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Ekkamai - Thonglor Clubs & Bars

Ask for a list of Bangkok's busiest nightlife neighborhoods, and you'd likely hear "Ekkamai - Thonglor" pop up at some point. Trends and hypes come and go, but this long-standing hotspot has remained a home to countless nightlife legends.

Frequented by a nightly crowd of bargoers and party lovers, the area is located in the heart of the city and super accessible with a BTS line and various roads that run right through it.

Ekkamai - Thonglor is teeming with all kinds of venues, and there are new hip places waiting to be discovered at every corner. Our list covers everything from casual restaurants, local dives, bars, pubs, nightclubs, all the way to rooftop bars atop five-star hotels. Scroll down and see where you should go check out tonight!



DEMO is an EDM powerhouse club located in the heart of Arena 10 along Thonglor Soi 10. Often playing big room, progressive, and trap the club’s décor reminds visitors of a garage or an underground warehouse…

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Featured Clubs & Bars

Must-visit places in Ekkamai - Thonglor

  1. Abovestone


    Abovestone is a new rooftop bar in Soi Sukhumvit 63 that sits on the 3-4th floor of Bliss Ekkamai (Soi…

  2. AINU Bar

    AINU Bar

    AINU BAR is located between Thonglor Soi 5-7 and offers daily live music, an extensive list of Japanese…

  3. Babyface Superclub

    Babyface Superclub

    Babyface Superclub is an upscale EDM nightclub in Ekkamai with a trendy and futuristic design. To immerse…



    BARBARBAR is an EDM club at the heart of Thonglor’s vibrant nightlife venue, Arena 10.

  5. Beam


    BEAM Club pioneered a clubbing movement in Bangkok where the intention was to introduce Bangkok to a…

  6. Bliss Ekkamai

    Bliss Ekkamai

    Located between Ekkamai Soi 12 & 14, Bliss Ekkmai is a bar that feels almost like a club with its focus…


More Clubs & Bars

Discover places in Ekkamai - Thonglor

  1. Dirty Bar

    Dirty Bar

    Dirty Bar carves a nook of its own out of the famous DEMO in Thonglor's Arena 10. However, this bar…

  2. DND Club

    DND Club

    DND Club (Do Not Disturb) is a fashionable club located deep inside Ekamai Soi 5/1. The alley which…

  3. Noiz Club

    Noiz Club

    NOIZ Club is an energetic nightclub located in Thonglor's Liberty Plaza. Dance-loving patrons can enjoy…

  4. PENTA


    PENTA is a brand-new hip-hop nightclub, located between Ekkamai Soi 26 and Ekkamai Soi 28. The venue…

  5. V Nightclub

    V Nightclub

    V Nightclub Bangkok is a modern nightclub that sits on the 2nd floor of The Opus in Thonglor Soi 10.…



    Violett is a hip nightclub located near the entrance to Soi Thonglor 10. Bathed in vibrant neon lights,…

  7. 008 Bar

    008 Bar

    008 Bar stands on Soi Thonglor 8 and pulls from the aesthetics of the time of World War I, immersing…

  8. 12 x 12

    12 x 12

    12 x 12 is a well-kept secret of Soi Tararom 2. Located across from Soi Thonglor 21, its underground…

  9. 7th Street Thonglor

    7th Street Thonglor

    7th STREET is a bar and bistro located on Thonglor Soi 10. The venue features comfortable seating, live…

  10. Alexander's German Eatery

    Alexander's German Eatery

    Alexander's German Eatery is all about making you feel warm and nostalgic like dining at your own home.…

  11. Assembly Point Thonglor

    Assembly Point Thonglor

    Assembly Point Thonglor – the rooftop bar sitting on the 8th floor of One Bangkok in Soi Sukhumvit 55…

  12. Atmos


    ATMOS is a bar and restaurant located on Thonglor Soi 10, which features daily live music and DJ sets.…

  13. Baan Puen Ekkamai

    Baan Puen Ekkamai

    BAAN PUEN is a friendly bar & restaurant with live Indie music and home-style atmosphere, located on…

  14. Backstage Cocktail Bar

    Backstage Cocktail Bar

    Backstage Cocktail Bar is a chic bar at Playhaus Hotel in Thonglor. Under the concept of theater, the…

  15. Badmotel


    BADMOTEL - previously a rundown shophouse - combines Bar & Restaurant, Gallery and Event Space, kept…

  16. Bar Savoy

    Bar Savoy

    Bar Savoy is an upscale bar/karaoke lounge tucked inside Thonglor's 72 Courtyard. The venue spans across…

  17. Beer Belly

    Beer Belly

    Beer Belly is a funky beer bar in Thonglor, located at 72 Courtyard. The bar boasts an extensive beer…

  18. Black Amber Social Club

    Black Amber Social Club

    Black Amber Thonglor Social Club is located in the heart of Thonglor and prides itself on being the…

  19. BottomsUp


    BOTTOMSUP is a Wine Beer & Bistro Bar located opposite Thonglor Soi 21. It’s open daily from 4pm onwards.…

  20. Cafe Thieves & Bar

    Cafe Thieves & Bar

    Cafe Thieves & Bar – a quirky little establishment in Soi Ekkamai 12 – is what happens when you combine…

  21. Chill Inda House

    Chill Inda House

    Chill Inda House is a hangout spot in Thonglor for hip-hop lovers and a joint effort of Khan Thaitanium…

  22. CHOW Cafe & Bar

    CHOW Cafe & Bar

    CHOW is a cafe, bar and bistro located on the ground-floor of the 5-star hotel Metropole Bangkok, near…

  23. De Commune

    De Commune

    De Commune, sitting in Thonglor's Liberty Plaza building, is a brand-new hangout that boasts a 'live…

  24. Desi Beats

    Desi Beats

    Desi Beats is an ultra-chic hangout with a distinctly Indian decor that seamlessly incorporates elements…

  25. Es ca pe'

    Es ca pe'

    Es ca pe' is a simple two-story stylish home-bar and the perfect spot to enjoy drinks, dinner, and some…

  26. Evil Man Blues

    Evil Man Blues

    Evil Man Blues is a jazz bar at 72 Courtyard in Thonglor. The venue reminds you of an all-American diner,…

  27. Find The Locker Room

    Find The Locker Room

    Find The Locker Room takes a very literal approach to its name. To find this secret cocktail bar, you…

  28. Funky Lam Kitchen

    Funky Lam Kitchen

    Funky Lam Kitchen occupies the same space as the hip café Luka Moto and offers laid-back vibes with…

  29. Graham Studio

    Graham Studio

    Graham Studio is a secret bar/restaurant located in Ekkamai. The homey bar has a warm and friendly ambiance…

  30. HOBS Thonglor

    HOBS Thonglor

    HOBS is a bar chain with currently 7 branches. Their Thonglor branch is located right next to the entrance…

  31. House Ekkamai

    House Ekkamai

    House Ekkamai is the second branch of House, a bar/nightclub that has been entertaining the Rangsit…

  32. J.Boroski Bangkok

    J.Boroski Bangkok

    J.Boroski Bangkok is a secret bar in Thonglor owned by Joseph Boroski - the famous mixologist behind…

  33. Joh Station

    Joh Station

    Joh Station is a casual hangout in Ekkamai that offers a full range of nightlife entertainment. To welcome…

  34. K Bomb

    K Bomb

    K Bomb – a Korean bar in Ekkamai-Thonglor – transports Bangkokian bargoers right to nightclubs in Seoul's…

  35. Kiki Korean Bar

    Kiki Korean Bar

    Kiki Korean Bar is where you should be if you want an authentic Korean bar experience; it's like arriving…

  36. KuKKuuK Yakiniku Café

    KuKKuuK Yakiniku Café

    KuKKuuK Yakiniku Café is a Japanese vintage-style bar/restaurant on top of the nightclub Do Not Disturb.…

  37. Mikkeller


    MIKKELLER is Thailand's first craft beer bar. It features 30 rotating craft beer taps and a huge variety…

  38. Mocking Tales

    Mocking Tales

    Mocking Tales is a venue with two souls located in Thonglor – a restaurant by day and an enchanting…

  39. Nunglen-LAB


    Nunglen LAB has been a long-time favorite among bargoers, and for good reasons. This well-loved venue…

  40. Octave Rooftop Bar

    Octave Rooftop Bar

    Octave is a multilevel bar and terrace on the top floor of the Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit, right at…

  41. Pirate Arena

    Pirate Arena

    Pirate Arena is a brand-new, three-story hangout spot in Thonglor designed after pirate ships. The first…

  42. Playlist Ekkamai

    Playlist Ekkamai

    Playlist Ekkamai, located on Soi Ekkamai 12, is a hangout spot where you and your friends can come and…

  43. Rabbit Hole

    Rabbit Hole

    Rabbit Hole is an ultra-chic bar in Thonglor with a design that focuses on privacy and enigma, as the…

  44. Reunion Thonglor

    Reunion Thonglor

    Reunion Thonglor is a bar & restaurant in Thonglor Soi 10 that takes you back in time to enjoy the greatest…

  45. Ruenglalynn Thonglor

    Ruenglalynn Thonglor

    Rernglalyn x 7th Street Thonglor, located in Soi Thonglor 10, is a music bar that invites awesome live…

  46. RUU Music Bar

    RUU Music Bar

    RUU Music Bar puts great music and unique atmosphere together by offering a cozy indoor area and open-air…

  47. Shades of Retro

    Shades of Retro

    Shades of Retro has stood in Thonglor for 14 years. First established as an antique shop, it later adds…

  48. She Bar

    She Bar

    She Bar is a bar & restaurant located on Thonglor Soi 16. Though dressed in a minimalist style, the…

  49. Snail Bar

    Snail Bar

    SNAIL is a new bar and restaurant in Arena 10, on Thonglor Soi 10. The venue offers live music, beers…

  50. Sugarray Apartment

    Sugarray Apartment

    Sugarray Apartment – a hip bar in Thonglor's The Commons – serves a wide range of drinks with a focus…

  51. Surface


    SURFACE is a cozy hangout located at Sukhumvit 53, with indoor and outdoor area. They cultivate their…

  52. SWAY


    SWAY is located at the entrance of Arena 10 on Thonglor Soi 10. Sway is a boutique bar with a modern…

  53. TDERM


    TDERM is a casual Ekkamai nightclub that stands out with its fun and convivial ambiance. The venue's…

  54. Thaipioka


    Thaipioka is a tropical cocktail bar located on the 1st floor of Salil Hotel on Thonglor Soi 1, Sukhumvit.…

  55. THAY Ekamai

    THAY Ekamai

    THAY is a new restaurant and pub, located between Ekkamai Soi 12 and 14. The open-air venue has a maximum…

  56. The Cassette Music Bar

    The Cassette Music Bar

    The Cassette Music Bar is a bar in Werng Boran at the entrance of Soi Ekkamai 10. Pretty in pink, the…

  57. The Commons

    The Commons

    THE COMMONS is a community mall located at Sukhumvit Soi 55, with a multitude of shops in 4 zones, and…

  58. The Iron Fairies

    The Iron Fairies

    THE IRON FAIRIES is one of Bangkok’s most unique bars. It has 4 floors and it’s interior and decoration…

  59. The Lab Bar

    The Lab Bar

    The Lab Bar, located in Soi Ekkamai 10, features an eye-catching design that combines old-timey cinemas…

  60. Thonglor Official

    Thonglor Official

    Thonglor Official is a bar located between Soi Ekkaimai 5 and Soi Thonglor 10, right across from the…

  61. Tone Ekamai

    Tone Ekamai

    TONE Ekamai stands out with its unique focus on music and experimental tracks. At this brand-new bar…

  62. Tonique Bar & Pizza

    Tonique Bar & Pizza

    Tonique Bar & Pizza is part of the Park Avenue complex located between Soi Ekkaimai 12 and 14. The venue…

  63. Touché Hombre

    Touché Hombre

    Touché Hombre is a well-loved Mexican restaurant chain from Melbourne, Australia. The brand has landed…

  64. Tuba


    Tuba is a bar and restaurant in Ekkamai that takes its decor inspiration from European designs and Thai…

  65. Wanderlust


    WANDERLUST is an intimate alternative rooftop bar located on the 5th floor of a commercial building…

  66. Wine Republic

    Wine Republic

    Wine Republic is a bar/restaurant located near the entrance of Soi Thonglor 10. Leaning towards the…

  67. Wishbeer Thonglor

    Wishbeer Thonglor

    Wishbeer Thonglor starts off as a craft beer home delivery service website but has now established several…

  68. Yello Thonglor

    Yello Thonglor

    Yello Thonglor - an ultra-chic nightclub in Thonglor's Arena 10 - welcomes crowds of revelers and hip-hop/trap…

  69. Yolo Ekkamai

    Yolo Ekkamai

    Yolo Ekkamai sits in Verng Boran shopping mall in Ekkamai Soi 10. The name of this bar & restaurant…

  70. Yoshi Bar

    Yoshi Bar

    Yoshi Bar sits right next to RUU Music bar in 9:53 Art Mall. The concept of this restaurant and sake…


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