Discover LEO Red Night: Unleashing the Energy at V24

Discover LEO Red Night: Unleashing the Energy at V24

There are multiple parties that get thrown in Bangkok week-in-week-out. For the seasoned night owl, sometimes there are so many events to choose from that it may even get a bit mundane. Lucky for us, LEO has been brewing more than just great beer – but also a recipe for a very energetic night out! Unleashing their newest concept, "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited", the LEO team is looking to bring together some of the hottest artists in the scene to multiple locations around Thailand during the whole year. Prepare yourselves as it is time for you and your crew to really rock out because these nights are guaranteed to raise the roof. But that is not all. Expect to see the beautiful LEO Girls sprinkled at the events to ensure that all the guests are infected with their contagious smiles as well!

With the kick-off event being held on Friday, June 30th 2017 at V24 Bar and Restaurant right along Vibhavadi Road – the concept is off to a good start. The inaugural event surely gave us a glimpse of what each "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" will have in store for us. For those of you who missed out, let us give you a run-down of how the night progressed.

All Red Everything

The first thing you will notice when you walk into a "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" is that every little detail of the place hosting the event has been “redified” – in other words turned into some shade of red. That is exactly what happened to V24 Bar and Restaurant. The lighting was red, the décor was red, and even the LEO Girls were in all red. This is all very fitting as not only is red the official LEO Beer colors, but it is also a color that exudes a lot of energy. And with the crowd at any LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited encouraged to bring their energy in full, this is the perfect hue to party in.

Premium Goodies

This might be the perfect place to come empty handed because once you are at the event, you can expect to leave with some premium LEO goodies. For the luckier ones, you can try lucking your way into getting a Limited Edition watch by G-Shock from the lucky draws. However, for the more talented ones in your circle of friends, maybe dancing your way to a LEO shirt in front of a large crowd of strangers is their call to fame. Whatever it is that you will be doing, make sure you crack a large smile when you walk up to collect your prize as we are sure the LEO Girls will be beaming right back at you.

Roof Raising Music

At V24 Bar and Restaurant, "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" introduced some big guns to make sure that sitting at your table becomes impossible – mixing up hip-hop and pop rock. UrBoyTJ and his posse came through and made sure the crowd swagged out all night churning out hit after hit. Cocktail also made sure that their greatest hits brought everyone up to the same wavelength. It was impossible to not want to dance, and so that is exactly what everyone did. Had there been less good food and drinks on the tables, it was very likely many of them would have been used as a dance podium. Expect more and more different artists to be making an appearance at other "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" parties, but expect the same exact kind of energy that will take you and your friends to a very special place.

LEO Girls Galore

Let us be honest, some of us really could care less about the décor or the music. As long as we have some eye-candy walking around, we are more than happy to go along. For those of you who may identify with this group, the LEO Girls that will be present at every "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" are not only gorgeous and wonderful to look at, but they are also extremely friendly and will gladly put a smile on your face. Whether it is giving you free LEO goodies, dancing on stage, or simply entertaining guests with their smile – these girls are the perfect definition for a cherry on top of your night out!

Strategic Location

Every site that the LEO team chooses to partner with to throw their "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" parties will indeed have what it takes to make your night memorable. Super tasty food, comfortable seating with a lot of dancing room, and most importantly ice-cold Leo Beer. The first "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" at V24 Bar and Restaurant certainly had all the characteristics of a first-class venue, so rest assured that any future locations will indeed have the exact same vibe. Hopefully, the "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" will be dropping by your neighborhood in no time.

Follow the official We Are Leo Thailand Facebook page for a complete schedule of where the next "LEO Red Night Muns Unlimited" will pop up next. Make sure you and your friends are ready to unleash all the energy within!

Words by Tang Kalayanamit
Images by Siam2nite

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