Style up for Songkran With These Summer Outfit Ideas!

Having trouble putting together your outfits to welcome this Summer heat? We’ve got a number of intriguing 2019 fashion ideas that you and your friends can easily mix and match from home!

Style up for Songkran With These Summer Outfit Ideas!
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Thailand has now officially entered its renowned hot and humid Summer season. With temperatures climbing up to almost 40°C and an unless assault from the searing sunlight throughout the day, your shades and hats become your best friend.

But don’t fret just yet, as the heat also signals the arrival of the annual Songkran festivities and celebrations!

Whether you regularly enjoy getting wet in the splash zones around town, meeting up with your family for a nice meal, or gearing up for the Songkran-themed music festivals that everyone around the world travel to Thailand for, you’ll definitely be needing an outfit that’ll help you withstand the heat and have you looking your best throughout the day.

If you still have no idea where to start, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a few trendy fashion ideas that you can easily mix and match up on your own. Check out which of these you like and be sure to get soaked in style for the Songkran celebrations this April!

Animal Print

Let’s start off with one of the most iconic and recurring styles like the Animal Print. The beloved animal patterns constantly make the headlines on notable runways like Fashion Week 2019 with world-class brands like Off-White, Phillip Lim, Gucci, Tom Ford, and Burberry.

Songkran Style Ideas for Women

(1) Topshop (2) Water Gun (3) Opening Ceremony (4) Topshop (5) Alexander Wang (6) Gucci (7) H&M (8) Topshop (9) H&M (10) Moschino (11) Levi’s (12) Topshop

Songkran Style Ideas for Men

(1) H&M (2) Water Gun (3) Lacoste (4) RayBan (5) MLB (6) Keen (7) Levi’s (8) Opening Ceremony x Lacoste (9) Moschino (10) Stussy (11) Dapper

Don’t be intimidated by the mesmerizing and exotic nature of the Animal Print just yet. These patterns often appear on items with Earth tones including cream, brown, beige, green, and gray, which can easily match with more colors than you think!

If you decide to go for the rousing brown-toned Leopard shirt, you can simply match it with a pair of pale-colored jeans. If you go for Animal Print shorts, you can, in turn, match it with some solid-colored t-shirts or tank tops as well.

From then, you can complete the look with a few accessories you can find around the house like sunglasses or a fanny pack. Finally, pick up a pair of waterproof flip-flops before you head out and you’re ready to get wet and wild with your brand-new sexy Summer look!


The Tie-Dye trend is back for 2019 and, just like the Animal Print, is catching the spotlight on the Fashion Week 2019 runway with brands like R13, Prada, Dior, and Prabal Gurung. Seeing the colorful and pastel Tie-Dye fashion on the models brings back the hippie, '70s flower-power connotation vibe we know and love.

Songkran Style Ideas for Women

(1) ALAND (2) Water Gun (3) Topshop (4) Andy Wolf (5) ASOS (6) ALAND (7) Pomelo (8) ASOS (9) Opening Ceremony (10) Topshop (11) Pomelo

Songkran Style Ideas for Men

(1) Water Gun (2) Vans (3) Stussy (4) Charms (5) H&M (6) 032c (7) Lee Cooper (8) Adidas (9) Stussy (10) Opening Ceremony

We often see Tie-Dye fashion return during the Summer since the playfully-colored cotton shirts have a nice cooling quality and can be easily mixed with other items to bring out the hippie (or even street!) look in you.

Tie-Dye items can be found at multiple clothing shops around town, or, if you want to take it a step further, you can make one at home as well. With just a few materials and procedures, you can create your own unique Tie-Dye look!

For men, Tie-Dye shirts with jean shorts or knee-length sweatpants will keep you comfortable all day long. For ladies, you can either pick up a colorful cropped top or slim fit long-sleeved Tie-Dye and pair with the trending biker leggings or your favorite jean shorts you have lying around the house.

Finish up the look with a pair of Chic sunglasses with a Tie-Dye cap or baguette hat to protect yourself from the scorching sun and you’ve got yourself another Songkran outfit ready!


Other than on the runways of fashion capitals like New York, Milan, London, and the Paris Fashion Week, the Neon collections and designs featuring reflective green, pink and orange from top-tier fashion brands like Moschino, Off-White, Gucci, Versace, Armani, and Valentino have became a catch with the public as well.

As seen from the celebrities, models, and fashion icons, Neon clothing is not just reserved for the runway and can help us stand out in the crowd!

Songkran Style Ideas for Women

(1) Pomelo (2) Water Gun (3) Guess (4) Pomelo (5) Pomelo (6) Topshop (7) Topshop (8) Topshop (9) Topshop (11) Topshop (12) MLB (13) Moschino (14) Gucci

Songkran Style Ideas for Men

(1) MLB (2) Water Gun (3) Supreme (4) MLB (5) H&M (6) Lewis N. Clark (7) Vans (8) Fendi (9) Topman (10) Birkenstock x Opening Ceremony (11) Boy London (12) Stussy

If Neon is the style you’ll be going with this Songkran, then be sure to pack a whole lot of confidence alongside your water gun to pull off this incredibly exciting look!

It’s normal for most of us to feel self-conscious with a Neon-colored item on, but if you can pair a Neon-Green t-shirt, tank top, or bodysuit with your favorite jean shorts or track shorts, then it’ll give you the chic, playful, colorful and fresh look that you were aiming for.

If you feel like either your top or bottom might be “too Neon”, then you can instead go for everyday clothing and pick up a few Neon accessories like a bright pink baguette hat or cap, an orange Neon sack bag, or a colorful pair of flip-flops and still stand out in any Songkarn parties around town!


Aside from the Animal Print, Tie-Dye, and Neon styles we mentioned above, another trend that has often been the topic of conversations and anticipations during the 2019 Fashion Week is the street-style fashion that features the simple, but intriguing Beige color-tone.

You can often see fashion influencers, both men and women, taking on items with colors like Cream, Nude, Rosy Brown, and Ash Grey to mix and match, creating layers of cool looks and styles.

Songkran Style Ideas for Women

(1) H&M (2) Kenzo (3) Water Gun (4) Topshop (5) Lorod (6) Topshop (7) Pomelo (8) Gucci (9) Topshop (10) Topshop (11) Gucci

Songkran Style Ideas for Men

(1) Water Gun (2) ALAND (3) Stussy (4) Adidas (5) H&M (6) Fendi (7) Lacoste (8) Nike (9) ITIWIT (10) Fendi (11) Gucci (12) Lacoste

Cool off the heat this Songkran with some classic Beige selections that we believe most of you should have in your wardrobe, if not already your usual style. No only are they easy to find, but can also be matched with any Earth-toned items to create a fashionable outfit that will keep you looking sharp even when you’re soaking wet.

For ladies, you might want to opt for swimwear underneath just to be safe before topping it off with a cream-colored t-shirt or a grey tank top. Match those with a nice pair of track pants (can be both short or long!), chic sunglasses, a cute pair of sandals and you’re good to go!

For men, you can easily opt for the minimal look with just a cotton t-shirt and a short of choice in the same color tone. But if you want to keep things fun as well, you can also accessorize your look with a cool brimless hat and a waterproof duffel bag. Simple combination, yet, works very well for the Summer festivities like Songkran!

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