16 Thai Jewelry Brands with Remarkable Designs

Brands by Thai designers where you can grab a stunning piece of jewelry that’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

16 Thai Jewelry Brands with Remarkable Designs
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Jewelry and accessories are essential for fashionistas, especially complete the look you so meticulously curated. While Thailand has its fair share of jewelry brands available to shoppers, it’s arguably more satisfying to see Thai designers in the spotlight.

Most of these brands feature Thai cultural motifs in their collections, while some borrow from well-known folklore and stories. As a result, we see this incredibly diverse and vibrant designs.

So here are 16 stylish jewelry brands created by Thai designers, each with their own unique quirks and qualities. We promise there’s something for everyone who loves to adorn themselves with some sparkly bits.

(In alphabetical order)



Let’s kick off our list with Pailin – a Thai design brand and a prominent producer and exporter of stylish accessories for more than 30 years. Although it was officially founded in 2019, the team behind Pailin consists of experienced professionals.

The brand uses 92.5% silver as well as other natural materials such as gemstones and pearls to make each piece. What’s more, Pailin’s jewelers are experts in setting precious stones on European-styled pieces. This last factor has allowed the brand to hold its own against other, bigger names in the market.

If Pailin were a person, it would be a woman in her early twenties, taking her first steps in the independent adult world. Highly feminine, classy, and subtle – these are some of the defining characters in Pailin’s design. Each piece radiates a quiet, timeless elegance that allows it to be worn on any occasion.

Other than these gorgeous jewelry, the brand often releases fun facts on gemstones for its followers. For example, they provide recommendations and advice on how to select the jewelry that matches your lifestyle the most, as well as educate you about the meaning of each jewelry.

So by following Pailin’s social media account, not only can you see its latest collections, but you’ll also be learning about your accessories too.

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Ake Ake

Let’s kick off the list with Ake Ake – a prominent unisex jewelry brand run by a family of silversmiths with over 40 years of experience. Considering this background, it’s not hard to see how the brand can become a multi-generational success.

Most Ake Ake collections include mostly silver jewelry inspired by England's medieval age and a story of deceitful knights. This choice of brand narrative translates incredibly well into the overall design.

Although the style of these items are traditionally masculine, women can wear them just the same for that cool swagger look. Each and every item is crafted with great care, skills, and precision, and as such, the brand has quickly become a favorite among fashionistas.

One of the most collaborations is a project with apparel brand Hold’em Denim, which sees the two brands put together an exclusive collection.

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Arquetype has quickly made its name known among Thailand’s new-gen jewelry lovers. The brand can be recognized by its unique ‘architect sketch’ aesthetics, inspired by minimalist designs, simple elegance, as well as a love for natural art.

Arquetype uses geometric shapes to create unique designs, and the brand also curates gemstones from international sources to feature on each piece. This is how Arquetype can make a simple item come alive with stories and details – a unique character of the brand that’s hard to replicate.

The brand’s collections include a wide range of accessories: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and brooches. You can also choose from color options like silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

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Basic Teeory

Speaking of brands with a uniquely creative twist, Basic Teeory is definitely up there. The brand uses the concept of “Paper You Can Wear” to adapt recycled paper from various sources.

The paper is rolled, laminated, and painted. With these steps, this simple material is transformed into a new kind of jewelry with vibrant colors and unusual shapes. The best part? It’s super eco-friendly.

Basic Teeory’s founder believes that no matter what material the accessories are made of, they all have value in their own way.

And even though these items are made mainly out of paper, you don’t have to worry about them not standing up after use or being exposed to sweat and moisture. The paper is laminated to increase its durability and allow the items to be worn without causing skin irritation.

Basic Teeory is mainly known for its necklace and earring line, which come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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Carletta Jewellery

Carletta Jewellery was founded by Thai designer Surasak Maneesathianrattana and his family. They started out only handling the business side and providing jewelry know-how. Now, they’ve grown the Carletta Jewellery brand into the huge success it is today.

Surasak is also one of the few Thai designers to feature in Gems Vision – a trend book released by the global leader in jewelry, Swarovski.

Carletta means “freedom” in Latin. That’s why every collection evokes an image of unrestrained movement. Other elements include classic myths like Adam & Eve, Medieval Knights, and natural landscapes such as volcanoes.

The brand characterizes its products for confident women who are poised and elegant while possessing an unyielding strength, and that reflects on the overall design, material, and the making of these items. You can choose from a fine selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

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Erasakon (E-lah-sa-kon) is a creatively named jewelry brand that originated from Sakonnakorn. This Isaan province is known for indigo-dyed fabric – cotton textiles woven entirely by hand and then dyed with natural indigo. It’s an export that has brought its home province, and Thailand, much pride.

The brand uses indigo-dyed fabric as the core from which to weave the jewelry with uniquely Thai characters. Some Erasakon items are made from the by-product of the weaving and cutting process, while some from offcut teen sin (lit. foot of fabric) pieces.

As a result, Erasakon collections bring together local expertise and contemporary fashion. Thai trendsetters are eager to show these unique pieces off, while international fans can appreciate the refreshing aesthetics.

Erasakon jewelry glows radiant and luxurious thanks to the use of 18K gold. You’ll also see unconventional materials, like resins, that allow other collections to feature more diverse shapes.

The main lines of Erasakon include earrings and necklaces, and also other non-jewelry items such as scarves, pillowcases, and tote bags.

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© Inthai
© Inthai
© Inthai
© Inthai

Pulling inspiration from Thai craftworks, Inthai adapts Thai aesthetics and traditional motifs into incredible accessories.

For each collection, the brand dives into the world of Kram & ‘chicken bowl’ ceramics as well as other Thai handicrafts. With the meticulous details on the colors and patterns, it’s obvious that Inthai puts a lot of effort into its process.

That would have been impressive on its own, but Inthai also works with locals to create these amazing pieces for its customers.

Although Inthai focuses mainly on traditional Thai designs, it still adopts some modern elements to attract young fashionistas and make its products more appropriate for everyday use.

One of its best-selling items is the Kram and ‘chicken bowl’ collection, where tableware meets accessories. The earrings and rings are made from ceramics and silver.

Inthai has also released several other lines of products, such as scarves and tote bags. The brand even won the Design Excellence Awards 2018 for its impressive Kram collection.

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JITTRAKARN was founded on the concept of ‘Realistic Futuristic’ – combining avant-garde & futuristic aesthetics with classy and elegant designs you can wear on any occasion.

In fact, the brand’s collection is so distinctive that it was featured in the hit US series Krypton.

Known for its creative designs, JITTRAKARN loves to add innovative features to shake things up. The high-quality, durable material also allows the items to last while keeping things classy.

There’s quite a variety in the collections; earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles are some of the options. And, true to the brand’s character, there are also original pieces, like nose/mouth covers, which really bring that otherworldly look to life.

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Among brands that feature Thai aesthetics, KaratJewel offers stunning designs that use patterns from traditional Thai architecture as well as wickerworks by locals.

From those inspirations come these one-of-a-kind pieces. And while the brand is proud to showcase Thai designs, it’s also not afraid to experiment with modern elements, which means its collections will serve the new generation of fashion fans well.

KaratJewel has released collections after collections of stunning designs, which quickly earned the brand a place in Thai jewelry fans’ hearts. Not only that, but it has also managed to make its name known in markets abroad.

Among the collections, you find necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, and more; each is made with great attention to details. You can trust that you’ll be getting the best quality and help Thai designs flourish in this modern age.

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La Orr

© La Orr
© La Orr
© La Orr
© La Orr

Adapting Thai silk as jewelry, La Orr sources its textiles from Amphoe Pakthongchai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The silk is known for its vibrant, glossy quality with over 300 varieties in color, so it’s a natural choice when it comes to making accessories.

‘La Orr’ means beauty; a kind of Thai ideal beauty, to be specific. The brand repurposes warp and weft of the silk to create a funky and unusual pattern. It’s also a way to change younger people’s perception of Thai silk, making the age-old textile more approachable.

La Orr items are 100% handmade, and that’s every component accounted for. For its collections, the brand looks for inspiration in nature and integrates them into the items you can take with you anywhere. Orchid, butterfly, and pupa are some of the most popular motifs.

Vibrant colors and flashy silhouettes go super well with the modern design. La Orr uses metal and stone as the base and silk as a stand-in for the gemstones.

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Mizuchol is a women’s jewelry brand that aims to bring out the best side of every woman with highly distinctive accessories. The brand is famous for its unique designs and painstaking processes, all overseen by expert Thai craftsmen.

What’s more, Mizuchol uses exclusively premium materials, such as silver from the US, to ensure every piece meets the standard and represents the brand’s signature attention to details.

The brand’s product line includes everything from necklace, bracelets, earrings, and rings. So if you’re looking for feminine-style jewelry, you should definitely browse through the brand’s collection.

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© Ownory
© Ownory
© Ownory
© Ownory

Ownory, a Thai silver jewelry brand, takes inspiration from a fusion of Thai and Western art and combines them in a stylish blend. Thanks to its team of professional designers, the brand’s product line features colorful pieces that can bring out the character of its wearer.

Every collection proudly sports Thai themes and motifs: local festivals, Kram ceramics, as well as popular destinations. The brand does an incredible job of capturing the essence of these cultural elements.

Ownory jewelry is 100% handmade; every item crafted with expert skills on a silver base.

Gemstones, enamels, and Murano-style blown glass are some of the most demanding details on these pieces, requiring a high level of personal expertise and experience. This is precisely why Ownory stands out among other brands, and how it manages to become a favorite among Thai and international jewelry fans.

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© Ravipa
© Ravipa
© Ravipa
© Ravipa

Love is always beautiful; those are the words Thai brand Ravipa lives by. Leaning into a “Symbol of Love” concept, the brand represents love of all kinds through its jewelry, providing you with a lovely way to send a heartwarming message.

After seeing Ravipa’s collections, one might describe its character as a delicate lady who’s anything but weak; a working woman who loves to travel. And so, most pieces are minimalist, simple, but have distinctive details that make it pop.

Ravipa’s most popular item is the ‘infinity’ ring – its signature collection. As the shape represents the infinite nature of love, this is the perfect gift for your other half. (Or buy it for yourself and celebrate self-love.)

Be sure to keep an eye out; Ravipa releases new collections every year. Other than rings, you’ll also have options of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and many more.

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Silver Glam

Many jewelry brands are founded by family businesses that are directly involved in the trade, and Silver Glam is one such brand.

A successor of an over-50-year-old jewelry business and now a third-generation owner, Silver Glam’s founder is keeping the family business going strong. Combine multi-generational know-how and some modern elements, and a new brand was born.

Silver Glam designs its product by the motto “Simple But Significant”. As such, the designs are usually straightforward but still pack a bold character in their simplicity.

The main feature of most pieces is natural gemstones, meticulously selected and expertly affixed in a 100% handmade process on unique designs.

Gemstones are selected so that the color matches the piece they’ll actually sit on, then attached by a traditional enamel process.

As for the jewelry collections, you’ll have options of rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and earrings.

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© Tamas
© Tamas
© Tamas
© Tamas

Tamas Jewelry applies a global standard on its entire process, resulting in high-quality products that have become well-known in countries like Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The brand typically uses precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds on its pieces.

Tamas Jewelry started out as a way to grow the gemstone export business of the owner’s family, which has been established for over 40 years.

Now, the brand offers items that fashionable women will love to wear every day and can be mixed & matched with many styles and looks. These stunning designs can really bring out the inner shine of its wearer.

Choose from collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings – all made by expert jewelers with great care and attention to details. So rest assured; you’re getting the best in terms of quality.

For more information and to place orders, visit the links down below.


Try Me

© Try Me
© Try Me
© Try Me
© Try Me

Thai brand Try Me is known for 100% handmade jewelry as well as adorable, fairytale-like designs girls will absolutely love. When you put a piece of Try Me jewelry on, you’ll feel like a princess – pretty and sweet as a spring’s bloom.

Another highlight of Try Me is the hand-painted enamels on each and every piece. These come with tiny Easter eggs such as carousels that actually spin or cat heads with bells that actually ring.

But if cutesy-wootsy isn’t exactly your style, Try Me also offers many other minimalist pieces for that simple classy look. Choose from collections of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

No matter what kind of styles you prefer, you’re bound to find something that complements you; that’s a guarantee.

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