Honest Mistake Bar

Honest Mistake Bar

Honest Mistake Bar is a speakeasy that's inspired by the time around 1930-1940 when Chinese businesses had to wade into a world of triad influences. Such backgrounds become that bar's main concept, shaping its design as a pawnshop ‘front’ that masks shady activities.

The bar takes over an entire 4-floor building. On the first floor is a dimly lit pawnshop, while on the second floor, you’ll be walking through a diorama of a dingy neighborhood.

The third floor houses the main bar area, designed as a gambling house and a shop for drugs and illegal goods. The space features a long wooden bar counter where you can watch the bartenders concoct your drinks.

After that, it's the fourth floor, which is divided into two areas. The outdoor deck is sparsely furnished, as to be expected of an underlings’ quarter, where they stay while guarding the boss. The indoor, however, is luxurious and private - fitting for a gang’s leader room.

As for the drinks, Honest Mistake Bar proudly presents cocktails with Chinese herbs base. There are three categories to choose from: Complex, spirit-forward cocktails; Sweet & Sour, refreshing and palatable; and Flavored Gin & Tonic, new spins of the classic gin & tonic.

Honest Mistake Bar is open between 19.00 - 02.00 on Monday - Saturday.


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