Grey Goose Presents: Fly Beyond Tonight at Ce La Vi

Grey Goose Presents: Fly Beyond Tonight at Ce La Vi

When class meets style, it creates a unique experience that only the most extraordinary individuals can seem to grasps. There is a certain luxury in being able to bump shoulders with those in the upper echelons of society – and together, experience and discover a journey that is truly unique. Bangkok, the City of Angels is no stranger to this kind of luxury, making it the perfect venue for the glitz and glamor to be celebrated – and celebrated it was.

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Grey Goose, the world’s leading super-premium French vodka – made with soft winter wheat from the Picardie region in France – used the Bangkok skyline as a backdrop to launch their Fly Beyond Tonight campaign at Ce La Vi on July 7th, 2017 to celebrate people, fashion, and music. The night was filled with everything that sparks curiosity and desire.

There were models, celebrities, and DJs all of which were happily adorning a million dollar smile while sipping away on the clear elixir, mixed and matched to create different drinks and cocktails to spark the night into life. Only the select few were able to witness the inauguration activation night in person with Grey Goose, but for those of you who want to live vicariously through them, here is a summary of how the exclusive night went down.

Iconic Atmosphere

Walk into Ce La Vi, and the dimly-lit club which normally carries an orange-brown undertone has been completely transformed. Tonight, the geese (and guests) take flight in a different hue – bright lights and soft blue – perfectly resembling the luxury of a Grey Goose vodka bottle. To move inside, everyone had to wade through a crowd of people who you would normally see in in the news, these were the people you know without knowing or the people who you know you need to know.

It was truly a collection of stars on the night, all of which were ready to shine, especially for the cameras in front of the Fly Beyond Tonight backdrop. But that was just the beginning, what truly caught the eye was a miniature Eiffel Tower that was uniquely created for this night alone. It brought all the guests who expected to walk into Bangkok straight to Paris and reminded guests that just like migratory birds, there is no distance a Grey Goose consumer will not travel to experience the very best life has to offer.

Symbolic Performances

There is no better way to celebrate excellence than to bring in talent that has demonstrated that characteristic week-in-week-out. Grey Goose and their Fly Beyond Tonight campaign showcased not only their exclusivity but also the talents of RayRay, a Taiwanese open format female DJ, turntablist, and producer who had previously won the RedBull Thre3style, Taiwan in 2013. Her accomplishments both on and off the decks have brought her all over the world to big festivals like Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and Glastonbury – making her appearance at Ce La Vi a very special one indeed.

In support of her, Mindset, Thailand’s very own hiso MC rocked the crowd on a makeshift stage under the miniature Eiffel Tower. The heir to the Chirathiwat family chose to break free from the family’s cash cow, Central Group, and made a name for himself as an up-and-coming artist, having churned out hit after hit with the biggest hip-hop names in Thailand including Thaitanium. Both guest performances signified to everyone in attendance that any great adventure must first begin with extraordinary experiences.

Memorable Night

What it all came down to, was a night for everyone who turned up to remember – and left with the desire for more. Grey Goose and their new Fly Beyond Tonight platform has proven in other countries to be a timeless event that will continue to be relevant for the years to come. Having arrived in Thailand, the event has further cemented the position of the brand in this part of South East Asia and adds to its legacy. The campaign ensures that the pursuit for excellence that makes bystanders look in awe and feel the desire to be part of this very exclusive circle is a sentiment that the Grey Goose team has perfected through their method of bringing together, people, design, and entertainment beyond the norm.

Follow Grey Goose and their Fly Beyond Tonight platform on their official website or Facebook page for the latest updates and maybe you can be part of this exclusive club as well.

Words by Tang Kalayanamit
Images by Siam2nite

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