Max Club Bangkok

Max Club Bangkok

Discover the ultimate hotspot in the Thonglor area for travelers seeking non-stop fun – MAX CLUB BANGKOK!

Located in the iconic Liberty Thonglor building, MAX CLUB BANGKOK is the newest EDM sensation to hit the scene.

With its spacious layout and multiple zones, every level of MAX CLUB is designed to impress. From the exhilarating VIP zone offering both thrills and comfort (where drinks are served and private parties can be hosted), to the standing table zone right in front of the DJ booth, where EDM enthusiasts can soak in the pulsating bass and crystal-clear beats. Plus, don't miss the standing zone on the 2nd floor, providing a concert hall-like atmosphere that will transport you to a whole new world.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as MAX CLUB brings together renowned MCs and DJs who are at the forefront of the country's music scene, ensuring a wild party with no interruptions. With entertainment for up to 6-7 people every night, get ready to groove to the beat like never before!"

Featuring a full-color light system, MAX CLUB BANGKOK's interior is adorned with luxurious décor, complemented by LED screens strategically placed throughout the venue, showcasing impressive graphics. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a grand entrance, we've got you covered. With spotlights illuminating every corner of the club, the atmosphere pulsates with energy, enhancing the EDM experience throughout the night. It's just another touch that elevates your travel adventures to new heights of fun


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