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Terms & Conditions

By using Siam2nite services, you agree to the hereinafter listed terms & conditions.

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Payment Service Level Agreement Content Media Production


1.1) Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods are bank transfer and cashier cheque only. We don’t accept cash or credit cards. In case of bank trans- fer, the payment slip shall be emailed to [email protected].

1.2) Invoice Recipient

Invoices can only be issued to the same company as the services will be provided to. The invoice recipient can either be a natural person or a company registered in Thailand.

1.2.1) Invoice Recipient - Natural Person

To issue an invoice to a natural person, we require an ID card copy.

1.1.2) Invoice Recipient - Company Registered in Thailand

To issue an invoice to a company registered in Thailand, we require a copy of the company registration (issued within 6 months of the current date) and a copy of the PP.20 (VAT Registration).

1.3) Payment Terms

1.3.1) Advance Payment

For first orders (new customers), invoices issued to customers based outside Thailand, invoices issued to natural persons, and invoices with a total amount below 15,000 Baht, advance payment in full is mandatory.

For invoices with advance payment terms, services are only confirmed if payment is received, and proof of payment is provided by 5 pm of the payment due date stated in the invoice.

1.3.2) Payment On Account

Existing customers with a company registered in Thailand may request post-payment terms, which are granted on a case-by-case basis, but in any case, only if a complete submission of all required documents is received. Siam2nite reserves the right to refuse payment on account.

For invoices with payment on account, services are only confirmed if a signed quotation is provided by 5 pm of the expiry date stated in the quotation, along with a purchase order document (if required by the customer’s accounting).

For all late payments, a 2% penalty fee will be charged for each month’s delay. Siam2nite reserves the right to terminate campaigns and stop its services in response to late payments.

1.4) Withholding Tax and VAT

All service fees are subject to Thai Withholding Tax and VAT in accordance with Thai Law.

All of Siam2nite’s invoices are applicable for 3% withholding tax deduction on your part. If the deduction is made, we expect our customers to send us the withholding tax deduction form on their own accord within 1 week after payment was made.

Please take notice that retroactive deductions, that require refunds of excess payments, are only processed for invoices with a total exceeding 15,000 Baht, and the refund has to be requested within 7 days from the date the payment was made.

1.5) Cancellation

Once confirmed, by making the advance payment, or signing our quotation, there are cost implications should you decide to cancel our services.

Cancellations have to be submitted by email. The timestamp of the email will be considered as effective date of the cancellation.

In case of Event Photography and Event Videography: the percentage is calculated by the amount of days to the event date.

In case of Sponsored Stories, Event Advertising and Location Advertising: the percentage is calculated by the amount of days before campaign start date.

Depending on how many days in advance we receive the cancellation, the cancellation fee will be the below stated percentage of the original invoice amount:

  • 21 working days or more: 25% of the original invoice amount
  • 11-20 working days: 50% of the original invoice amount
  • 10 working days or less: 75% of the original invoice amount

We will void the original invoice and issue a new invoice.

In case of advance payment, the new due amount will be the above stated percentage of the original invoice amount and you will receive a partial refund. The refund will be processed within 1 week from the date of the cancellation, by bank transfer, to the same bank account as the payment was received from.

In case of post payment terms, the new due amount will be the above stated percentage of the original invoice amount. The due date of the new invoice will be the same date as the due date of the original invoice.

Service Level Agreement

2.1) Working Time

Unless otherwise stated in the final invoice, the Siam2nite team is only available from Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 7 pm.

Inquires, feedback, and submissions are processed within 1 working day. Same-day processing of urgent matters on a case-by- case basis is possible, but in any case, only if conclusive feedback and/or a complete submission is received before 5 pm, and it’s feasible to carry out the processing by 7 pm.

Our office is closed on public holidays, in accordance with bank holidays as notified by the Bank of Thailand.

2.2) Communication Channel

All important information has to be communicated by email to ensure verifiability. This applies to confirmations, cancellations, submissions of proof of payments, briefs, feedback, and revision requests. Siam2nite does not proceed with projects based on phone calls or messaging through messaging apps

2.3) Brief & Revisions

Must-meet requirements and KPIs must be discussed and documented before the confirmation of a campaign and/or project. Siam2nite is reserving the right to choose not to consider new requirements once a campaign is already confirmed, or refuse revisions if requested changes result from inaccurate or misleading information by the customer in preparation of the brief or requested changes result from a significant change to the initial brief.

The following content - and the content stated below only - comes with an included amount of revisions and is sent to our customers for review and approval prior to the release:

  • Facebook Post captions
  • Sponsored Magazine Stories & Sponsored Magazine Listings
  • Videos

For written content, revision requests have to be provided in keyword form. Siam2nite does not accept text re-written by the customer.

For additional content revisions that exceed the included amount, the following charges apply:

  • Sponsored Magazine Story Revision: 3,500 Baht
  • Video Revision: 5,500 Baht

In case of videos, changes to the soundtrack are not considered revisions, and the above-stated charges will apply.

Once released, content can’t be revised or deleted anymore. This applies for website and Social Media content.

2.4) Delays due to lack of customer feedback

Upon confirmation of a project, Siam2nite reserves and schedules content specialists and informs the customer about the content delivery date. To be able to start and finish work according to the planned schedule, customer feedback might be needed.

In case customers don’t provide conclusive feedback by the scheduled start time, Siam2nite reserves the right to release the reservation and assign the according content specialists to work on a different project. The caused delay will result in the initially set content delivery date becoming obsolete.

The moment conclusive feedback is received, Siam2nite will inform you about the new possible delivery date.

2.5) Project Delivery Time

The project delivery period starts once we have received a complete submission with all needed marketing material, in the exact size and format as stated in our specifications document, and if all content complies with our advertising policy.

Unless otherwise stated in the final invoice, the below-stated delivery time is guaranteed:

  • Photos: within 2 working days (7 pm)
  • Display Ads, Event Listings and Facebook Ads: within 2 working days (7 pm)
  • Venue Listings, Display Ads, and Facebook Ads: within 5 working days (7 pm)
  • Sponsored Magazine Story and Newsletters: within 10 working days (7 pm)
  • Videos: within 10 working days (7 pm)

2.6) Reporting

After each campaign is completed, we deliver detailed reports for Displays Ads, Facebook Ads, and Sponsored Magazine Story, within 2 working days. These reports disclose in-depth the campaign performance, such as impressions and/or reach, as well as engagement and/or click-through rate. The reports are only provided in the Siam2nite standard report format, as PDF file.

2.7) Siam2nite Marketing

Siam2nite might mention the customer in marketing efforts and marketing material as a reference customer. Should the customer wish not to be included in such, the customer may request so with the responsible account executive.


3.1) Siam2nite Policy

All written content and media released on the Siam2nite website and Social Media channels are exclusively created by the in-house content and media production team of Siam2nite. We don’t publish written content and media created by third parties. The customer may provide essential information and formulate requirements, but all style and content must meet Siam2nite standards.

Siam2nite has an explicit policy not to promote alcohol products on the Siam2nite channels, which applies to all content written and media created by Siam2nite, and all marketing material provided by the customer. Written content can mention brands and their activities, while event pictures and event videos can show various types of visual branding, but Siam2nite strictly does not publish media containing clearly recognizable alcohol products and their consumption. Siam2nite also does not write about product specifics and absolutely does not promote and/or encourage alcohol consumption in any way.

Siam2nite is reserving the right to choose not to release content on the Siam2nite channels, in case - contrary to reasonable expectation based on prior evaluation - content turns out to be not aligned with the Siam2nite brand, content strategy, and target audience.

Content written by Siam2nite uses an informal language, positive in tone, but truthful. We won’t write anything we believe not to be accurate or which is not reconcilable with our conscience. We also refrain from using absolute or judgmental language, such as statements that present an entity well at the direct or indirect expense of another entity.

Siam2nite creates content based on customer requirements but streamlines style and content to meet Siam2nite standards and to be aligned with the Siam2nite brand, content strategy, and target audience.

3.2) Marketing Material provided by the customer

Campaigns can only start once we have received a complete submission with all needed marketing material, in the exact size and format as stated in our specifications document, and if all content complies with our advertising policy.

Upon submission, our content team reviews marketing material within 1 working day and gives feedback to the customer in case that any of the submitted marketing material violates our advertising policy.

Artworks and video teasers can’t contain the following content:

  • Alcohol Products, Tobacco Products & Drugs
  • Adult Content & Sexually Provocative Content
  • Profanity
  • Copyright-protected content without explicit permission
  • Trademark-protected logos without explicit permission

Text featured in artworks and video teasers can't contain the following:

  • Alcohol promotions
  • Absolute claims that present an entity well at the direct or indirect expense of another entity
  • Misinformation

Our Display Ads campaigns only support static artworks. We don’t support animated banners.

Artworks for Facebook Ads need to comply with best practices as established by Facebook; therefore the Image Text Rating - which can be verified with Facebook’s Image Text Check tool - should be either “OK”, or at least “Low”. We don’t accept artworks with Image Text Ratings “Medium” or “High”, as the Ad’s reach may be considerably reduced or the Ad may not run at all.

3.3) Giveaway activities

Tickets are always given away in pairs (2 tickets), or more, per winner. If the event does not conclude ticket sales (free entry), giveaways can be done with unrestricted, condition-free food & beverage vouchers. The value per prize / per winner must at least reach 1,000 Baht. The regular value of the prize, at the time of the giveaway, will be stated in the post caption. The value provided to the winner must be equal as if the prize was purchased through regular channels.

To participate in a giveaway on the Siam2nite Facebook page, participants are required to do the below stated 3 actions, and these actions only. No further requirements will be imposed.

  1. like the post
  2. publicly share the post to their own Facebook timeline
  3. comment on the post and tag at least one Facebook friend

Winners are chosen randomly by the Siam2nite team, publicly announced on the according Facebook post in the comment section, and a winner list is provided to the customer within 1 working day.

Prizes can be provided as hard-copy to Siam2nite (winners will pick up the prize personally at the Siam2nite office) or can be sent by e-ticket / e-voucher directly to the winner’s email address. Putting winners on a guest-list is only feasible if a condition- and hassle-free claiming of the prize directly at the event venue on the event day is guaranteed.

A Facebook Ad, associated with the Facebook post used for a giveaway, will end on the date and time of the winner announcement.

Media Production

4.1) Copyright

Siam2nite grants its customers unlimited usage right for raw and processed material, but Siam2nite retains full copyright in all material.

4.2) Liability

Siam2nite’s liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver pictures or videos shall be limited to the return of all payments received.

4.3) Media Delivery

4.3.1) Media Delivery - Photography

Siam2nite does not hand out pictures onsite and/or outside office hours. We only provide pictures, once a copy was safely stored on our storage system, and once pictures were processed and screened. Pictures are delivered by Google Drive download link only. For the delivery of pictures by messenger on a storage media, an extra fee of 1,000 Baht applies.

4.3.2) Media Delivery - Video

Siam2nite does not hand video footage onsite and/or outside office hours. We only provide video footage, once a copy was safely stored on our storage system. Video Footage is delivered by Google Drive download link only. For the delivery of pictures by messenger on a storage media, an extra fee of 2,000 Baht applies.

4.4) Data Retention

Siam2nite guarantees a retention time of 90 days for pictures and videos, starting on the day of the download link delivery.

4.5) Onsite Time

For every hour which exceeds the included amount of onsite time, extra fees apply. The effective onsite time of Siam2nite employees must be defined at the time of booking, and Siam2nite employees will leave the event site at the time agreed at the time of booking. Extensions of the onsite time on short notice is usually not possible.

In-person briefs onsite are welcome and encouraged, but shall take place during the agreed working hours. Early arrival ahead of agreed working hours is not covered by our service fee.

Siam2nite reserves the right to withdraw its onsite team, if they are is placed in a position where there is an actual or apparent risk of injury; or there is a risk that any of the equipment used may be damaged.

4.6) Travel Expenses

We have photographers in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. We will send you the photographer closest to your venue or event. All our videgraphers are based in Bangkok.

For Bangkok, additional travel expenses will apply for travel distances that exceed 35km (one way) from the Siam2nite headquarters.

For Chiang Mai and Pattaya, additional travel expenses will apply for locations outside of the city’s mueang district.

For trips exceeding 3 hours of driving time (one way), our photographer/videographers can travel either by airplane or private driver.

The travel expenses are calculated on a case-by-case basis and have to be covered by the customer.

For locations outside of Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya, and extra fee of 2,000 Baht applies (per person).

In case of an overnight stay, accommodation expenses will apply. The accommodation expenses are calculated on a case-by-case basis and have to be covered by the customer.

In case the customer takes care of travel and accommodation arrangements, details need to be provided to the Siam2nite sales team for review and approval prior to booking.

Siam2nite is reserving the right to reject travel and accommodation arrangements which were made without approval of the Siam2nite sales team.

4.7) Media Format

Pictures are provided in JPG format, in 2560 * 1700 pixels resolution, at 300 ppi. Videos are provided in MP4 format, in 1080p (HD) quality, with 16:9 aspect ratio.

4.8) Video Scope

The scope of an event video production by Siam2nite is the coverage of actual events. The Siam2nite videography team captures highlights, ambiance, and activities onsite, and the Siam2nite video editor uses the captured video footage to create a fast-paced event video that summarizes the event in an appealing way. The scope of the production does not include staged shots with actors, advertising-like set-up shots, and long takes, such as the filming of complete performances or activities.

4.9) Video Soundtrack

Siam2nite respects and complies with copyright law. For soundtracks of our event videos, we only work with music which our customers and we are legally allowed to use. For every video project, we will provide the customer with a list of songs to choose from.

In case a customer insists on using a copyright-protected song, the customer may choose to request a written usage permission from the copyright owner of the song. Siam2nite can assist by drafting the necessary usage permission document, which has to be completed and signed by the copyright owner of the song and sent to Siam2nite directly by the copyright owner from a clearly identifiable source.