trying to throw their opponents off their game as much as possible.

We were not sure why but as the night progressed, the accuracy in beer-pong throws seemed to drop. What could it be? You tell us! But other than the high-tech ping-pong table, other gadgets like the Segway and a VR system also made appearances to keep all those in attendance occupied for the whole night long.


Walking into the party it felt highly futuristic. There was something about the neon blue lights bouncing off the denim and white shirts everyone was rocking out. The lighting and music really gave the dancefloor at BEAM a space rocket feel – almost as if there was something that was about to take off. The ambient would surely make you think something epic was about to happen – and to be fair the launch of the new Singha Light may have been just that. With a myriad of beautiful International Models in attendance alongside the single men from CLEO and multiple high-profile social media personalities, it was surely a vibe unlike any other.

Now that the new Singha Light has been launched, look out for it in an outlet near you. But while you do that, do not forget to raise a toast to life. Follow any developments from Singha Light on their official Facebook page or their website.

Words by Tang Kalayanamit
Images by Siam2nite

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