Experience the Warmth of Latin Glamour at The Flamenco Bangkok

Experience the Warmth of Latin Glamour at The Flamenco Bangkok

Imagine a movie scene where a lady dressed in red and black dancing happily with her partner to a thrilling piece of Latin music. That’s called the Spanish art of “Flamenco”.

Finding a place to hang out in Bangkok decorated with such glamour and excitement of the Latin spirit had always been a rarity. But now, the newest hangout spot in the heart of Bangkok offers a unique experience influenced by Latin cultures around the globe.

Located on the 9th floor of The Helix at The EmQuartier shopping complex, Flamenco Bangkok brings an all-new meaning of entertainment to Bangkok’s nightlife scene.

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The atmosphere inside Flamenco Bangkok
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The Flamenco nameplate at the entrance

Looking in from outside, you might think that there’s not a lot of space to work with inside. But as you step into the venue, you’ll be met with a capacious setting uniquely decorated with all the Latin twists you can imagine.

On a space as large as 800 sq.m, you can be sure to find a number of attractive Instagram-worthy spots.

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In front of Flamenco Bangkok (9th floor of The Helix at EmQuartier)

For example, your eyes will instantly be drawn to the massive neon wall featuring illustrations of Latin culture-related items from around the globe as soon as you set foot inside.

This includes bulls from the bullfighting traditions in Spain, tacos from the Mexican cuisine, instruments often used in Latin music, Spanish words, and the name “Flamenco” that is a genre of music or dance.

The decorative wall artistry, however, doesn’t end there. You’ll also find huge red-colored walls featuring paintings of a couple dancing to the tunes of Flamenco and a lady performing beautiful a saxophone solo.

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The neon wall inside Flamenco Bangkok
© Siam2nite
The atmosphere inside Flamenco Bangkok

The decorative elements at Flamenco Bangkok feature an overall modern look (with a hint of luxury) that brings together contemporary art styles and vintage vibes. This can be seen by the selection of antique furniture, unique art pieces, the immense crystal chandelier, and all the greenery around the area.

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Inside Flamenco Bangkok looking down from the Mezzanine lounge
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The entrance at Flamenco Bangkok

Flamenco Bangkok is divided into 4 different zones each with unique function styles. The vast indoor area features 2 sizable cocktail bars on both ends separated by the live stage zone.

Here, you can catch a nightly dose of live music paying homage to everything Latin, including Jazz, Blues, Soul, Rumba, and electrifying live sets from well-known DJs.

If you and your friends are feeling up to it, be sure to hit the dance floor and light it on fire with your best moves (or even bring a partner for a Tango or Flamenco show of your own!)

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Live Latin music Flamenco Bangkok
© Siam2nite
Live Tango dance show from the Flamenco Launch Party (28 April 2019)
© Siam2nite
Live Latin music at Flamenco Bangkok

Right above the cocktail bars are the mezzanine lounges specially designed for the ultimate privacy of VIP customers where they can hang out with their friends and enjoy the exhilarating vibe inside Flamenco with ease.

There’s also an outdoor rooftop bar area where you pick up your favorite cocktail and enjoy a heavenly 180-degree view of the Bangkok skyline.

If you’re a fan of cigars, be sure to drop by their cigar lounge located behind the cocktail bars and enjoy a fine selection of Havanas from around the world.

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The bar and lounge on the Mezzanine floor inside Flamenco Bangkok
© Siam2nite
The outdoor zone at Flamenco Bangkok

The night wouldn’t be complete without all the top-notch food and drinks alongside everything else. At Flamenco Bangkok, you’ll have a chance to experience the flavors of the global Latin community.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, the kitchen serves up a diverse selection of signature taps dishes including Kingfish Ceviche, Chicken Empanada, and Gambas Pil Pil.

Be sure to ask the bartender for some classics such as wine, whiskey, tequila, beers, and champagnes, or choose to excite your taste buds a little more with their signature cocktails unique to Latin culture.

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A bartender in action at Flamenco Bangkok

If you’re looking for a new experience when your next gathering comes around, then Flamenco Bangkok should be on the top of your list.

With all the food, drinks, and music influenced from Latin cultures around the globe, your night will be nothing short of glamorous and exciting at one of the newest nightlife destinations in Bangkok.

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