10 Thai Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Inspiration and Advice

10 Thai Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Inspiration and Advice

Women across the world share have at least one one thing in common: a passion for beauty. When looking for inspiration and helpful advice, beauty blogs have become the first port of call for most women these days.

In Thailand, with many great Thai beauty bloggers, we are spoilt for choice. Below we have compiled a list of 10 Thai Beauty Bloggers, not in particular order, that we think are well-worth checking out!



Pearypie is a Thai makeup artist and beauty blogger which has more than 1.2 million followers! What we love about her, are all the innovative makeup ideas she keeps coming up with.

Who would have thought that cartoon makeup, painting stars or hearts on the face or drawing pink eyebrows will become a new trend? The only thing that exceeds her makeup skill is her beauty that even melts a girl's heart.



Feonalita or Sai (her fans call her P’Fi) started her blog back in 2006. She is not only skillful with makeup but also has serious knowledge about skincare, beauty products and hair coloring.

Besides pictures with perfect, on-point makeup and styling, she also shares funny and natural pictures on her Facebook page, which just make us adore her even more!


I dress myself / Pretty Sickly

While her real name is Yanin Namasonthi, most people call her Baitong or B. She is also Thai, but lives in England. Her blog name “I dress myself” has its main focus on fashion, but there are also “How To” videos about makeup as well.

Her smart style and charming tattoos make her unique and that makes her even more attractive to us.


Fah Sarika

No way that Fah Sarika would not be in our list, she is incredibly talented and smart. She is well-known as a YouTuber, singer, actress and also model.

She is not only a talented beauty blogger, but she also outstands from her study performance as she got a certificate from Bodindecha 2 School.

You can find many interesting things on her site, from makeup tips, to interesting new products, lifestyle and fashion.



MayyR is a YouTuber and Beauty Blogger with a unique style of makeup tutorial videos.

She brings out her great sense of humor in her videos, such as speaking in Isan (North Eastern Thai dialect) and using other people’s hand to do the makeup as a challenge.

She is great and fun, therefore don't miss out on her!


Archita Station

Arcihta Station is the official site of 23-years old Srinakharinwirot University, Achita "Archi" Siripinyanond.

She became famous from her "How to makeup" videos on YouTube and as of now has more than 500,000 followers on YouTube, and over 100,000 on Facebook.

With the age of 23, she already has her own makeup brand, ‘Archita’. He dedication makes her become one of our favorites.



Tyffvathu is a beauty blogger, with stunning big eyes, who has just recently started doing her own beauty blog, therefore don’t be surprised if you have not heard about her yet.

What we love about her is her creative makeup ideas, which are often new and unique, and her ideas about fast makeup, hairstyling and skincare. She is definitely someone to watch!



Onnbaby or Onn, is a beautiful student from Chulalongkorn University. Her Facebook page “Onnbaby” has over 50,000 followers.

Her blog’s content does not only focus on makeup but also about skin care, food, lifestyle, contact lenses and even travel!

The reason we love Onn is because of her business Girl look. As the owner of “Flawless Me Thailand”, she proofs that her talent is more than just looking gorgeous.



Wonderpeach or Peach is a blogger that seriously loves makeup. Her fan page has a lot of interesting content. Apart from makeup, there is content about hair styling, new makeup products, and even exercising tips, which we can guarantee that you will love it.

Apart from her own content, she also shares great articles about travel, beauty and health too.



Kwankhong or Kwan is a beautiful student from Srinakharinvirot University. Her site's well-known content is about reviewing products, ranging from makeup to skincare.

What is special about her, is her distinct Chinese look: single eyelids tend to make it difficult to do makeup, but she skillfully shows us the possibilities.


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