15 Shabu & BBQ Delivery Services in Bangkok You Need to Try

Our list of shabu-shabu & BBQ places that pack mouthwatering beef, pork, and other snacks then send them to your door!

15 Shabu & BBQ Delivery Services in Bangkok You Need to Try
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One of the worst feelings in the world is probably the cravings you get when you want shabu or mu kra ta (Thai BBQ) but also can’t bear to leave the house. Preparing the ingredients and equipment would take far too long. You. Want. It. Now. Your stomach called and said it cannot, and will not, wait.

Honestly, same. That’s why we’re bringing you a list of 15 shabu & BBQ restaurants that deliver to your home. We, too, believe that shabu and mu kra ta can solve every problem. Ready? Come on and dive into our guide to meaty goodness!

(In alphabetical order)



Let’s start with AKIYOSHI – a chain of Japanese-style sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and yakiniku restaurants. For the last two decades, this has been the go-to place for authentic tastes from Shikazaki, Kanagawa. Its Phra Khanong branch is a local legend loved by many foodies.

AKIYOSHI’s delivery menu includes a wide variety of shabu & sukiyaki sets and donburi. Enjoy premium pork, chicken, beef, and seafood as well as fresh vegetables. With these sets, you only need to set up a pot and you’ll be good to go.

Find AKIYOSHI at its Phra Khanong branch, Siam Square One, Central Westgate, and Chamchuri Square. You can also place your order on its Facebook Page, Lineman, and Grabfood.

  • Opening Hours:

    - Monday - Thursday 11.00 - 20.00. (Last order at 19.30)
    - Friday - Sunday 11.00 - 21.00. (Last order at 20.30)

  • Price:

    Shabu-shabu sets starting from 514 THB.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 097-958-3973
    Contact on Line
    Contact on Facebook Messenger


Bar B Grill Delivery

Enjoy your shabu-shabu / BBQ fast & easy with Bar B Grill Delivery. The ingredients are as fresh and well-selected as they come, but the real highlight is how the service provides you with a premium electric grill. With this, you can enjoy shabu-shabu & BBQ at your home even if you have no equipment.

Choose from combos of pork, beef, seafood, or all-star as well as basic and tom yum broths. Plus, Bar B Grill’s special dip is the perfect condiment to go with the meat. This will be a meal to remember for sure.


Homey Shabu

Enjoy a full feast without ever leaving your home by ordering from Homey Shabu – a shabu-shabu / BBQ delivery service that also provides you with an electric grill.

They deliver high-quality nine sets of pork, beef, seafood, and all-star right to your door with aromatic broths and flavorful dipping sauces. With Homey Shabu, you can bet you’re getting a bellyful of delicious and savory goodness.


I am Shabu Delivery

Can’t decide whether you love your meat grilled or parboiled? I am Shabu Delivery says don’t choose – enjoy both at once with their shabu-shabu / BBQ sets and ‘twin’ electric stove. Get ready for a premium selection of pork, beef, and seafood, available in sets of their own as well as all-star combos.


Penguin Eat Shabu

Penguin Eat Shabu is known mainly for two things: shabu-shabu buffet and juicy grilled Wagyu sushi. The restaurant serves premium meat that is soft and succulent and melts in your mouth.

Even with the delivery service, you can still enjoy the complete experience with pork and beef sets. A la carte items, like pork collar and pork belly slices, are also available starting from 80 THB.


Sagano Shabu & Sushi

As its name suggests, Sagano Shabu & Sushi offers the best of both worlds along with fresh Norwegian salmon. On the menu are parades of pork, beef, seafood, and most impressively delicious sushi, delivered right to your home.

The restaurant takes pride in using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Every set comes with a fresh vegetable & sides platter as well as choices of broths from Japanese-style, clear, miso, and tom yum.


Shabu Lab

Shabu Lab sets itself apart from other shabu-shabu places with its ‘laboratory’ setting. Now offering delivery service for meat lovers at home, the restaurant provides value shabu-shabu sets with a fine selection of ingredients with Australian beef, high-quality pork, and other fresh products.

The highlight is the six broth options as well as seven dipping sauces to go with. The starter set comes with seven trays of meat, a vegetable platter, and a carb option. Just like dining at the actual ‘lab’, you can fully customize the soup to your preference.


Shabu The Series Delivery

Shabu The Series Delivery is a shabu-shabu / BBQ delivery service that meat lovers shouldn’t miss. To let you have the full shabu experience at home, the menu includes as many as 36 meat sets. Whether you’re going all out or just want a small bite to enjoy, you’ll be spoiled with choices.

Every set is packed with premium pork, beef, and/or seafood. There are a total of four broths, and you can choose up to two per set. Other than that, there are seven signature dipping sauces to boost the flavor factor.

If the set isn’t enough to satisfy you, Shabu The Series Delivery also offers a la carte items starting from 49 THB. All orders are delivered with an electric pot, so you can start enjoying the meal right away!


Sukishi Suki & Grill to Home

Get a super deal of your favorite sets of premium pork and beef with suki / BBQ sets from Sukishi Suki & Grill to Home. Right now, the offer comes with a free electric grill/pot you can keep. (Available while supplies last. For more information, visit Sukishi Facebook Page.)

If you feel like the meat in the set is not enough, there are even add-on sets of beef, pork, pork & seafood, and all-star Seoul grill with four dipping sauces available.


WaQ Yakiniku

You’ll find very few beef lovers who haven’t heard of WaQ Yakiniku. Other than grilled beef, the place also delivers premium beef shabu sets and various donburis to your doorsteps.

Recommended items include high-quality selections of Australian beef, Wagyu, Angus beef, braised Wagyu, as well as premium Kurobuta, pork collar, bacon, and seafood.

The shabu-shabu set comes with WaQ’s signature dipping sauce, sides, and three broth options. The donburi menu is a must-try; a rice bowl topped with juicy beef is such a delicious combo.


You&I Premium Suki Buffet

Who said to enjoy hotpot you’d need an actual pot? You And I Ready to Eat is an ‘instant shabu-shabu’ from You & I Premium Suki Buffet, served in a self-heating bowl.

What made this so special is the fact that you can choose exactly what goes into your pot, DIY style. Options include Wagyu, Kurobuta pork, and river prawns. You & I will put your selected ingredients in a neat little set in an instant bowl. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a delicious personal shabu-shabu at home!


Ran Pra Jam Delivery

Looking for a 2-in-1 shabu-shabu / BBQ combo? Well, look no further! Ran Pra Jam Delivery offers sets of beef and pork along with an electric grill for an instant feast.

In each set, you’ll find quality fresh ingredients like neatly packed pork and/or beef with fresh veggies and flavorful dipping sauce. And if you’re craving some seafood, they’ve got the all-star combo as well. Top recommendation for Ran Pra Jam Delivery is the black shabu broth. Flavorful & aromatic, it goes great with tender & juicy meat.


Mu Jum & Mu Kra Ta Khun Ple

The legendary Thai BBQ place that every foodie needs to try at least once, Mu Jum & Mu Kra Ta Khun Ple, also delivers hot pot & BBQ sets to your home. The place is known for its broth, tender pork, bacon, and its three signature dipping sauces: red, suki, and seafood.

The delivery sets will make you feel just like you’re grilling your meal at the actual restaurant. On the menu are nothing but the best marinade pork, shrimps, pork livers, squids, and crabsticks – a fine selection made just for you.

And get this; the delivery doesn’t take quite as long as actually queueing up for a table and Mu Jum & Mu Kra Ta Khun Ple. You can get a set delivered to your door in typically 15-30 minutes.


Imm Jung Shabu

Order mounds of quality neat and get even more at Imm Jaug Shabu – a quality shabu-shabu place that delivers premium ingredients to your home. Choose from five types of broth: tom yum, original chicken, black shabu-shabu & bonito flakes, Sichuan mala, and kimchi nabe.

As for the shabu-shabu sets, you’ll find fresh beef and pork of the premium quality. Options include Wagyu, pork belly, bacon, giant scallops, as well as other seafood.


Hui Shabu

And to wrap up this list is Hui Shabu – a quality shabu-shabu place that provides electric pot for every order. Choose from many different sets of pork, beef, and seafood. There are four broth options – clear, black, tom yum, and mala – delivered with four tasty homemade dipping sauces: suki, ponzu, seafood, and sesame.

For the beef and pork sets, you’ll enjoy a full feast with slices of pork belly, pork collar, pork loin, bacon, ribeye, chuck eye, and hump, as well as premium seafood like New Zealand mussels.


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