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Phaya Thai is one of the top downtown hangout spots where many choose to spend their free time and enjoy an urban lifestyle. Located in this district is the hipster neighborhood, Ari. The moniker is very apt, considering all the hip cafés and eateries found in the area. Another notable stop is Sanam Pao, which has quickly become known for its casual & chic hangouts.

But other than these daytime highlights, clubbers and bargoers can enjoy an incredible nightlife here. You're free to explore a wide range of venues from local joints with chill live music, cool bars, to even speakeasies. As a lot of these venues are located right next to the BTS line, getting to them is as easy as hopping on the Skytrain.

Want the juiciest updates on the best venues in Phaya Thai? Scroll right down to see our top picks of the area's highlights.


Ross Kitchen

Ross Kitchen sits inside the 4th floor of Akara Hotel. This infuse bar recreates the Thai old-time drinking culture, where people would gather to drink in front of the shops after they had closed up for…

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Featured Clubs & Bars

Must-visit places in Phaya Thai

  1. Cat on the Roof

    Cat on the Roof

    Cat On The Roof makes you feel as if you're partying at your friend’s rooftop deck, but right in the…

  2. Feelingbar


    Feelingbar, a bar in Ari, glows in hot pink from its neon lights which are made more prominent by the…

  3. Old Dirty

    Old Dirty

    Old Dirty is a restaurant located in Aqua around the Ari-Saphan Kwai neighborhood. The venue serves…

  4. Overseoul


    Overseoul is a bar/restaurant located in Sanam Pao. Upon entering the venue, the first thing you’ll…

  5. Sunray


    Sunray is a funky-looking casual bar located on the 3rd floor of the commercial building next to BTS…

  6. The Key Room No.72

    The Key Room No.72

    The Key Room No.72 is hidden behind door number 72 at the ultra-hip Josh Hotel. Inside, you’ll find…


More Clubs & Bars

Discover places in Phaya Thai

  1. Baby Bar Bangkok

    Baby Bar Bangkok

    Baby Bar Bangkok, located at Craftsman Hotel, features a retro-industrial style and a funky playlist…

  2. Barlayyum


    Barlayyum is beautiful Bar on Pradipat road.

  3. Barracuda Rooftop Bar

    Barracuda Rooftop Bar

    Barracuda Rooftop Bar is located on the 18th floor of the Akara Bangkok hotel. Designed to be minimal…

  4. Bottle Rocket Craft Beer Bar

    Bottle Rocket Craft Beer Bar

    Bottle Rocket Craft Beer Bar, as its name suggests, plays with astronautical decor. The spaceship-themed…

  5. Cantina Wine Bar

    Cantina Wine Bar

    Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Kitchen is a homemade-style Italian restaurant in Ari. The venue takes over…

  6. Circus Music Bar

    Circus Music Bar

    Circus Music Bar transports party lovers to a circus tent; its chic design and decor inspired by the…

  7. Dumbo


    Dumbo, sitting atop an old building in Ari, is a rustic rooftop bar where you can catch a view of Bangkok's…

  8. Frank Mansion

    Frank Mansion

    Frank Mansion is a compact-sized industrial loft bar that offers a full range of food, drinks, and music.…

  9. Fruit Bar The Social Club

    Fruit Bar The Social Club

    Fruit Bar The Social Club is the bar version of 'Oh! Vacoda', an adorable avocado café, serving fruit…

  10. Honest Mistake Bar

    Honest Mistake Bar

    Honest Mistake Bar is a speakeasy that's inspired by the time around 1930-1940 when Chinese businesses…

  11. Lemonade Date Night

    Lemonade Date Night

    Lemonade Date Night is a cozy bar located on Phaholyothin Soi 7 with a distinct yellow design concept…

  12. Mikkeller Ari

    Mikkeller Ari

    Mikkeller Ari is the second branch of a beloved craft beer bar, Mikkeller Bangkok. The bar occupies…

  13. NOX Ari

    NOX Ari

    NOX is a brand-new hangout that offers fun and entertainment in a laid-back setting for nightlife lovers.…

  14. Older


    Older is a gastropub in Sanam Pao that sits on a renovated building. The venue occupies three floors,…

  15. Perfect Strangers

    Perfect Strangers

    Perfect Strangers Bangkok believes that most relationships start from two strangers meeting. By being…

  16. Salt Aree

    Salt Aree

    SALT AREE is a stylish, yet laid-back restaurant and wine & cocktail bar, serving Japanese sushi and…

  17. Sasori Izakaya

    Sasori Izakaya

    Sasori Izakaya - located in Soi Phaholyothin 11 - features a modern, simple design and Japanese vibes,…

  18. Tell A Story

    Tell A Story

    Tell A Story is a bar/restaurant with a great ambiance tucked inside Soi Phaholyothin 12. It's decked…

  19. Thaisho


    Thaisho - a Thai-style bar/restaurant located in Saphan Kwai - stands out at the first sight with a…

  20. The Garrison

    The Garrison

    The Garrison draws inspiration from classic English pubs in the 1890s as well as the pub featured in…

  21. The Grey Area

    The Grey Area

    The Grey Area is new hidden bar located on Phaholyothin road. The menu features a wide selection of…

  22. Vela Rooftop

    Vela Rooftop

    VELA offers you a vantage point from the rooftop, where you can gaze out at the buildings around BTS…

  23. WhAb


    WhAB or While Away Bar-fe serves tea, coffee, lunch, and sweets like any regular café during the day.…


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