WILD NIGHT Presents Australia's Thunder From Down Under Live in Bangkok 2017

WILD NIGHT Presents Australia's Thunder From Down Under Live in Bangkok 2017

It is your special day – whatever that occasion may be – what do you and your girlfriends have in store? A night out in Thonglor with unlimited drinks? Some cupcakes with “designer” frosting that tell your life story? Or maybe some big overpriced balloons with shiny gold cursive writing that says “Happy Whatever Whoever”? You are soooooo creative…for 2016.

It is time for you and everyone in your squad to break the mold and celebrate that special occasion the right way – the 2017 way! Long gone are the celebratory ideas that are Instagram safe, those are all played out. How about a little less PG and a little more R? I think we know just the right thing for you.

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Australia's Thunder From Down Under - Promo 2017

Wild Night, Thailand’s newly minted promoters, presents Australia’s Thunder From Down Under for the very first time in South East Asia – an adult-only show not for the faint of heart – between August 30th – September 5th, 2017 at Moon Star Studio 8. The production comes directly out of their residency at The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas to tour the world, and this year Thailand has been lucky enough to identified as a hot spot – literally. The very heated show, is not going to do much in terms of cooling you down, but it will surely bring out the fire in you.

With an all-men cast that have bodies that look as if they come straight out of the production of Gladiators, prepare yourself to be fully entertained – visually and emotionally. Of course, with anything as new as this, there are bound to be many too shy to admit they want in. Fret not, we are going to break it down for you exactly what you would be in for, so that you walk in ready to scream your lungs out with all the other bachelorettes and singles ladies in attendance with confidence. Prepare to get your naughty on, these are the highlights to expect:

Chiseled Abs of Steal

A lot of people can PLAY the part, but not everyone can LOOK the part. The guys from Australia’s Thunder From Down Under not only can dance, but they also look like the guys you may have been dreaming about meeting the night before. Whether you will admit to liking it or not, a guy that takes care of his physique has a certain attraction to him because let us be realistic, if he can take care of his abs that well, then taking care of you and your friends would be a breeze. Chiseled abs somehow make you feel safe and sexy to be around, and if you are lucky on show night maybe you would even get to feel them up. And that ladies, is exactly the kind of thing you can look forward to feeling on show night.

Experienced Entertainers

The Aussie hunks that will be on stage to woo your socks off have entertained more than 18 million women around the world, having starred in shows that opened in Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Hong-Kong, Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Their prowess and reputation on stage have gone far and beyond the stage with multiple Hollywood celebrities having requested to dance alongside them as part of their shows. This includes sexy A-listers like Demi Moore, Kelly Clarkson, Heidi Klum, Kelli Regis, Tyra Banks, and even Paris Hilton. With that type of resume, prepare yourself for a live version of the Like Mike experience.

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2017 Calendar Promo Australia's Thunder from Down Under

Princess Level Treatment

Undeniably, there is a wild side to each and every one of us – that is the side that the crew from Australia’s Thunder From Down Under aims to bring out and entertain. At the same time, it is YOUR night, and with any special occasion you deserve to be treated like a princess, if not a queen! Expect to be kept on your tiptoes even if you have chairs to sit on because this fresh and juicy show is ready to rumble you in all the right places. The exclusive night together with your friends has just been upgraded!

Girls’ Night Outback

We know some of you ladies are more shy than others and that is perfectly fine. Maybe going into the show and seeing men among the crowd is out of your comfort zone and will prevent you from letting loose. Well lucky for you, the show night on September 4th is being reserved exclusively for a “Girls’ Night Outback” where attendance is limited to ONLY women. If you are looking for the night to throw that bachelorette party or have your long-awaited girls only night, then this would be the night for you! All the ladies in attendance will be there for the same exact reason and there is no reason to feel any discomfort or out of place.

Gays’ Night Outback

For the first time anywhere in the world, Australia’s Thunder From Down Under is having a “Gays’ Night Outback” on September 5th, where attendance is exclusively reserved for the LGBT community. This gay-friendly night is a milestone in itself but it will surely provide the LGBT community an unfiltered experience just as explosive – if not more – than any other show night. It is time to let the hunks on stage truly focus on you and give you and your queens the experience of a lifetime. Surely, this will be an event you MUST not miss out on.

Australia’s Thunder From Down Under is taking place at Moon Star Studio 8 between August 30 – September 5, 2017. The team is ready to take you to the Outback with shows spanning across 7-days. Ticket are available at www.ticketmelon.com/event/thunderbkk from THB 2,500 for regular standing tickets with 1 drink and THB 7,500 for VIP seated tickets with 1 drink. However, for the group that want to go full on exclusive and get up and personal with the guys, VIP tables (seats 6) are available for THB 40,000 and “Feel-The-Sweat” VVIP tables (seats 6) are available for THB 45,000. Both the table options come with a myriad of drinks that will ensure that you and your friends have an awesome time.

Buy Tickets at Ticket Melon

For the latest updates, follow Wild Night Asia’s official Facebook or their official website. The team is surely not about to stop here as after this event, they will surely be continuing their efforts to bringing to Southeast Asia more female-centric entertainment! Can I get a “hell-yeah” for these pioneers!?

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