Preduce x NB Celebrates Thai Skate Pros with a New Collection

New Balance is teaming up with Preduce for the 'Thai Pillow' collection that focuses on Thai skateboarding culture.

Preduce x NB Celebrates Thai Skate Pros with a New Collection
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If you take a good look back into the late-1970s, you’ll find that the “Skateboard Culture” that is quite prevalent today, especially in the fashion industry where street wears always finds its way to show up alongside high-end brands, originated from young skaters that like to put their skateboards to the test on the streets. This energy and attitude of the skaters created the skateboard culture that we know and love today.

Now, looking at the skaters in Thailand, you'll find that skating is a very niche activity that's only prevalent among those who love the craft. This is why we don't often see the gathering of skateboard enthusiasts in public places in Thailand like we do elsewhere in the world.

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It can be tough to push forward a skateboarding culture in a country like Thailand, but that hasn't stopped a small group of young people from gathering 20 years ago. The group wanted to turn their passion of skateboarding into a legitimate career while continuing to push the skateboard industry in Thailand into international recognition, and the was when “Preduce” was born.

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Starting with only video productions, Preduce was officially the first skateboard company in Thailand in 2003. They opened their first flagship store in Siam Square in 2006, distributing a wide range of products including skateboard decks, wheels, hardware, and clothing while also working closely with local and international designers, artists, and fashion brands on collaboration projects.

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Preduce Shop, Siam Square Soi 1

Towards the end of 2019, Preduce had just launched the “Thai Pillow” collection with the help of the New Balance’s Numeric skateboarding line. The collaboration stays true to its Thai heritage by bringing design elements of the triangular cushion, commonly used in Thailand for support or sitting on the floor, to street-ready skate shoes.

Drawing inspiration from the prints and colors found on traditional Thai triangle pillows, the brands reimagined the everyday skate and lifestyle shoes with premium suede and leather in bold maroon, blue and white. The lightness of the shoes also allows for full-on skateboarding activities.

Furthermore, you can find shirts, shorts, hats, and skateboard decks sporting the same traditional Thai colorways and elephant patterns in the collection as well.

The “Thai Pillow” collection not only showcases the beauty and uniqueness of Thai culture and heritage for the world to see or the results of an international collaboration, but it also tells a story of “Jasper Dohrs", the team's Thai-American rising star who became a pro skater at when he was only in his early 20s. You can find out more about the documentary ‘NB# x Preduce "Thai Pillow" shoes! | Preduce Skateboards’.

Jasper Dohrs

This 8-minute video captures the journey to success of the young skateboarder that started with him taking interest in Preduce’s first video named "Smooth" in 2016. Since then, he continued to push the boundaries of his techniques and skills. Jasper added that he'll always find time to watch videos about skateboarding as it helps him expand his horizons and teach him about the cultures that come along with skateboarding.

As an inspiration to those who are passionate about skateboarding and are aspiring to become a successful pro skater one day by developing their passion into a career and drawing interest from sponsors worldwide that will allow them to travel the globe to do what they love most, Preduce has released a second video revealing what went on behind the scenes of the "Thai Pillow" video.

Over 21 minutes, you'll meet several pro skaters who will tell you to keep doing what you are doing, practice hard every day, and never give up on your skateboarding dreams.

If you’re interested in the ‘Thai Pillow’ collection, you can find them on the Preduce online store. Some items, however, have already been sold out!

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